Michael Bay: Transformers 2 Coming Soon with Lots of New, Unique Robots

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Re: Michael Bay: Transformers 2 Coming Soon with Lots of New, Un

Postby Straken » Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:34 am

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I'm hoping "unique" means bringin in more gimmicky(in a nice way) bots. The way i see it the first movie had a good few in it already,a breastmaster(ie barricade) and a beastformer(ie scorponok) are obvious and nearly every toy has some sort of gimmick or another.
Things I'd like 2 see:
Alternators Ravage!!!(PICTURE THE SAVAGERY!)
A Dinobot or 2(well they did scorponok and he looked awsome)
A Duocon(for the sheer confusion factor)
A Triplechanger(preferably a horrocon)
A Combiner(duh!)

(dya think i like robotic beasts?)

I know this is wishful thinkin and most people have a low opinion of gimmicks but i think if done properly and were keeped to 1 or 2 bots they can work quite well.

oh hey look an on topic post! :twisted:
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