How much could I reasonably expect for 3 Refraktors?

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How much could I reasonably expect for 3 Refraktors?

Postby Chimera245 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:33 pm

If I were to sell off three out-of-box, but otherwise mint-condition Refraktors, how much could I reasonably expect to get for them? The general retail identical purple ones based on the G1 cartoon model.

I found three at once at my Walmart, and jumped on them. But not a week later, I heard about the G1 toy-decoed 3-pack. I would much rather have that version.

I knew they'd eventually release a toy-colored repaint, but I honestly expected it wouldn't be until the next whole segment of the toyline, and likely some sort of obscure exclusive.

So, how much could I expect to get from the ones I have, to put towards picking up the other?
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Re: How much could I reasonably expect for 3 Refraktors?

Postby TF-fan kev777 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:00 pm

Considering they are currently in stores (mostly) in the US, it may be difficult to get full retail back on them. My guess would be in the $10-$15 each range (probably closer to $15). However, if money isn't tight and you can play the long game a bit, I'd wait to unload them until they were not available in stores anymore. That might get you back up closer to their original price.
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