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First and foremost, Heavy Metal War Players must abide by all of the rules regarding conduct on in general. The full list of those rules, can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3266

SECTION 1 - Forum Behavior (most is just reiteration from the overall rules)
A - Nothing sexual in nature will be allowed in sigs, posts or avatars.
B - No posting of profanities. Neither in sigs or posts.
C - If you have a personal problem with someone, take it to PM or a mod. No personal hazing in the forums.
D - When a person is disciplined by the staff there will be NO PROTESTING. No sig images, remarks or suggestions. No threads protesting a staff member. No posts protesting a staff member. No spamming the forums in protests.
E - Players organizing other players into groups, clans, subfactions, etc will not be recognized by the game or this site and any non-gameplaying issues they may have will NOT be brought to any forums.
F. Threads and sigs which recruit for offsite HMW social groups on is prohibited. Statements in sigs like (but not limited to) "PM me about...." or "Do you have your...." concerning these groups is PROHIBITED
**It is also up to the overall HMW staff's judgement when a sig or post crosses the line of "recruitment".
G - No discussion nor promotion of illegal activities.
H - Don't make it a habit to spam. Definition: Don't make unrelated posts in specific topics. Don't make multiple posts. Don't Advertising other sites or products. Don't make meaningless posts.
Of course, once in a while people will do this, but if it becomes a pattern it is in violation of the rules.
I - Sigs MUST be no bigger than 500pxl X 300pxl. No exceptions!
J - Nothing in sigs, posts or avatars endorsing violation of any HMW rules or the harrassment of a staff member.
K - Do not post in spambot threads.

SECTION 2 - What you CAN do
A - Game related trash talk. Such as, bragging threads, "my guy is better than your guy" discussions. All of these types of things are OK as long as they don't get personal.
B - Be a part of smaller groups of players. If you enjoy playing with some of the other players then by all means, play together. Just don't break SECTION 1, Part E.
C - Concerning HMW on the internet outside of this website: The only thing anyone should be concerned about is bringing outside drama into these forums. Don't bring the drama here! Refer to SECTION 1, Part E.
D - Have Fun! If we don't do this, there is no reason to be here.
E - Tagging your teamname or sig with whatever social group you are affiliated with is permissible as long as it is within reason and does not violate the recruiting piece of SECTION 1 PART E

SECTION 3 - Game Behavior
A - Do not create multiple accounts either to post in the forums or to play the game. Not only is this against the rules of, it’s also one of the most blatant forms of cheating in Heavy Metal War.
C - If it is prohibited in the forums, then it is also inappropriate for use in the bios, names, or mottos of your Heavy Metal War Team. This means:
- Do not create improper usernames or game-character names.
D - No excessive cursing, violence, or sexual content.
E - No hate speech.
F - No threats.
H - No Spam or Commercial Advertising.

SECTION 4 - HMW Game Rules
A - You may not exploit an "Unfair Advantage" in the game by:
- Sharing your account with another individual. This is considered cheating, even if it is only to have someone ‘baby-sit’ your team while you are on vacation.
- Creating programs (scripts, macros, hacks, virus's etc.) to play the game for you or to cheat by harming other player's accounts or altering your own.
- Exploiting a glitch or loop hole in the game's programming to access weapons you do not have the FP/SK requirements to access, upgrade stats and tactics past 10, upgrade stats and tactics beyond what your bot’s xp allows, activate more than 6 bots at a time or, in short, take any other action that is not within the normal parameters of game play.

B - If you discover a glitch in the game that allows your bots to be given an unfair advantage, regardless of how minor it may be, you MUST report it immediately and cease taking advantage of the exploit immediately. If you do so there will be no consequences.

Note: Unfair Advantages that You have No Control Over
These will occasionally emerge as the result of programming changes or maintenance by the game's administrators. You should contact a Moderator as soon as possible to help you correct these issues.

SECTION 5 - Steps of Discipline
PREFACE - If we had our way we would not ban anyone. Unfortunately, this is the interwebz and sometimes it has to happen.
1 - Mods/Admin will discuss the problem and infringement with you to reach a resolution IN PRIVATE.
2 - Temporary 7-day ban.
3 - Permanent ban.

**If there has been a blanket warning about something in the forum or if a rule is blatantly and grossly violated, the staff reserves the right to skip steps 1 or 2 when needed.

Any disciplinary action is PRIVATE between the staff and the person causing the infringement. No one wants to hang out a person's dirty laundry and that kind of thing will NOT be posted in the forums or flaunted in front of the community for all to see. (See SECTION 1 Part D)
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