Figure King Magazine Scans (Takara Toys)

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Re: Figure King Magazine Scans (Takara Toys)

Postby -Kanrabat- » Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:16 am

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Drift082111 wrote:
Drift082111 wrote:I want Omega, Lio, and Hound very badly.

"Oh yeah, hey me too!" Thanks for the conversation man!

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Figureking Number 258 With Unicron, Omega Supreme, Mirage, 3A Blitzwing, 3A Optimus, MP Smokescreen

Postby Stargrave » Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:43 am

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Thanks to fellow Seibertronian Cyberpath we have a head's up that the Loopaza Mega Store's Facebook page posted the latest scans of Figureking Magazine #258! That's right folks it's a Figure King Friday!

Included in this issue are some beautiful photos of the greyscale new fan backed Unicron! Unicron currently stands at 1,945 backers! This is oddly almost exactly on pace to hit 8,000 backers by August 31st, but this legendary figure of our beloved fandom needs your help! At $574.99 this is no easy feat, but this won't happen unless those fans who can put down their order, so don't wait!

You can put in for your Unicron crowdfunding order here.

TakaraTomy has opened for pre orders but these are NOT PART OF HASBRO'S CROWDFUNDING, unfortunately.

We have also received word that Robotkingdom was accepting pre-orders for this item but they have since closed the gates.

Also included in the pages about Unicron are some not too frequently seen images of his previous prototypes and retail releases throughout history.

We also see Omega Supreme from all new angles. It feels like if you haven't looked down on Omega Supreme from above when he's in base mode, you haven't fully grasped the awesomeness of this toy.

There's some additional shots of the 35th Anniversary Convoy two-pack with a G1 Optimus next to a repainted Studio Series Bumblebee Optimus, the 35th anniversary Gold Convoy fundraiser trophy, MP Smokescreen, and Siege Mirage.

Lastly towards the end are photos of the dynamic designs of two of the bots seen in last year's Transformers Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Blitzwing. These really give you great views of how well they captured the designs from the film.

As always enjoy the images and share your views with the Seibertron crew in the forums, and stay tuned to Seibertron for the ultimate in Transformers news!












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