Half-formed comic/cartoon/story/whatever ideas and concepts you've had

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Half-formed comic/cartoon/story/whatever ideas and concepts you've had

Postby Black Hat » Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:51 am

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We've all had dreams of creating our own Transformers comic, cartoon or whatever, but sometimes it's easier to come up with assorted ideas for things you'd like to include in such a venture than it is to come up with a coherent idea for an overarching story.

So here's a question for you fine folks- what are some ideas you've had for miscellaneous elements you'd like to see in a TF story (be they characters, stories, plot devices or whatever)? Doesn't have to be original of course, could just as easily be a reinterpretation of an existing concept, but whatever it is, fire away!

To kick the conversation off, here's a few of my ideas:

I'd love to have a story with the Breastforce (renamed the Beastforce for easier marketing/not being snigger-worthy), but instead of just being regular robots with animal helmets and bestial targetmasters, they'd actually have beastly robot mode. So...
>Leozack would take a cue from the CW set and would have a quadrupedal robot mode, transforming from an F-14 Tomcat into a winged robotic lion...thing.
>Jallguar/Jaruga would be similar, transforming from a missile-equipped jeep/buggy thing into a robotic jaguar, somewhat reminiscent of a more feline version of Metal Gear Rising's Blade Wolf.
>Killbison would turn from a Flakpanzer Gepard into a minotaur-like robot, with hoofed digitigrade legs and horned bovine head.
>Drillhorn would be similar to Killbison, going from drill tank to hulking, hunchbacked robot rhinoceros-man-thing.
>Hellbat would transform from Dassault Rafale into a demonic, bat-like gargoyle robot mode.
>Guyhawk/Kaihawk (Guyhawk has to be the dumbest name in the history of dumb names) would be similar to Hellbat and would go from Mig-29 to robotic birdman/harpy robot mode.

Speaking of the B(r)eastforce, I'd love to give Lyzack some time in the spotlight. With a design styled after the Animated, uh, portrait (that is, a sort of robot catgirl thing, nya!) she'd have an unusual but important role in the story- as a Decepticon protoform's entertainer whose TV show, featuring her destroying the Autobot of the Week (actually Autobot POWs), would instill proper Decepticon values into young future soldiers so they were ready to kill and die for Megatron's glorious cause.

One other idea I've had for a while is taking the Dinobots' "knights of old" thing from AoE/TLK and fleshing it out a bit. The Dinobots would be an ancient brotherhood of warriors who traveled to Earth long ago as part of a galaxy-spanning quest, and took on the form of extinct beasts. They would have been revered as gods by humanity, who in turn they would have uplifted and taught the ways of basic technology, agriculture and so forth, in addition to protecting them from harm. Unfortunately, eventually some big scary Decepticon came along and was only defeated at great cost, leading to the Dinobots having to go into stasis for many centuries, only to be awoken once more by the Autobots in the present day, where they're a little...out of touch. They'd be immediately recognizable as the Dinobots we all know and love, but subtly different.
>For starters, they would be much smarter and less comedic than their cartoon counterparts. They'd still speak in the third person but in a more verbose "Old English" way- so "I, Grimlock, challenge you to a duel, Optimus Prime of Iacon!" rather than "Me Grimlock fight you Optimus!". In general they'd have more of an "antiquated but noble" vibe than the "knuckledragging cavemen" thing from the toon.
>Grimlock would be savage and uncompromising but noble and just, a true warrior king. He would be wary of Optimus Prime at first, viewing him as weak and soft, but would eventually come to hold fierce respect and loyalty for him.
>Slag would be a vicious and brutal with a terrible temper, as he usually is, but with a firm sense of right and wrong and absolutely no tolerance for cruelty or wickedness.
>Sludge would be a gentle giant- even-tempered, kind and virtuous, but overly naive and trusting. He wouldn't be stupid by any stretch of the imagination, but he'd be a little slow on the uptake and occasionally rather obtuse.
>Snarl would be somewhat grouchy and bad-tempered, but ultimately well-intentioned, and also the most analytical and level-headed of the group.
>Swoop would be something of a dashing rogue, carefree and jovial but also a little irresponsible. I have him in mind as being somewhat of a Dinobot Robin Hood.
>Finally, Slash would be something of a "wild child", the odd one out in the group. She'd be far more casual and impulsive than the others, and liable to get into trouble, but with a pure spark and a true warrior's spirit (enough that she's Grimlock's apprentice and eventual successor).

Anyway, now I've got all that out, what are your ideas?
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Re: Half-formed comic/cartoon/story/whatever ideas and concepts you've had

Postby babylon queen » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:44 pm

Cybertron has been taken over by the deceptions under Megatron. He uses devices to spy on the citizens and make announcements on their monitors. Starscream is trying to sleep at night and important announcement is being made by Megatron. Star scream grumbles and turn it off . It is 2:00 in the morning. I-)

Megatron makes sure that everyone listens and the monitors are monitored to see who isn’t listening.
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Re: Half-formed comic/cartoon/story/whatever ideas and concepts you've had

Postby Rodimus Prime » Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:29 pm

This isn't really an original concept, just my twist on an existing story, but I was really hoping the end of IDW would converge all 3 books into 1 giant finale where Functionist Primus/Cybertron controlled by Lost Light crew fights Unicron/Antilla to save Earth.

As for my original concepts/ideas, check the Fanfic section. :-D
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