I welcome a 2nd Trilogy

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Re: I welcome a 2nd Trilogy

Postby Ramjet's Ghost » Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:55 am

I don't think there could be another three Transformers movies, done well, if they are filmed on earth. IMO, it would be a stretch to think people would come rushing to the box office to see villains they've little emotional attachment to such as Nemisis Prime, Jhiaxus, etc. After seeing DOTM for the fourth time last night, I can't help but feel that is how the movie continuity should end.


If they want to make a 4th installment, I think they could succeed with Unicron. Here's my idea...

TF-4 would be a film shot mostly in CGI, similar to Avatar in that case.

The setting would be 2055 - futuristic enough to allow Sam to still be alive and alert, but to old to be running around fighting alongside the Autobots.

After decades of sparce battles, the Decepticon attacks on earth have, by this point, become extremely futile. With the help of the Autobots, human technology has gotten to the point they now have ships similar to the ones manned by the 'Cons in DOTM. The humans can, more or less, can handle these petty attacks by the 'Cons. Still, human an occassion human life is lost in battle and the pressure from the general public are calling for the Autobots to leave earth, thinking the Decepticon attacks will stop altogether if the Autobots are elsewhere. Even if they do attack, the humans feel they can handle it now. Optimus Prime agrees to take his crew of Autobots elsewhere once they have secrectly constructed a state-of-the-art Autobot ship. (Remember, Transformers are good at building huge objects in an insanely short amount of time.)

During the time of the ship's construction, Optimus uses an object similar to the space bridge pillars. It is a (really) long range radio and he is hoping he will be able to contact intelligent life somewhere else on the galaxy, hopefully on a planet that has energon.

He receives a response from an Autobot crew on an unknown planet in an unknown galaxy. This crew is lead by Ultra Magnus and features Kup, Warpath, and Sandstorm... as well as many (nameless) others.

Elated to receive news from old friends, Optimus flys his Autobots to take refuge on this new planet. Ultra Magnus reveals they too have faught a war against Decepticons, on this planet, and won. He tells the Autobots the planet's name is Unicron, since he heard so many Decepticons utter the phrase "for Unicron," in battle.

Unicron "akwakens" when the Matrix of Leadership, carried by Optimus, arrives. He contacts Octance, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain and provides them with a boost of energon to convince them to fight in order to destroy the Matrix. He revives and reformats many dead Decepticons (Thundercracker, Skywarp, Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet) into Cyclonus, Scourge, and Sweeps.

The Decepticons unleash a brutal attack on the Autobots, catching them slightly off guard. Optimus gets hit so hard the Matrix falls from his chest and he notices it is glowing instensly. Once the Autobots have driven the 'Cons off the Matrix takes Optimus for a trip (he enters the Matrix). In the Matrix, Sentinel Prime and The Fallen (remember, they were Prime's so they're knowledge is in there) reveal who Unicron truly is as well as his history of devouring planets and his battles with the, now deceased, Primus. The Matrix is in the one energy source powerful enough to overload Unicron's core and destroy him. Only one Autobot, Alpha Trion, has ever attempted such a task and was destroyed in the process. He did, however, destroy Unicron's transformation cog in the process, leaving him stuck in planet mode. Alpha Trion hoped he could destroy Unicron's core with his weapons and felt the risk to possibly save the universe was worth it.

Optimus and Magnus decide to venture to Alpha Trion's ancient, old base, in order to find his route to the core. Kup is left in command of the Autobots.

Trion's base is found in a legendary city named Metroplex which has been abandoned for centuries. Octane, who had been tracking the two Autobots, ambushes them and ultimately kills Magnus. Prime kills Octane and is more determined than ever now that, yet again, one of his closest friends has been murdered.

Upon returning to the Autobot's HQ, Prime tells the Autobots his plan to fly a shuttle to the core and overload it. He wants the Autobots to evacuate as he is unsure of what will happen if he succeeds.

Unicron has commissioned the construction of a new transformation cog which is installed shortly before Optimus begins his trek to the core. The Autobots on the verge of evacuation are mercilessly attacked by the Decepticons who have been promised unlimited energon in exchange for the destruction of the Autobots/Matrix. Optimus is able to take fight in a small shuttle and begins his quest.

Will continue with my next post... it keeps taking my cursor back to the top of my post now.
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Re: I welcome a 2nd Trilogy

Postby Ramjet's Ghost » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:04 am

On the surface of the planet the Autobots have repelled the Decepticons and take refuge on a nearby asteroid. When they are able to again blast off and escape Unicron's tractor beam, he transforms into robot mode. The Autobots that can fly are dispatched to fly around Unicron and inflict as much damage as possible. We get to see a long shot here of Unicron in space trying to catch the Autobots flying around, like a human trying to swat/catch flys.

Meanwhile, inside, Optimus is flying around battling all of the defenses we came to know and love of Unicron from the '86 movie. After heavy battles on his way to the core Optimus encounters Blitzwing, Unicron's last line of defense at his core. Optimus, heavily damaged but victorius over Bitzwing, inserts the Matrix into Unicron's core which blows him up.

The movie ends with the Autobots' cries of joy when they see the end of Unicron and then concern when they see Prime's shuttle, after sustaining a heavy blow, twisting out of control into space. We are left to speculate whether or not Prime survived and where the Autobots took refuge.



Obviously, this outline is not very detailed. Here is my list of things I'd like to see in detail throughout the movie:

- Aged version of Sam, Carly, Lennox, and Epps saying their goodbyes

- Optimus and Magnus's relationship as Autobots who faught together on Cybertron before their crews were seperated.

- Autobots' elation to finding a peaceful planet, similar to Cybertron

- Autobots' dejection when they learn the truth of this new planet

- Triple Changers make effective use of all three of their forms

- Keep the Autobot cast to what it was at the end of DOTM plus UM, Kup, Sandstorm, & Warpath. All others would be generic looking soldiers so we can focus characterization on our favorites including Dino and the Wreckers.

- A scene where the Autobots tour a Decepticon graveyard and make light of how the (dead) seekers air commander was destroyed on earth.

- Typical, awesome Transformers action/battle scenes.
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Re: I welcome a 2nd Trilogy

Postby Red 50 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:34 pm

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Sounds good.

But just one question out of curiosity: No Galvatron nor Hot Rod?
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Re: I welcome a 2nd Trilogy

Postby Ramjet's Ghost » Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:18 pm

I chose not to use Galvatron because I don't feel he'd be given justice. Unicron is the big bad in this story and, if made into film, Galvatron would play a distant second fiddle. Using the triple changers would still give the fans and story a cool group of characters without the need to delve into their personality and history as much. Plus, Octane and Blitzwing had questionable loyalties so perhaps that could be worked in as well. Do they continue to fight for Unicron, etc.?

With Hot Rod, perhaps he could fit into the story better. I wanted to use characters that had distinct personalities in the cartoon that could also serve a purpose if it were formatted into a movie, factoring in time constraints, etc. Hot Rod is a young, inexperienced warrior, and as of where my story stands right now, I don't know where he would make a contribution and be given appropriate characterization.

I'm typing out a novel version of this story that I will share in the Fan Fiction forum eventually and it fleshes out more of the detail I mentioned, including Sideswipe's new role as the Autobots' second in command.
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