DISPLAY CASE IDEA - What do you think?

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Re: DISPLAY CASE IDEA - What do you think?

Postby robotmel » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:21 pm

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ArmadaPrime wrote:Don't suppose I could just, steal your brother-in-law please? XD

Actually he is willing to make them to order, but being a custom, what you'll get is what you'll get!
That didnt quite come out right! :lol:

The materials are relatively expensive as he has only bought to order, i.e. the ones created for me, also the power usage of the laser machine he uses is expensive too; throw in an odd mistake whilst measuring/cutting with any replacement pieces for the odd crack which may appear whilst constructing/handling (as I have done! Doh!) could result in quite a few Euro being spent, obviously more the larger the display case! ;)

They are super awesome though! I find myself pulling them apart when I unbox a new figure and seeing how it looks cased and displayed!
It is sooo nice to walk into my office and see individual figures encased and proudly displayed, setting off the figure really well! :grin:

Flashwave wrote:i also think I haveway toomany tfs for something like that, although a large display case for, say Unicron and a few disciples could work. Hpw well do they do on their sides, say for vehicle modes?

Me too, quite a few of mine which are handy and unboxed are displayed in an Ikea Detolf cabinet but when I feel taken by a particular figure, I pop one in a suitably sized display case and display on to with pride!
I havent got anything in vehicle mode just now, but will get one or two transformed and photographed soon! ;)

Sinnertwin wrote:Is there a way to get them to stack one on top of another and stay secured, with small tabs, joining rods or something along those lines? I had a vision of a whole wall of them similar to the way the Lego figures are able to:

Hmm, I guess something could be cut/adjusted to link them together, would be costly and the figures would all have to be the similarly sized?
Actually maybe not so costly if you used Kreon figures! ;)
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Re: DISPLAY CASE IDEA - What do you think?

Postby Flashwave » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:50 pm

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robotmel wrote: :D
Hmm, I guess something could be cut/adjusted to link them together, would be costly and the figures would all have to be the similarly sized?
Actually maybe not so costly if you used Kreon figures! ;)

Double the thickness of the top and bottom plates? Enough that the ends of two of the uprights can fit into one? Of course, then how do you get the lower case's figure out without undowing the whole stricture, and I'd be worried about the strength of the upright panes, the weight of additional figures and plexi would be concerning to me...
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