Hi, and thanks for letting me join the site!

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Hi, and thanks for letting me join the site!

Postby ProtoformXScream » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:08 pm

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My name is Alex.

I was an 80's kid, so I started off watching the G1 Series, like most others who grew up in those early Hasbro years immediately after the Diaclone days. Unfortunately, I just missed being old enough for that, so I have been particularly interested in Diaclone character origin stories as of late.

I have varying degrees of interest in subsequent releases between the comics ,the various animated series, and more recently the video game storylines. I lack the toy and comic collections common to most of my friends who still follow the Transformers brand.

Being an avid PC gamer should speak for itself where most of my fun money goes when it isn't time being spent on my kids. However, when I see something that pulls to my interest on the toy or comic store shelves, I go for it .

Some iterations are instant favorites, and others have grown on me in hindsight. I know more about G1, Beast Wars ,and the TF Prime series than most of the others. I like the darker themed material most, but I have given each series a chance for the most part. I found an entry point into several of the more recent media via the mostly consistent portrayals of Starscream throughout the past 30 or so years.

RIP Crhis Latta! He was my all time favorite animation voice actor ,due to being the most unique voice talent ever, IMO. I took a big liking to Steve Blum in TF Prime, but I feel as with many other TF series releases, it was concluded without being given the closure it deserved.

My knowledge is limited ,so I will read much more frequently than post. However when it feels right I go for it when it comes to posting ideas and thoughts.

First off, is getting a feel for how things work on the site. There are tons of informative posts and perspectives on relevant content I am less familiar with, and it's exciting to find so much in one place. Forgive me if I get caught up in the reading more than anything else.

However, I am a nerd to the core and proud of it. I've always been told I possessed a knack for creating characters, and voices, but I never expanded my ideas past simple character sketches, tech specs , and bios on paper and via 3D rendering software on my computer.

With that said , I am open to participate in potential future creative works , and would be open to contributing any ideas, talents to any members with more ambition towards some sort of creative goal. That is of course if they are deemed to be worthwile to anyone doing a project. :D

As a parent and business owner first, it would have to fit into my higher priorities. Feel free to ask if you are the random creator looking for ideas.I'll share what I can, and eager to learn both about and from you all over time.

The vast majority of interesting information the search engines turn up ultimately brings me here to seiberton.com. I hate to speak in absolutes, but IMO, that equates to this being the best pace to be for TF fandom and interactions with other passionate TF fans.

Thanks in advance for suffering my presence!

Oh yes, speaking of suffering, I almost forgot ..... Autobots beware!! I will have your sparks on a whim if I so wish :P :-D
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Re: Hi, and thanks for letting me join the site!

Postby shajaki » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:41 pm

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Hey welcome! Always nice to see some new blood in the pub.

I've been super interested in the Diaclone and pre-transformers stuff too. I'm a huge MP collector, and I usually find the Diaclone homages more interesting than the actual TF ones :lol:

Have you checked out any of the Diaclone Reboot figures?
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