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HobbyLink Japan Sponsor Newsletter 7th June

Postby ZeroWolf » Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:05 am

Motto: "My past no longer binds my future..."
Weapon: Battle Blades
ImageHot PreordersImage
MP-47 Transformers Masterpiece Hound by Takara Tomy
Hound finally joins the Transformers Masterpiece figure lineup, with a cartoon-accurate design, and a Jeep mode supervised by Fiat Chrysler!Image
MP13 Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave by Takara Tomy
Masterpiece Soundwave is back in action with his flunky Condor, fully transformable between his cassette and bird forms!Image
Transformers TCV Series by Takara Tomy
Don't miss the newest action figures in the "Transformers: Cyberverse" lineup!Image
1/35 Kisei Kushiki by Kotobukiya
Recreate the action of "Border Break" with this new kit of Kisei Kushiki featuring accurate proportions to the game and plenty of weapons, too!Image
Desktop Army Little Armory by MegaHouse
The ladies of Little Armory are teaming up with MegaHouse for a new Desktop Army lineup, and come with their weapons, of course!Image
Variable Action Heroes One Piece Roronoa Zoro by MegaHouse
Variable Action Heroes Zoro is back by popular demand with his three swords for plenty of posing fun!Image
Kylo Ren gets a samurai armor redesign for Bandai's Meisho Movie Realization series!Image
Nendoroid D.Va: Academy Skin Edition (Overwatch) by Good Smile Company
D.Va is back in Nendoroid form and cuter than ever in her school uniform!Image
Diaclone DA-40 Trivers Tri-Dasher (Special Ver.) by Takara Tomy
From the new Trivers series, Tri-Dasher can transform into three different modes and comes with a Diaclone member and plenty of weapons, too!Image
Diaclone DA-41 Female Member Set by Takara Tomy
This set includes four female Diaclone members, as well as a Road Viper!Image
SG-37 Transformers Siege Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime by Takara Tomy
Optimus Prime is nicely detailed and measures 27cm long in vehicle mode!Image
SG-36 Transformers Siege Autobot Impactor by Takara Tomy
Impactor is ready for action, and features 5mm holes so he's easy to equip with other armor or effect parts!Just Arrived In StockImage
MAFEX Deadpool by Medicom Toy
Marvel's legendary Merc with a Mouth is every bit as posable as it's legally possible to be and comes with three interchangeable expressions, his swords, and more!Image
MAFEX Evangelion Unit-01 by Medicom Toy
Standing an impressive 19cm tall measured to the top of its shoulder armor, Eva Unit-01 is incredibly flexible for action-packed posing, and comes loaded with its trademark weapons!Image
Parfom Evangelion Unit-01: Awakened Ver. (Rebuild of Evangelion) by Phat Company
The Parfom's unique articulation allow the EVA01 to be posed in all sorts of scenes from the series, and the color scheme from the movie has been faithfully preserved!Image
Parfom Evangelion Unit-01 (Rebuild of Evangelion) by Phat Company
The Eva Unit-01's mouth has been specially articulated and the head can be moved out forward, allowing you to pose the unit in Berserk Mode!
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HobbyLink Japan Sponsor News - 14th June

Postby ZeroWolf » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:41 am

Motto: "My past no longer binds my future..."
Weapon: Battle Blades
ImageHot PreordersImage
MAFEX Harley Quinn Suicide Squad by Medicom
Fan-favorite Harley Quinn gets a MAFEX re-release from Medicom, armed with a mallet, a baseball bat and a pistol!Image
MAFEX Joker Ver.2.0 The Dark Knight by Medicom
Medicom's Joker is back in action with an RPG, an UZI, a handgun, three knives, three single playing cards and a fan of cards, and a lead pipe!Image
Tekkaman Blade by Evolution Toy
Evolution Toys is bringing us a new series of "Tekkaman" action figures starting with D-Boy (Takaya Aiba) as Tekkaman Blade!Image
GRAND ACTION BIGSIZE MODEL Great Mazinger by Evolution Toy
Great Mazinger measures about 45cm tall, features die-cast parts, and comes with parts for his Drill Pressure Punch, Backspin Kick, and much more!Image
1/12 DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Nero by Sentinel
Nero is highly posable and features a coat made out of real fabric, interchangeable expressions, hand parts, weapons and other accessories!Image
Nendoroid Amiya (Arknights) by Good Smile Company
Amiya is cute as can be in Nendoroid form, with three expressions, Ego Absorption effect parts and her violin!Image
Metalboy Combattler V by Metal Box
This small but highly detailed resin kit will be 12cm tall when assembled, and comes with his Choudenji YoYo and more!Image
Monster Hunter Ukiyo-e Style Bags and Apparel by Capcom
These unique collector's items combine traditional Japanese ukiyo-e art with giant monsters!Just Arrived In StockImage
Super Mini-Pla Tenku Gattai Jet Icarus by Bandai
This Super Mini-Pla from "Jetman" includes all 5 of its Jet Machines that combine to create both the Icarus Harken and Jet Icarus!Image
Hyper Solid Series Shin Godzilla PVC by Art Spirits
Art Spirits' fantastic Hyper Solid (Chou Gekizou) Series Shin Godzilla is roughly 30cm tall and comes with an optional head part!Image
figma D.Va (Overwatch) by Good Smile Company
figma D.Va comes with a Light Gun, a bubble gum bubble, a smartphone, and an alternate head part featuring the hat from the animated short!Image
MODEROID Armed Mazinkaiser Go-Valiant by Good Smile Company
Next up in the "MODEROID" series is the Mazinkaiser covered in armor, the Go-Valiant! Both the Mazinkaiser and armor parts set are included.Image
MAFEX Evil Gwenpool by Medicom
Marvel's Evil Gwenpool gets a MAFEX figure release, with different body parts and facial parts than the original MAFEX Gwenpool!Image
Crossframe Girl GaoGaiGar by Kotobukiya
The magnificent GaoGaiGar from "GaoGaiGar: King of Braves" gets turned into a winsome girl thanks to the Crossframe Girl model-kit lineup from Kotobukiya!Image
MAFEX Alien by Medicom
The legendary Alien "Big Chap" from the first "Alien" film is a big 20.5cm tall, and carefully sculpted to reflect his unique appearance!Image
Dynamite Action! Grendizer & Spazers Set by Evolution Toy
The mighty Grendizer rejoins the Dynamite Action figure lineup with lots of his iconic weapons and plenty of interchangeable hands!
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HobbyLink Japan Sponsor News - 21st June

Postby ZeroWolf » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:38 am

Motto: "My past no longer binds my future..."
Weapon: Battle Blades
Hot PreordersImage
Amazing Yamaguchi No.013 Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor by Kaiyodo
Kaiyodo's insanely popular Amazing Yamaguchi Iron Man is returning for another round of action-packed release this September!Image
Final Fantasy: Bring Arts Sephiroth Another Form Ver. by Square Enix
Sephiroth joins the Bring Arts action figure series in his one-winged appearnce from the "Kingdom Hearts" series!Image
NieR:Automata: Bring Arts Devola & Popola by Square Enix
Devola and Popola have been created with soft materials to capture the beauty of the characters without sacrificing poseability!Image
1/12 Little Armory (LD023) Shoot House A by Tomytec
Expand your Little Armory collection or give your action figures a new place to play with this sniper house style kit!Image
52TOYS BeastBOX BB-10 RUMBLEBEAT by 52Toys
This little guy can transform from a 5cm cube into one heck of a colorful parrot, and comes with an attachable perch to stand on!Image
52TOYS BeastBOX BB-06BA BLUE ARMOR by 52Toys
Featured in stunning dark and sharp black and blue, this guy can transform into a rhino with a police motif!Image
Dress Up Parts Crash & Side Mantle by Kotobukiya
Customize your Frame Arms Girls or other Kotobukiya kits even more with these new cape accessory parts!Image
HEXA GEAR Booster Pack 004 Multi Pod by Kotobukiya
The latest Hexa Gear Booster Pack is inspired by the popular retractable cockpit from Bulkarm a, and can hold even the largest Governor models!Image
Nendoroid Winter Soldier: Infinity Edition by Good Smile Company
The Winter Soldier joins the Nendoroid Infinity War fray, with Rocket by his side!Image
Megami Device SOL Road Runner by Kotobukiya
Popular Megami Device fighter SOL Road Runner is back for a re-release this November!Image
ZW25 Zoids Wild Beast Liger by Takara Tomy
The lion-type Beast Liger will be ready to join the hunt next month!Image
ZW26 Zoids Wild Cannon Bull by Takara Tomy
The buffalo-type Cannon Bull is armed to the teeth with 9 cannons mounted on its back!Just Arrived In StockImage
Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron by Takara Tomy
MP-36 Megatron is back in stock -- don't miss this chance to add him to your collection!Image
MAFEX Flash Justice League by Medicom
The Fastest Man Alive is ready to show off his speed in the MAFEX lineup!Image
Gigantic Arms 07 Lucifer's Wing by Kotobukiya
The Gigantic Arms Lucifer's Wing can be worn by most Frame Arms Girls and Megami Device figures, or transform into other modes for solo posing!Image
Berserk Fuhrer Repackage Ver. by Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya brings back their amazing 1/72 Highend Master Model kit of the fan-favourite Berserk Fuhrer!Image
BULLET KNIGHTS Lancer by Kotobukiya
Bullet Knights Lancer will stand out above the rest with her huge shield and lance, which can also become a flying mecha-bike for her to ride on!Image
Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2 by Bandai
Bandai has taken extra care to fully recreate Ex-Aid's characteristic coloring, with stickers to finish him off with the proper markings, too!Image
Frame Arms Girl Weapon Set Jinrai Ver. by Kotobukiya
Frame Arms Girl Jinrai gets a new release, in a new color, together with weapons in new colors too!Image
SD Cross Silhouette Shin Getter by Bandai
SD Cross Silhouette Shin Getter is armed with his massive Getter Tomahawk and Getter Battle Wing!
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