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Motto: "Clarity of thought before rashness of action."
Weapon: Oxidating Laser

Allegiance: None/Nova Prime
Function: Scientist
Alt. mode: Cybertronian stealth bomber
Weapons: Two automatic machine guns, in vehicle mode, has bays capable of storing 20,000 kgs of free-fall weapons or a rotary launcher for nuclear launch capability.
Height: 35ft/
Quote: “Order is a faultless mechanism."

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 10
Dexterity: 6
Speed: 9
Endurance: 7
Courage: 7
Firepower: 8
Accuracy: 6
Melee: 7
Tech Skill: 10
Charisma: 7

Profile: Jhiaxus is an ancient Cybertronian that was once Nova Prime's chief theoretical strategist and the primary pioneer behind attempts to push forward the Transformer race, as well as a mentor to Shockwave.

He views a majority of Autobots and Decepticons and much of their participation in war as evolutionary throwbacks, simple animals and insults to his race's memory which must be wiped out. The Decepticons possessed a golden opportunity to alter the destiny of the planet to a much greater degree than Nova Prime could have ever hoped for, but instead found themselves mired in a war that Jhiaxus expected could continue on for infinity. If the legends were to believed regarding their own origins as a species and a society, it was precisely the same problem that the originals faced when one of their own fell from grace. Jhiaxus viewed it as a waste, but he would not miss the opportunity to capitalize on whatever remote chances for growth might come from the war.

His ice-cold demeanor of control and amoral objectivity is merely a facade. It is only a mask, a face he wears to forget the mad tyrant that he knows he could become, if circumstances in the universe were different. He had repressed this side of himself, burying it, for millennia upon millenia. It was only his most recent encounters with interfering Autobots which had prompted him to question those mental barriers which he had established to regulate himself.

He pioneered gestalt technology, bonding six Transformers into one combined entity to create an ultimate Transformer—resulting in an insane murdering monster that eventually was imprisoned in a dimensional prison by Omega Supreme. Once Autobot forces figured out how to forcibly separate the behemoth, his component parts were individually imprisoned within Garrus-9. Jhiaxus also was behind the introduction of gender to the Cybertronian genome. Many of his experiments have left the subjects crazed or otherwise unable to function normally. Those that have, however, are able to count themselves among the cutting edge of Cybertronian evolution.

Despite this slightly negative pattern to his results, he remained in Nova Prime's inner circle and was part of the team that spearheaded the launch of the original Ark spacecraft, which was eventually lost to an unknown fate. He found himself drawn to Nova Prime’s expansionist ideals and worked tirelessly to aid them, as Nova Prime’s cause would also advance his own. Jhiaxus observed the results of the loss with keen interest but soon found himself with more for pressing matters that required his attention on the planet itself.

Jhiaxus began preparing experiments that would be enacted on multiple worlds. His primary base of operations was established on a small, primal, little-known world that had come to be identified as LV-117. The results of these experiments would enable Jhiaxus to more closely dictate the evolution of their species as well as preparing LV-117 to serve as the catalyst for the next phase of Cybertronian evolution. To monitor his work, he continued to expand his base of operations on the remote world. As he began to prep his experiments for dispersal across the universe, he began poking the planet’s evolution with a stick, accelerating the development of the various biological life forms and in some cases crossing it with his own understanding of Cybertronian technology. These were the template for what all life would be turned into so that they might survive what Jhiaxus saw as the eventual extinction of their species if radical steps were not taken. The first few batches served as guards and general minions. While murderous and with monstrous origins, they weren't insane. They possessed whatever limited sentience that Jhiaxus was able to provide without access to the true spark-bestowing technology one could find on Cybertron.

Unfortunately, his intricate and long-plotted strategy was undermined by the Autobots, who had tracked him to LV-117. He also monitored his fellow Cybertronians' efforts to withstand the attacks of the native species on the planet, as well as those creatures which he had genetically modified to serve his own purposes. When he noticed one of the more brazen primitives preparing to disrupt the efforts of his planetary guardians, he took mental control of his created subordinates via technology he had built on LV-117 and used them to defend the facility that he had established. His grand and extensive plans were ultimately foiled by the Autobots' more simple "shoot people in the head" plan. Jhiaxus subsequently surrendered, calling upon his title as a prelate of Cybertron to avoid outright execution for his crimes and demanded a trial.

Captured and incapacitated, Jhiaxus was taken to the Garrus-9 prison facility on Elba where he was judged guilty by the Aequitas machine and sentenced to spark extraction. His body was taken to the depths of the facility and locked away while his spark was placed in the Rig with the other prisoners deemed too dangerous to be allowed access to their bodies. He has, however, been freed from that longstanding prison. What he will do with his newfound freedom is yet to be determined.

Abilities: In jet mode, Jhiaxus has a secondary stealth shielding that can frustrate the most sensitive early warning system, his powerful hyper fuel injection thrusters cutting out on final attack allowing him to glide in. Ultrashock missiles mounted within his thruster assembly can be fired simultaneously with engine re-ignition thus conserving fuel In robot mode, Jhiaxus’ primary transmitter array creates a 360 degree/50 square mile field of full tactical awareness, enabling him to detect the stealthiest of incoming attackers. Missile counter-measures can be released in either mode. Jhiaxus can engage a secondary hover mode, allowing for aerial observation in robot mode (thereby utilizing the full simul-tactical range of his cranial sensory apparatus).

Weaknesses: Jhiaxus is not one for improvisation. He has been denying his impulses for so long, it has weakened his ability to think on his feet in many situations, denying him the same battlefield prowess present in many other high-ranking Decepticons. Once Jhiaxus has set a course of action, it is tough for him to diverge from his strategy.
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