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Looking To Trade

Postby rogerthat817 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:00 pm

-Studio Series, Movie, Siege WFC, and Titans Return figs
-Studio Series 31 Battle Damaged Megatron
-TR Voyager Blitzwing

These are figs I prefer, but if you want to offer others, please feel free to message me!

Also, US offers only pls!

Figs I Have:
-DOTM Human Alliance Roadbuster
-ROTF Walmart Exclusive Voyager Class Skywarp (missing one missile)
-ROTF TRU Exclusive Deluxe Class Sideways
-ROTF Deluxe Class Bumblebee(missing missile)
-DOTM Cyberverse Commander Class Ironhide(missing guns)
-DOTM Cyberverse Ratchet w/ Lunar Crawler
-Siege Battlemaster Firedrive(missing effect pieces)
-Siege Battlemaster Blowpipe(missing effect pieces)
-Studio Series 13 Voyager Megatron(ROTF)
-Bot Shots Brawl
-TF Cybertron Minicon Strongarm
-Siege Deluxe Class Cog
-Studio Series 05 Optimus Prime(no swords)
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