Is sam/shia le bouf, the Wil wheaten/wesley crusher "loathed actor" of the fan base francise?

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Re: Is sam/shia le bouf, the Wil wheaten/wesley crusher "loathed actor" of the fan base francise?

Postby Cthulhunicron » Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:58 pm

Despite all my criticisms of the movies, I think Shia did a decent job with his role. I liked that Sam matures over the course of the trilogy, and I didn't find him to be any where near as annoying as a lot of the other characters (Simmons, Dutch, Wang, Leo, Skids, Mudflap, Brains, the fat kid from the first one, etc.)
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Re: Is sam/shia le bouf, the Wil wheaten/wesley crusher "loathed actor" of the fan base francise?

Postby 5150 Cruiser » Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:36 pm

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deathy wrote:Is sam/shia le bouf, the Wil wheaten/wesley crusher "loathed actor" of the fan base francise?

NO. No he isn't.

Another interesting question I ask everyone in this thread. Can a loathed actor from a high rated francise that is dis-liked by the fans. have any chance at a successful career afterwards doing non-TF related movies/shows?

Who is saying that he's disliked? Because someone started a thread on the internet? It seems that the majority of people in this thread seem to like him. so i'm not sure where your getting that he's loathed.

I ask that above question because usually when a high rated fandom from a francise dis-likes the actor. word gets around,the guy isn't beloved,no one wants to hire him. he's got no fan base. gets more angry letters than positive letters.

Hmm... Again, were are you getting that he is hated to the point that he won't get any work? Also, i think your putting far to much power in our "fandom".

Just look at wil wheaten/wesley chrusher from star trek the next generation. the show got rid of him half way thru. he wasn't in any of the star trek movies. he was in poor rated/low budget un-noticeable movies/shows.

Other than Patrick Steward, and Brent Spinner, name one actor from TNG that has had major acting roles that are not Star Treck related. And while Wheaten may not have done any major roles, he seems to have been rather active since his days at TNG.

The star wars episodes one,two & three, actors who both played anakin skywalker are rumored to be black listed,can't find work. and got told off by fans at star wars conventions for almost ruining the star wars francise. thanks to their bad acting skills.

If that is true, then my guess is that it was the bad acting that is preventing them from getting work and has nothing to do with the fandom "telling them off".

deathy wrote: I honestly think the only real reason shia got put in several movies other non-TF movies while filming transformers 2007,rotf & dotm. is because micheal bay asked & put in favors to dreamworks & steven spielberg to please hire shia leo bouf. in that indy movie & wall street movie. all in a desperate attemp to pump up shia le bouf's acting resume,so viewers would be impressed & go see the 2007,ROTF & Dotm Movies. thinking their was a high profile actor doing these TF movies. SADLY that strategy back fired since shia leo bouf's bad acting skills got mocked in that indy movie & that wall street movie.


Thats a pretty harsh asuption. I'd like to see some evidence of this.

deathy wrote:
RhA wrote:The comparison is a bit harsh. Because (some/several) Transformers fans wouldn't like Shia, he wouldn't be able to get work anyone? Seems a bit like 8-ball predictions.

Let's just see how he fares.

That's usually the way it works. as the examples with starwars & star trek shows.

If you have no fans,people loathe you,who's gonna waste money seeing your movies. .

Though your right that without fans, movies that feature them generaly don't do well, but i still think your being alittle one sided on this. Your asuming that only the fans go to see these movies. while that might be more the case with S.W.'s and S.T. Films, its just not the case with the TF movies. They're largely catered to the general public. Your asuming that just because a select few in the fan base (and this seems to be a very select few) dislike him, that must mean everyone else must as well. Sorry, but i don't see any evideince of this.
Also, by your own logic, if a respective fandom disaproves of a certain actor and is responsible for how they will fair in the future of their industry, then by the same logic, they should be successfull. Well, i ask again, becides Patrick Stewart and Brent Spinner, please name some S.T. TNG actors that are known for roles outside of the show? Heck, name me someone in the Regular S.T movies that are known for roles outside of S.T. period:-?

deathy wrote:right now more people dis-like tom cruise & mel gibson. thus all the movies they've been in for the past few years have been theathre bombs/losing money at the box office.

Thats not a fair comparison. people dislike Tom cruise and Mel Gibson for their personal views and how they've portrayed themselves off camera. (Tom with his wacko scientology views as well as how he treats his wife, and Mel Gibsons outburts on religin and i believe a phone call he made to his kid?). NOt based off their acting skills. Either way, this is alot different than a fandom disaproving of said actor.
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