Modern Transformers MIB/MOC MOVING SALE (or Trade!)

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Modern Transformers MIB/MOC MOVING SALE (or Trade!)

Postby General Hawk 7 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:15 pm

Motto: "GI Joe...When all else fails...we don't!"


Shipping - $5 for one small, $10 for one Large (Will combine shipping on multiple items)

ALL ARE MIB/MOC - Brand new!

Titan Masters Wave 1 - Nightbeat - $4 each

Titan Masters Wave 1 - Terri-bull - $4 each

Titan Master Ptero - $4 each

Titan Master Fangry - $4 each

Titan Master Overboard - $4 each

Titan Master Sawback - $4 each

Titan Master Skytread - $4 each

Deluxe Wave 3 Breakaway - $8 each

Deluxe Wave 3 Twinferno - $6 each

Deluxe Wave 3 Hot Rod - $9 each

Deluxe Krok - $9 each

Deluxe Quake - $9 each

Deluxe Kup - $8 each

Deluxe Topspin - $8 each

Deluxe Scourge - $10 each

Deluxe Blurr - $8 each

Deluxe Perceptor - $20 each

Voyager Broadside - $12 each

Voyager Wave 3 G1 Megatron - $12 each

Voyager Wave 3 Optimus Prime - $12 each

Voyager Sky Shadow - $25 each

Legends Cosmos - $7 each

Seaspray - $7 each

Legion Wave 9 - Bisk - $3 each

Legion Wave 9 - Blurr - $3 each

Legion Wave 9 - Bumblebee - $4 each

Legion Wave 9 - Optimus Prime - $3 each

Tiny Titans Series 5 Full Box of 24 - $15 each (2 Boxes Available)

Deluxe Barricade - $10 each

Deluxe Bumblebee - $8 each

Deluxe Decepticon Berserker - $8 each

Deluxe Dinobot Slash - $8 each

Voyager Class Grimlock - $10 each

Voyager Class Optimus - $10 each

ITEMS WANTED (I am looking for):
Other items considered. LMK what you have!
I am a fan of the 80's! :D

Vintage Indiana Jones, Lone Ranger's Horse

Sideshow 1/6 scale Hoth Han Solo

Star Wars Jawas

Star Wars Vintage:
-Romba Spear
-Taun Taun box
-Various Loose Vintage Figures (See last pic below for figures Im looking for.)
-Maybe other figures, vehicles, playsets, etc.
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General Hawk 7
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