Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby CADABARAWIRACANA » Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:02 pm

I can vouch for the fact that Psychokoala is good at all classes, as he has killed me more times than I care to remember. Nice to read some of your tips too, they helped me.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby petpost » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:20 am

just love to use all those techniques in the game especially
Heal Beam - Self heal upgrade
Photon Burst Rifle - Ammo upgrade
these two.
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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby daveyjohns » Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:17 am

Hi! Thanks for all the tips - my favourite loadouts for each of the classes are:

Path Blaster - Weapon Spread Reduction
Subsonic Repeater - Sped-up reload
Cloaking - Enhanced Cloak Time

Chaos-Rift Combustor - Bigger Explosion Radius :michaelbay:
A4 Pulsar Cannon - Bigger Explosions (again)
Diffraction Barrier - Slow Effect

EDV Techvolt - Longer Beam Range
X18 ScrapMaker - Increased Accuracy
Flak Shield - Health Increase from Damage

Neutron Assualt Rifle - Increased Mag Size
Gear Shredder - Reduced Charge Time
Battle Sentry - Increased Damage

These loadouts just work for me, dunno about anyone else, but I'm on the verge of being a Class 25 Prime in all classes! :D

My Infiltrator works well for mid-to-long range shoot-outs, and can pull of a quick kill when cloaked using a Path Blaster headshot, generally best in DeathMatches.
My Destroyer is best for Conquest, as the CR Combustor can wipe out multiple bots if invading one of your nodes, same for the A4 Cannon, and the barrier slows down others to give you more time when taking a node.
The Titan is probably best for a DeathMatch, but works in the other types too, as the EDV is good for dealing damage around corners, and the X18 just works in most scenarios, with the shield useful when taking and defending nodes in Conquest.
Finally, my Scientist Loadout is another good one for both DeathMatches and Conquest, the Assault Rifle being a general all-rounder, and the Gear Shredder good for charging it up when waiting for baddies to arrive in Conquest, and the drone helping to defend a node as well.
Hope this helps!

The only thing that I wanna know is sometimes I see other characters emitting a shockwave, and I get this weird sparky stuff surrounding me sometimes, know what I'm on about? :???: I don't whether you can do a shockwave if you get the weird sparks, and if so, how???

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Re: Fall of Cybertron: Multiplayer tips and tactics

Postby maroyasha » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:50 am

Motto: ""Sometimes losing is the only way to know how to win""
Weapon: Gamma-Ray Laser Cannons
Tips huh?

Deathmatch Tips:

-Sniping: Make sure you are well clear of any hostiles and after you take at least three shoots, (which should kill them if you aim right) move. Just get out of there and move to a different spot. Make sure to take out any other weapon you can use while traveling though.
-Up Close And Personal: Never go hand to hand with a Titan. If you do though, make sure to have a team. Flank it and take it down from every direction.
-Firefights: Never get caught in the middle. If you are, go to vehicle and drive. You'll evade most bullets and take less damage due to the stronger armor.
-Weak But Deadly: Take caution if there are enemy scientists nearby. They could A: Have a Gear Shredder, B: Have a sentry upgrade, or C: Have both. If you're in this situation, watch what you do. To take down a scientist with a gear shredder, I recommend the Infiltrator, lightweight, agile, and extremely sneaky, it is the best choice. Gear Shredder's take about 3-5 seconds to reload. Take the shot then. Fire at will. Then move immediately.
-Final Rule: This is key to Team Deathmatch, work together!

Conquest Tips:

-Just One: This one tip could save you. When capturing a node, keep moving. You could easily be picked off by enemy snipers if staying in one place.

Capture The Flag Tips:

-Infiltrating: Use Infiltrator if you plan on grabbing the flag. Use cloak to sneak in or an EMP. Cloak is safer cause EMP blast lets them know you're there and will still fire even if they can't see. Remember, silence is key.

-Defense: Just gonna say this- Defense means big guns. Defend the carrier with everything you've got. Down to the last ounce of energon.

Head Hunter Tips:
-Movement and Guns: Just this one tip. Heavy Guns on little weight: Destroyer. They're fast but strong, one of the best choices.

Now that you've read Maroyasha's guide to Multiplayer survival, get moving soldier!
"Life's hard, real hard, very hard..."
"Success is and continues to be defined as getting up one more time than you've been knocked down..."
"When the race is on all bets are off..."

All these are words of wisdom Optimus NEVER said!
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