Everything must go: Transformers, Pokemon and more

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Everything must go: Transformers, Pokemon and more

Postby Diem » Thu May 10, 2018 10:56 am

I'm either going to be losing my job, moving house, or both, so I need to clear out some stuff. Items come with packaging unless otherwise noted Prices do not include shipping. All items shipping from CA. Discounts for purchase of multiple items. Will accept sensible offers.

Transformers/Third Party
Make Toys Battle Tanker - $60
MMC Bovis - $50. Some paint missing from robot mode knees, came that way.
MMC Tigris - $50
Fans Toys Lupus - $120
FansProject MADLAW/Knight - $35 each. Both have the same known small manufacturer issue; the ratchet joint for the drill looks warped but is functional.

Figures only, no packaging. $1 each for regular or mini figures, $2 each for Giants/Swap/Trap Masters/Vehicles

Year One:
Bash (legendary), Camo, Chop Chop (legendary), Drobot, Ghost Roaster, Ignitor, Sonic Boom, Spyro (legendary) Sunburn, Terrafin, Trigger Happy (legendary), Voodood, Zap.

Chill (lightcore legendary), Cynder, Drill Sergeant, Flameslinger, Hot Head, Jet-Vac, Jet-Vac (legendary), Lightning Rod, Prism Break, Shroomboom, Slam Bam (legendary), Swarm, Tree Rex, Whirlwind

Swap Force:
Dark Blast Zone, Fire Kraken, Jade Fire Kraken, Flashwing (lightcore), Free Ranger (legendary), Magna Charge, Quick Draw Rattle Shake, Rabble Rouser, Scorp, Dark Slobber Tooth, Dark Mega Ram Spyro, Dark Stealth Elf, Stinkbomb, Dark Wash Buckler, Zoo Lou (legendary)

Trap Team:
Blades, Blastermind, Chopper, Food Fight, Funny Bone, Gusto, Tidal Wave Gill Grunt, Jaw Breaker (legendary), Knight Light, Knight Mare, Nitro Krypt King, Winterfest Lob-Star, Love Potion Pop Fizz, Sure Shot Shroomboom, Snap Shot, Spotlight, Torch, Barkley, Tuff Luck, Wallop, Wildfire

Astroblast (legendary), Frightful Fiesta, Deep Dive Gill Grunt, Nightfall, Dark Spitfire, Splat, Super Shot Stealth Elf, Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf, Shark Shooter Terrafin, Double Dare Trigger Happy.
Clown Cruiser, Crypt Crusher, Dark Hot Streak, Dark Sea Shadow, Gold Rusher, Sun Runner (legendary), Nitro Stealth Stinger, Reef Ripper, Shark Tank, Sky Slicer, Splatter Splasher

Eon's Elite:
Ghost Roaster, Stealth Elf

Darklight Crypt, Dragon's Peak, Empire of Ice, Midnight Museum, Sunscraper Spire, Kaos Trophy, Land Trophy, Sea Trophy, Sky Trophy, misc. traps.


Pokemon cards:
All will be priced based on pokemonprices.com current rating. A gallery of Ultra Rare and above can be seen here: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/shinusa ... on%20Cards

Break: Zoroark, Lugia, Raticate x2, Talonflame, Greninja, Golduck x2, Yanmega, Trevenant x2, Luxray, Carbink x2, Machamp, Bronzong x2, Xerneas, Noivern

Full-Art Supporters: Brigitte, Battle Reporter, Pokemon Ranger, Professor Kukui, Professor Birch's observations, Korrina, Wally

Full-Art GX: Necrozma, Drampa, Lapras

Full-Art EX: M Tyranitar, M Aggron, Genesect, Florges, M Altaria, Alakazam x2, Mewtwo x2, M Gallade, M Mewtwo, M Gyarados x2, Glalie, Seismitoad, Heracross, Altaria, Ho-Oh

Rare Secret: Escape Rope (Burning Shadows), Alakazam EX x2, Mewtwo EX

Misc. EX, GX, Promo, Rare, Reverse also available

I Love That Minifigure book (Zombie Skateboarder figure included): $10
DC Comics Super Hero Character Encyclopedia (Pirate Batman figure included): $10
Brick City/Building a History/Architecture a Visual Guide books: $5 each


NX Edgestyle Banshee Destroy Mode: $10
Holy Stone HS-200 Drone: $50
Q-Fig Deadpool Chase Rare Gray MISB: $20. This figure was exclusive to Lootcrate and the grey version was only in 1/10 crates.
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Re: Everything must go: Transformers, Pokemon and more

Postby Diem » Fri May 25, 2018 2:34 pm

Removed some sold items and added some additional ones.
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Re: Everything must go: Transformers, Pokemon and more

Postby hyperchord24 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:10 pm

Do you have pics of Bovis?
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