Marvel's strange romances

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Marvel's strange romances

Postby Egon1982 » Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:07 am

Ah yes, love can be strange in Marvel! Tigra and Hank (A humanoid furred tiger literal cat-woman complete with tail and a human man), Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler (human woman and interdimensional duck being), Lilandra and Xavier (mutant and alien), Hezibah and Corsair (human space pirate and humanoid alien skunk-cat furry female bieng), Carly and Beast on X-Men TAS (blue furry mutant man who is like a cat-ape hybrid look and a woman who human)and Starlord and Gamora (human and alien) the first cross-species of Being or rather inter-being loves as they are proof in Marvel you don't have to be the same species of Being to fall in love and show love is love.

Remember the episode of X-Men called "Beauty and The Beast" (one of my favorite episodes)? Beast fell in love with a human woman who was blind then used a treatment to cure her of blindness as she wanted to see what her lover looked like, she was not startled by his cat-ape like beastly appearance and said "Your beautiful!" to him then he replied "So are you". The father was repulsed by the idea of a mutant who resembles a blue feline-ape and wanted to break their relationship as Beast felt heartbroken by an ignorant mutant hating father yet when Carly got kidnapped by the anti-mutant bigot group "Friends of Humanity" the father agreed with Beast to find his daughter and Beast's true love then at the end the father accepted their relationship and showed not all mutants even those who resemble animal-like beings aren't all bad and love isn't by appearances.

I am very supportive of interspecies or rather inter-being couples/romance in stories even comics/games/animation/sci-fi fantasy etc. but only if it involves a humanoid being, a sapient or sentient being, magical creature being (ala mermaid or gargoyle or vampire or elf etc.), alien being or mutant being which is ok because they can consent but never to a 4 legged regular feral non-evolved non-humanoid non-sapient creature like an ordinary feral Labordour retreiver and a human for example as that would be beastality since it's a thing that cannot think or consent or have feelings like a Being would and it isn't a Being who has same structures/body build/nor humanoid looking like any Being is. Afterall a person just doesn't mean humans but Beings in general.

Nothing wrong with interspecies or rather inter-being romance as it worked for Eliza and Goliath on Gargoyles, Arwen and Aragon (human and elf), Nick and Judy (Zootopia and both are mammals), Sally and Sonic (Squirrel and Hedgehog mammal beings), Star Wars humans and aliens, Star Trek humans and aliens, Tankgirl and Booga in Tankgirl comics, Hellboy and Liz in the movies/comics (monster man and female sorceress), Eric and Ariel in Little Mermaid, Madison and Tom Hanks in Splash (mermaid and human), Charlene and Vinnie on Biker Mice from Mars (human and alien sapient mouse humanoid being and both are sapient mammal beings who are consenting adults and can make their own decisions since there is peace between humans and Martian mice folks on Earth and in Mars as it's Charlene's human right to love who she wants to love), Regular Show's Frank and Denise (Margaret's parents), Minerva Mink and a human lover in a story series, InuYasha and Kagome, Vastra and Jenny on Doctor Who (earth alien lizard woman and a earth human woman), Duckman who romanced with different mammal anthro beings/different bird people/even human ladies on the show (remember that classic 90's adult animated comedy show which pre-dated South Park and Family Guy? great writing and great humor too with satire with Jason Alexander), Batman and Cheetah on Justice League, Beauty and The Beast 80's show with Vincent and Catherine, Polly Pineblossom and that rich guy who was once a jerk on New Adventures of Mighty Mouse etc.

I believe in comics/fanfiction/sci-fi fantasy stories even Star Wars/animation/games/Sci-fi fantasy films etc. that a person should have that right to love whoever they want to love as the artist or writer thinks so for consenting adults and i am a long time open minded person.

As Prince Lir in Peter S Beagle's The Last Unicorn (Book and movie) once said when he found out the loveliest girl he ever laid eyes on and romanced known as Lady Amalthea is a humanized unicorn "Unicorn, mermaid, sorceress, vampire, elf, werewolf, name you'd give her would surprise or frighten me, i love whom i love" which is one of my all time favorite quotes.
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Re: Marvel's strange romances

Postby Cyberstrike » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:13 am

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