You like stuff? I have stuff!

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You like stuff? I have stuff!

Postby Flux Convoy » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:38 pm

Motto: "Chaos... is coming!..."
Hello! I've got loads of great toys that need to move on to new homes! Please read the pointers below to help avoid redundant questions.:

-All items are loose, like new or MIB unless noted.
-All items come from a smoke free home.
-All items come from a pet free home.
-I accept US customers only.
-I accept trades or Paypal gift only as payment.
-Prices are guidelines. Don't like a price? Let's work something out.
-If there is no price listed, please inquire by PM.
-I know the general value of my goods. Please, don't attempt to low ball me. I will likely ignore your message altogether.
-I am willing to trade highly in your favor for my priority wants.
-Shipping and tracking are included in all prices.
-Please PM only. I will gladly talk to you that way. This is not a discussion thread. I will NOT respond in it.
-Be sure to check out my feedback on ebay if you have any concerns or worries about my character.
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General condition terminology:
-MIB= Mint in box, not sealed but like new with packaging.
-MOC= Mint on card. Opened, carded figure.
-MOSC= Mint on sealed card. Factory sealed.
-MISB= Mint in sealed bag/box. Factory sealed.
-Loose= No packaging, otherwise like new, including instructions if they came with the item.


Hot Toys: Predator (First movie) MIB. $200

Marvel Legends:
-Spider-Man Classics Kay Bee Exclusive Spider-Man 2099 (2001?). $25
-Series 1 Iron Man, no base. $30
-Series 1 Captain America. $20
-Series 2? The Thing (Variant?) with extra parts (Dark blue trunks/white band. Articulated fingers. Closed mouth. Includes Hat, glasses, jacket, and "4" base). $25
-Series 3 Ghost Rider. $30
-Series 6 Juggernaut. $45
-Series 8 Man-Thing. $20
-Giant Man Series Thor. $20
-Series13 Green Goblin. $15
-Hulk Fin Fang Foom Series Fin Fang Foom. $250
-X-Men Classics Archangel, very loose ab crunch, missiles currently MIA. $20
-Stan Lee/Spider-Man SDCC 2007 MIB. No white outer box. $115
-Marvel Legends Spider Man Hobgoblin BAF left leg. $4
-Marvel Legends Spider Man Hobgoblin BAF right arm and sword. $4
-Marvel Legends Spider Man Absorbing Man BAF heads. $4
-Marvel Legends Spider Man Space Venom BAF left arm. $4
-Marvel Legends Spider Man Space Venom BAF right arm. $4
-Marvel Legends Spider Man Sandman BAF hand attachments, spiked ball and hammer. $4

Legendary Comic Book Heroes:
-Madman. $10
-The Darkness. $30
-Clownface and Panda (Body Bags). $20
-Buy the lot for $40!

DC Universe Classics:
-Wave 3 Green Lantern. $15
-Green Lantern Katma Tui. $9
-Sinestro Corps Scarecrow. $15
-Sinestro Corps Mongul. $20
-Mongul. $20
-Abin Sur and Hal Jordan. $20
-Manhunter Robot x2. $25
-Green Lantern Naut Ke Loi Includes Bonus Medphyll Head. $15
-Sinestro Corps Low. $15
-All Star Green Lantern. $15
-Red Lantern Skallox. $15
-Yellow Lantern Cyborg Superman. $15
-B'Dg, Despotellis and Dex-Starr. $20
-Eclipso. $15
-Starman. $15
-Man Bat (Brown.) $35
-Green Lantern Sodam Yat. $15
-Sinestro Corps Maash $15
-Red Lantern Nite-Lik. $15
-Green Lantern's Light Hal Jordan. $15
-Spectre, Glow in the dark version. $9
-DCUC Superman. $20
-DCSH Superman. $20
-DCSH Bizarro with medal, purple. $17
-DCUC VS MOTUC two pack Supergirl. $20

DC Direct:
-New Frontier Batman. $17
-New Frontier Green Lantern. $17
-Kingdom Come The Spectre (Spectre only). $15
-Kingdom Come Deadman. $8
-Green Lantern Vinyl(?) Ring Set of 9 colors. $15

-Marvel The Thing and Gaijin Wolverine. $10
-Marvel Captain America and Doctor Doom. $10
-Marvel Iron Man and Hulk. $10
-Marvel Invaders Set. $25
-Marvel Green Goblin and Spider-Man. $10
-DC Kilowog and Guy Gardner Green Lanterns. $10
-Buy the lot for $50

McFarlane Halo:
-Hunter #1 $50
-Hunter #2 $50
-Warthog, TRU exclusive muddy variant $35
-Arbiter $20
-Red Leader/Master Chief 2 pack $20
-ODST Buck $15
-Blue Elite $20
-Buy the lot for $140! Instant Halo collection!

Mcfarlane Spawn:
-Zombie Spawn (Series 7)
-Mandarin Spawn (The Dark Ages Series)
-Raven Spawn (Series 21)
-Lot includes a small pencil box worth full of accessories from other McFarlane Spawn related figures.
-Buy the lot for $20

Final Fantasy 7 Play Arts: Vol. 1, Cloud Strife with Hardy Daytona, loose and complete. $100

Transformers Armada:
-Mini-Con Street Speed Team. $15
-Mini-Con Space Team. $15
-Optimus Prime (with Sparkplug). $65
-Micron Densetsu Jetfire (with Sonar). $70
-Micron Densetsu Megatron (with Barrel). $65

Transformers Energon:
-Rodimus. $20
-Superlink STD (Deluxe) Takara Grand Convoy. $45

Transformers Cybertron:
-Shadow Recon Mini-Con Team. $10
-Scout Backstop. $10
-Scout Brakedown GTS. $10
-Scout Repugnus. $10
-Scout Scattorshot. $10
-Scout Swindle. $10
-Scout Undermine. $10
-Scout Wreckloose. $10
-Deluxe Blurr. $10
-Deluxe Optimus Prime. $20
-Deluxe Skywarp. $10
-Deluxe Smokescreen. $10
-Deluxe Excellion. $10
-Galaxy Force Deluxe Nitro Convoy. $30
-Ultra Wing Saber. $40

-Transformers Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Leadfoot. $30
-Age of Extinction Autobots United Optimus Prime. $50

Transformers Power Core Combiners:
-Searchlight with Backwind. $10
-Smolder with Chopster. $10

Transformers Classics/Henkei/United/Generations:
-RTS Special Ops Jazz. Slight scratch on roof of alt mode. $15
-Hasbro Generations Mini Con Assault Team. $15
-Hasbro Generations Bumblebee. $10
-Takara Generations Gold Bumblebee. $15
-Transformers Henkei Galvatron. $20
-Transformers Henkei Grimlock $20
-Transformers Henkei Skyfire $45
-Transformers Henkei Cybertron Cheetas $35
-Transformers Generations Takara Fireblast Grimlock $80
-Legends Swerve with Flanker and Tailgate with Groundbuster. $15
-Hasbro Generations Waspinator MOSC. $25
-Hasbro Combiner Wars Megatron. $40
-Hasbro Generations FOC Impactor. $20
-Hasbro Combiner Wars G2 Blackjack $10
-Hasbro Combiner Wars G2 Dead End $20
-Hasbro Combiner Wars G2 Drag Strip $20
-Hasbro Combiner Wars G2 Wildrider $20

-Transformers Collector's Club Punch/Counterpunch. Complete with box and includes opened tech spec and instructions. One box corner is slightly crushed. The rest seems perfect. $135
-Botcon 2014 Ape-Linq. Complete and includes unopened tech spec and instructions. $35

Masterpiece/Binal Tech:
-20th Anniversary Optimus Prime with Takara MP Convoy smokestacks. Includes the short Hasbro ones and the ones from Ultra Magnus too. $90

Third Party:
-Universe Roadbuster with full Natobot Kit. Includes extra Roadbuster body and knife accessory $40
-Justitoys WST Stocking Stuffer Campaign Santa Commander (Blue Grimlock) MISB $70
-Impossible Toys TFCon 2010 Exclusive Night-Bird MISB $40
-KFC Smack Down and Black Hawk Exclusives MISB $20
-FansProject TFX-01 City Commander MIB. Includes Classics Ultra Magnus, complete but no instructions. Includes all instructions, stickers and paperwork for the trailer. Also includes the TFX-03 City Commander add-on set. $80
-FansProject Aerial Appendage kit MIB. Original kit with grey pieces. Includes ROTF Superion, Energon Sky Shadow, Energon Windrazor, a white Shapeways chest filler, all pieces and instructions. $60
-FansProject Intimidator (Menasor) MIB. $285
-FansProject Warbot Defender MIB. Includes Shapeways heels. Never transformed. Autobot symbol applied to chest. Easily removable. $75
-FansProject Quake (Shockwave) $20
-FansProject Kar Krash MOC. Bubble has been cut open with a razor knife but can still close to resemble a closed figure. $60
-FansProject Tailclub MIB $35
-FansProject Fangro MISB $40
-FansProject Steel Core MIB, Trailer MIB with unused sticker sheet, Osmi MOC and Ruthen MOC. Also includes two different style Renderform heads to make him resemble Energon Ultra Magnus $250
-FansProject Function X 02 Quadruple U (Weirdwolf) MIB $70
-FansProject Function X 04 Sigma L (Mindwipe) MIB $65
-MMC Terminus Hexatron MIB $130

I am willing to make ludicrous trades to acquire most of my wants. Do not hesitate to make an offer!
Priority from highest to lowest:
-Botcon 2016 Flash Sentry, complete. I will trade nearly any combination of items from my list for this. I am willing to accept pretty much any offer. Almost nothing is too absurd Let's talk!
-FansProject LER DX Severo. Sealed.
-Planet X PX-06 Vulcun. Sealed.
-Planet X PX-04 Summanus. Sealed
-Planet X PX-03 Neptune. Sealed
-Planet X PX-5 Quirinus.Sealed.
-Planet X PX-07 Triton. Sealed.
-Botcon Japan 98 Grizzly-1/Barbearian preferably MIB
-Botcon Japan 98 Double Punch preferably MIB
-Takara 2010 Primus MISB
-Robot Masters Wrecker Hook MISB
-Robot Masters Smokesniper MISB
-Robot Masters Air Hunter MISB
-Robot Masters Wingstun MISB
-Robot Masters Delta Seeker vs X-Gunner MISB
-Beast Wars Fox Kids Transmetal Cheetor MOSC
-Botcon 94 G2 Breakdown sealed

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Re: Botcon 2009 for Botcon 2008?

Postby robofreak » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:21 pm

I've been trying to make a similar trade, but to no avail.

Good luck!
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Re: Have: Botcon and more! / Want: Wreck-Gar and Botcon 2005.

Postby Flux Convoy » Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:53 am

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Re: Have: Botcon and more! /Want: Music Label Soundwave(Spark Blue)and Botcon 2005 and 2006.

Postby slugfest200x » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:47 pm

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Re: You like stuff? I have stuff!

Postby Flux Convoy » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:45 pm

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