GBM's Sales reasonable prices.

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GBM's Sales reasonable prices.

Postby gbm » Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:09 pm

Hi all,

Just thinning out the collection....all items will note anything that a potential buy "should know". (condition, complete, negotiable, etc)

*Pictures will be gladly supplied upon request*

Thanks for looking. :)


- Perceptor (100% complete with tech spec/instructions. Stickers restored. Right arm is a bit wonky, and left leg has a bit of residue inside the joint) ~ $30

- Doublecross (Mint condition. Missing weapons. SPARK gimmick still works!)
~ $ 25.00 SOLD

- Cloudraker *Autobot Clones* (Mint condition, stickers have been restored, missing weapons)
~ $15.00SOLD

- Cylconus *blue ear variant* (All stickers restored, joints fixed and tightened, near mint. Missing gun) ~ $ 40.00

- Mindwipe (Terrific condition, brand new stickers, comes with Vorath, instructions & tech specs, Vorath is missing one arm and arms tabs on Mindwipe are missing; figure still transforms fine by pulling on the fists) ~ 55.00


- 1 (one) Red Shoulder Rocket for Diakron DK-01 Red Sunstreaker ~ $20.00

- Diakron DK-01 Red Sunstreaker (100% complete WITH driver) ~ $425
(or make me an offer)


- Hotshot (100% complete) ~ $ 9.00

- Deadend (100% complete) ~ $ 9.00

- Airachnid (100% complete) ~ $9.00

- Kup (missing gun, upgraded with Reprolables stickers) ~ $ 9.00

- Ultra Magnus (100% complete, upgraded with Reprolables stickers)
~ $ 18.00

- Ratchet (100% complete, upgraded with Reprolabels stickers) ~ $12.00


- Transformers RID Sky-Byte (missing missiles and missile launcher) ~ $18


-DOTM Bumblebee *Toys r Us Exclusive* ~ $10.00
- DOTM Starscream *Toys r Us Exclusive* ~ $ 10.00
- DOTM Hatchet (100% complete) ~ $ 12.00 SOLD

Beast Wars -

- Transmetals Cheetor *Fox Kids Repaint* (100% complete) ~ 25.00

Feel free to PM me with any questions about any figures.


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