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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:51 pm
by Marcus Rush
Tenebrous--Holding Cell

Scattershot shrugged his shoulders and shook his head negatively. "Come now, you expect me to respond to that? You really don't know what you are doing... do you?" He cocked a smirk as the doors on the far side of the hold slid open dragging a little worse for wear Nosecone. Inwardly he praised the makers that his fellow officer was not offline, outwardly however his face contoured into one of disappointment. He had ordered the former Miner to stand down when he had, though he appreciated the initiative, Scattershot did not like the idea of his commands being disregarded.

The force barrier briefly deactivated as the drill was thrown unceremoniously into the cell and was abruptly returned to full strength before its occupants could mount a surprise counter offensive. Scattershot mused at the idea before disregarding it. He had his strength and functioning limbs, but without his transformation protocols, he was pretty much relegated to a vulnerable form. Besides, he needed information. Even if it meant behind bars, stinking Decepticon crafted filth covered bars, Scattershot knew full well that if he bode his time he would learn a good deal more than he would have smashing and bashing every smug Decepticon trash in the facility. Damn that Fortress Maximus was starting to rub off and the Technobot hated the idea though his expression remained confident and rebellious towards his departing captives.

"Well it seems our family is almost whole." He spoke as the doors secured shut behind the Decepticons. It wasn't even the beginning of their interrogation proceedings, they all knew that. The presence of Scourge and Cyclonus was merely a formality to evaluate what it may take to get them to crack. Unfortunately, regardless of how good each member of his crew was... hand picked for the most part to fill the ranks and positions of the Far Star, even the hardiest Autobot couldn't take eons of torture that most Decepticon interrogators had planned.

Scattershot knelt down next to Nosecone and placed his hand on the Autobot's back. "You made a valiant effort Nosecone. Next time however, try to avoid the emotional trauma you placed on poor Afterburner and follow orders. Poor gunner was worried sick about you." He crafted a confident and approving smile as he helped his subordinate up.

"Lightspeed, I trust you have compiled those lists I asked you to gather. We may not have all the parts on hand, though we'll have something. I am sure we'll get our chance to get the rest later on down the road."

"Strafe, help Nosecone over to the bench, and give him a rundown of what level of mess we're in. In the meantime, Afterburner and I will try and give this place a once over. Perhaps we can find a way to communicate with the other cells."

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:29 pm
by Smokescreen85
Tenebrous - Holding Cell

Strafe had remained silent while sitting against a far wall of the cell as Scattershot attempted to taunt the Decepticons that had gathered just outside of the force barrier. Cyclonus and Scourge he recognized instantly, but there was another he was unfamiliar with. Soul Siren was the name of the Decepticon femme standing with them, and she was apparently an interrogator to boot. Oh, joy! I’m going to be questioned and dissected by a femme. I don’t know if I should shudder or blush. Maybe both!

The thoughts of the high-strung mech were interrupted by the sudden arrival of a half conscious Nosecone, who had been trying in vain to dig underneath the Decepticon fortress. Thankfully, he was not terminated on sight when discovered by the enemy. Strafe’s optics flashed from the driller up to Scattershot when the Technobot leader ordered him to help Nosecone over to a bench. “No problem, sir,” the aerial gunner replied as he pushed himself to his feet and gave a weakened salute. His body was still feeling the effects of the beating he had taken at the hands, and hook, of Lockdown. However, the nervous ‘Bot was at least doing much better than he had been before.

Moving over to his wounded teammate’s side, Strafe reached down and grabbed a hold of Nosecone, pulling him up by the arms until he was somewhat on his feet. “Come on, buddy, wake up! You’re with friends now,” the anxious flier said as he slowly and carefully drug his limp friend over to the nearest bench and sat him down. “There ya go. You’ll be fine, Nosey. Just relax. We’re in a holding cell inside of the Decepticon fortress. The bad guys and one gal are trying to decide what to do with us, but my energon’s on torture, interrogation, more torture and likely death at some point. Now, aren’t you glad you joined us?”

Strafe forced a faux smile as he patted Nosecone on the back. The aerial gunner’s attempt at humor was only to help mask the true feeling of despair and anxiety that was growing deep within his circuits. He didn’t expect to make it out of this situation alive, much less intact in any way. Sure, the Technobots had been in dire straights before, but this time felt different. This time felt like the end of the line for all of them.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:30 pm
by Mazinman
Tenebrous--Holding Cell

"Thank you for your assistance as always Reflector. Please send me any mental evaluations we have to the Technobot team that we have available. I have a play in mind for this particular game."

She replied to the Reflector trio as she turned towards Cyclonus and Scourge. What she was about to do carried a degree of danger, if the commander did not understand she would be destroyed. However, Cyclonus was one of the more intelligent Decepticons so she was sure he would understand.

"Commander Cyclonus, sir, the Autobot is correct. We should not expect him to answer those questions. As commander of the local forces he is entitled to be treated with the dignity due his rank."

She said in a clear voice, wanting to be heard by Scattershot and the other Autobots in the cells. She turned to the guards as they took him to the cell.

"You all, treat that prisoner with more respect. Make sure he is not scratched."

She turned back to Cyclonus and Scourge, keeping her clear tone.

"I am sure we can obtain the information from the other Autobots here."


"Doesn't matter who can or can't end a war when it is no longer worth winning and I'm starting to think we are getting close to that time."

Snapdragon shrugged.

"Slag it, doesn't matter anyway. Nothing we can do about it. Lets go get that oil bath we are due."

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:49 am
by Insidious
Tenebrous--Holding Cell

Lightspeed had worked his way through every other Technobot in the room save for the recent arrival of Nosecone. Thankfully, whatever had happened to their fellow Technobot, it didn't appear to be as brutal as the treatment they had received at the hands of the Horrorcons. The list of who needed what components in order to get back to an optimum state was pretty extensive. The list of who needed what in order to get back to an acceptably functioning state, well, that list was more manageable. Lightspeed had quick access to either, just in case.

"Got it," Lightspeed had said. "Looks like we can bum some things off Nosecone. He appears to be fresh out of the batch proto initiator."

An exaggeration, but not a big one. Lightspeed grinned and looked over in Nosecone's direction.

"You tried to tunnel under this place?" Lightspeed asked, curious as to what their Technobot brother might have tried during his attempt at an escape. "That's...that's awesome. Heh. I wish it'd worked."

Cyclonus stopped, briefly turning back to acknowledge Soul Siren's statement. The Technobot leader, it seemed, was more willfully stubborn than Cyclonus had expected. He had not had extensive dealings with he or his team before. It would be good reference for future engagements--on the unlikely chance that any of them walked away from this alive.

"Understood, Soul Siren. I want that information. However you get it and whomever you get it from...that is your domain. I will leave that in your capable hands."

He spared a brief glance at Scourge before continuing to walk in his earlier direction.

>>"Retrieving preliminary psychological profiles now, Soul Siren,"<< Reflector transmitted back, accessing the database the Decepticons kept on every known and active Autobot in the war effort, just as they surely did on the Decepticons. With everything in the orbital region of this planet pretty well under control, this little interrogation had now managed to garner the majority of his attention. He was very interested in hearing who ultimately spilled the information that the Decepticons wanted or...what their fate would be if they did not.

>>"Uploading. Enjoy."<<

The first thing he noticed were the energon percentage readings in the bottom right corner of his right optic. Rad's systems were doing whatever they could to reroute what little energon he had left in to his most critical systems. After an indeterminate amount of time, that process had finally lead to his optics onlining once more. The sight that greeted him once he was finally able to do so wasn't exactly the best, but he'd seen worse. He was in a cell now. A fairly large holding cell, but still just one. Which meant that they were...oh, that's right...the battle....they were Decepticon prisoners now. Fantastic.

"Decepticons...economizing?" Rad barely grunted out, pushing himself up a little against the nearest wall, otherwise still pretty much just laying sprawled out on the floor. "I thought their bases were always just one big prison with a little command center in the middle."

They are, really. The 'Cons walking around inside them just don't seem to realize that they're prisoners, too.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:15 pm
by darksabrz
Fort Tenebrous -- Holding Cells

Scourge apparently had to control himself -- he looked ready to snap at Scattershot at first at the face of his continued defiance, especially when it became clear that the Technobot commander seemed to be calling his bluff. He seemed ready to retort when Soul Siren suddenly asserted herself, and his narrowed crimson optics focused on her.

It was only Cyclonus's look that kept him quiet, and angrily he whirled around, stalking off alongside the larger purple 'mech. For several moments he remains silent, but finally he can no longer keep his thoughts to himself.

"I seem to recall hearing someone once say 'compassion is the Autobots' downfall'," he commented in as cool a tone as he could muster under the circumstances. "As prisoners, they are a waste of our resources, and it's clear that they're willing to sacrifice themselves for their supposed 'noble goal'. And yet, what are we showing them but compassion? We could spend untold millennia trying to discover their secrets and be assured of absolutely nothing. Treating them with respect, Cyclonus, is asking for trouble."

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:24 am
by Insidious
Lake Nimbus

The Insecticon swarm had been eagerly awaiting the retrieval of the rogue Autobots. The words "merry chase" had begun to trickle their way through the ranks of the diaclones, until the words themselves carried something of an eerie echo as Bombshell waded his way through the horde.

Venom had--at long last--proven that he did have some identifiable usefulness within their ranks. His time on this planet had caused him to have some serious doubts in that regard, but they had been lessened now.

Bombshell had not really been concerned. The swarm would have caught up with these Autobot strays wherever they chose to hide, be it in the forests or the mountains or even the lakes.

Barrage's drones had done a satisfactory job of cleaving their way in to the fishing vessels even as dozens of other Insecticons climbed and crawled all over them. Kickback silently directed his clones to monitor any traditional or non-traditional exit to the vehicles while Bombshell stalked forward, poking his head through the first sizable opening that Barrage's diaclones had tore open as they then began to spill inside.

"Knock, knock...anyone home?"

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 12:34 pm
by Ember
Tenebrous – Holding Cell

Growing bored with simply performing menial tasks and watching all the other ‘Cons having some kind of fun, Black Shadow decided that it was time to take some initiative and instill his own methods of what he considered exciting.

He and his cohort had made their way through the new pristine halls of the Fortress and finally came upon the facilities brig. Here is where he would find the entertainment he had been searching for.

Within five separate cells sat the members of the Autobot Tactical Response Team…the very same mechs and femmes that had been dragged in only cycles ago. Oh yes this would be most enjoyable.

Black Shadow took his time while strolling in…stopping momentarily to look in each cell. He carried with him a sinister smile which was paired with equally devious optics. Like a predatory cyber hawk the Infiltration Unit Commander pressed on until he came to the final cell. There sat the downtrodden form of the team’s commander…Spartan. It was sad really…just how easily they had been brought down…not even a challenge. Black Shadow had thought more of the team…especially their leader. He talked the talk but what it all boiled down to was actually backing up ones claims and Spartan failed to do so…miserably...what was that referred to as again...ah yes, walking the walk.

So here he sat head lowered in utter defeat…his team locked up thanks to his own ineptitude. The smile that adorned Black Shadow’s face melted into something more dangerous…darker. He stared hard at the black and red mech.

“You were pathetic back there…you do know that don’t you.”

It wasn’t a question but a statement that even Spartan had to admit to.

“It’s alright Spartan you need not answer. Besides you and I already know the truth. You failed and you can’t comprehend just how to feel about that or more it even happened.”

Black Shadow flashed the Autobot a broad genuine smile. He gestured flamboyantly at the other four cells that contained each member of his team.

“I’m going to give you a chance to save face. I want you to admit that you, and your worthless team, were a poor excuse for an elite tactical unit. That you failed in your goals. How does that sound? Fun, right?”

Spartan never responded. It was then that Blue Bacchus finally spoke up from his location leaning nonchalantly against the wall behind his overly zealous partner.

“You do realize that he’s not going to say anything to you…right? The mech’s obviously confused as to how any of this could have transpired. Why not just cut to the chase and be done with it.”

The black and red Decepticon kept his optics trained on Spartan as he addressed the mech perched directly behind him.

“And where would the fun be in that Blue? I’d much rather spend my time with him…you know…educate him on just how I work my magic, but more importantly, why I work my magic.”

Blue Bacchus gave a deep shoulder shrug even though Black Shadow could not see him. He had known from the beginning, when Black Shadow had taken the liberty to traverse the halls, to these cells, that he would bear witness to some kind of brutal behavior by his associate.

“Suit yourself. But you might want to perform your work in a much larger location. After all, things will get messy.”

The Commander kept his optics glued to Spartan as his right hand entered the code to unlock the cell’s bars which quickly dissipated into the ceiling and floor. Black Shadow then entered the cramped room...his steps slow and meticulous.

“I do believe you’re right Blue. What say you Autobot? Shall we retire to a much cozier locale?”

He didn’t even wait for any kind of response after all he knew he would never get one. Instead the Commander stepped in and slammed the palm of his hand onto the Spartan’s head and squeezed creating deep dents which he used as a makeshift hand grip. Spartan had struggled slightly grabbing hold of the Decepticon’s wrist but with the lack of energy the gesture only came across as a minor nuisance.

“Come Autobot, I’ve some things to discuss with you.”

With that the black and red mech was dragged harshly out of his cell and taken to a new location not far from the others. After all what kind of host would he be if he did not include the other Autobots. They would hear everything. Blue Bacchus followed closely behind. This was something he refused to miss.

Fortress Tenebrous

It seemed as though the two Technobots that he had captured and delivered were not worth any more than a few measly credits. Not nearly enough to even put toward a few new upgrades. Although he was disappointed in his own performance and the lack of funds, Lockdown decided to take the loss and move on to his next engagement. If the Decepticons had need of his services they certainly knew how to get in contact with him.

“You’re right, Turmoil. I think I will get back to work.”

Lockdown turned on his heel and began to make for the exit. He sent a dismissive wave over his shoulder as he passed through the doors.

“You know how to find me should you require my services at a later date. Perhaps next time we can discuss a more preferable payment plan.”

The doors closed behind the bounty hunter before Turmoil responded. From the Fortress Lockdown would make his way to the Death’s Head’s location.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:30 am
by Necessary Evil
Lake Nimbus

Listening to Nightbeat, his smooth tone effortlessly gliding from one sentence to the next, Hosehead wished that he had been ingrained with the coolness his friend emanated. He didn't know how Nightbeat did it, how he remained so calm even in the most dire of situations. And this situation was no exception.

Hosehead opened his oral cavity to reply to the detective when a sudden trembling seized the fishing vessel, robbing him of a response. While a terrible quaking did not overwhelm the vessel, it nonetheless shivered continuously, appearing to be aware of the unfolding event, of the peril attached to it. Hosehead then felt gravity throw itself upon him, as though intent on pushing him down, forcing him to the floor.

He kept his balance, despite the combined efforts of the persistent shaking and gravity's determination to force him to the floor. Because of his line of work—formally serving in Iacon's Emergency Rescue Department—instinct told him to prepare himself for what was coming.

He looked at Nightbeat. “Now what? We can't even catch ten astroseconds of peace before—”

The walls. Sounds could be heard on the other sides of them. Clinks. Clanks. Various other disturbing noises Hosehead couldn't quite identify, but knew who they belonged to.

The Insecticons had discovered them.

The sounds increased in repetition and volume. They were attempting to gain entry into the vessel's hold. And if their joyous chittering were any indication of their attempt then success was being achieved.

“Not good.” Hosehead took a step back from the wall he faced. “Not good at all.” He glanced at Nightbeat. “Please tell me you have a bright idea right about now. Being eaten alive by the Insecticons definitely wasn't on my schedule.”

Then they broke through. Hosehead watched as the Diaclones seeped through the holes in the walls, one after the other, a constant stream of eager mandibles and ravenous appetites pouring into the hold.

So many bugs. So little time to decide on the right course of action. But blowing them away seemed to be close enough.

Withdrawing his laser pistols from his sub-space compartments, Hosehead opened fire on the Diaclones, destroying as many of the vile creatures as he possibly could. Though his aim could not be compared to that of Sureshot's or Slingshot's—both of whom whose sharpshooting capabilities were among some of the finest within the Autobot ranks—his pistols still located their targets and eliminated them owing to an abundance of the enemy.

Knock, knock...anyone home?

Preoccupied with the destruction of the Diaclones and his friends' safety, Hosehead failed to notice the Insecticon addressing them in a mocking tone. The Insecticon did not precisely resemble the intruding Diaclones in appearance, but that didn't matter. He was still filthy like the rest of them and deserved to be squashed.

Hosehead swung his pistols around, aiming them at Bombshell. “Don't you know that you're supposed to wait after knocking?” He squeezed the triggers of his two pistols.

Accurate or not, it would stall Bombshell, even for just a moment. But Hosehead realised that they would need more than a mere moment to escape the clutches of their pursuers. They would need a miracle.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:43 pm
by Insidious
Bottom of the Ocean

"I get the strangest sense that we're not alone," one of the Autobots said to another as they continued to put as much distance between themselves and their escape pod as possible.

"Wouldn't slaggin' surprise me," another said. "They were in orbit. They were on land. They prolly got a slaggin' base. They're gonna slaggin' hunt us down and shove our slaggin' gears down our slaggin' throats!"

"Slag...that blows pipe."

"Yeah, you better slaggin' believe it."

"Close your mouth and keep your optics open, or you're gonna get us 'slaggin'' kill--"

"Seacons!" another one of the Autobot refugees from the Farstar cried out, firing in the direction of the rippling shapes deep underneath the waters of this strange planet.

Slag. They really were everywhere.

Tenebrous--Holding Cell

"Looks like they...can't figure out...who's....the interrogator. Heh," Lightspeed said, watching as pointy-head and his bearded friend stalked off. His optics calmly settled on the form of Soul Siren. In another time in history, she might have actually been a strikingly attractive femme. All that went out the window with her Decepticon badge, though. Still, didn't hurt to look.

"Eh, maybe they did figure it out," he added, looking her over.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:02 pm
by Insidious

As the warrior and the tracker slowly trekked down the hallways of the Decepticons' recently established central base of operations on this planet, Scourge's most recent comment could not but elicit a small smirk on the chiseled, angular features of Cyclonus' face.

"You might be right this time," Cyclonus said, the fact that he had not struck the blue Decepticon down where he stood being a testament to the eons of history between the two mechs. Scattershot might prove to be more obstinate than either he or his team were worth.

"We will try it this way for a while longer. If Soul Siren's efforts yield nothing, I will turn them over to you and I will continue to methodically eradicate the Autobot presence on this planet as I have done since arriving here. Through other means. My tolerance, not compassion, will come to a natural end.

"However...we can not allow ourselves to be too distracted by their presence. That was the danger all along once their existence on this world was discovered. There are still larger reasons why High Commander Scorponok originally selected this world. I would see those ends realized, so that the engine of Decepticon conquest gains another thruster."

Cyclonus was referring to the shipyard that would eventually be constructed on a world such as this--one that was ripe with natural resources and utterly unable to defend itself. That was the true objective. Chasing Autobots, from the first time they had made their presence known in Koraja, was merely a distraction from their ultimate ends.

En route to the command center, Cyclonus was eager to begin steering this ship back on course.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:55 am
by Foximus
Bottom of the Ocean

Seawing swam in pursuit of Overbite. Being the fastest of the Seacons - at least in the sea - he had no trouble keeping pace with his teammate. He scanned the sea ahead with his sonar and detected several cybernetic signatures not far away.

Impatient, Seawing shot ahead of Overbite and cut through the water like a razor's edge...right into Autobot fire.

"Foolish Autobots! There is no hope for you!"

Seawing spiraled to the side to avoid the Autobot refugee's initial shot. Making a wide sweep through the dark waters, he angled himself, lining himself for a run right over the group. He swooped down firing his two venom rifles at the group as he tore through the water.

"Run, run, as fast as you can little Autobots! Ha ha ha!"


The Seacon commander made his way over to Overbite's location at a steady pace. Both Overbite and Seawing were among the fastest of all of the seacons and as such, it would take some time to reach them. Not ideal, but unavoidable. Snaptrap soon regrouped with Tentakil.

"Hey there, sir," the amiable Seacon said in greeting.

Snaptrap simply nodded in acknowledgement of his subordinate, otherwise ignoring the octopus's presence. As the two Seacons continued onward, the vaguely recognizable shapes of Nautilator and Skalor came into view. Snaptrap glanced at them with approval. Good. With the main body of the Seacons regrouped, they could attack as one and crush the Autobot refugee's resistance swiftly and with minimum casualty. They would be rejoining Seawing and Overbite soon now.

"Be prepared once we reach Overbite's location," Snaptrap said, addressing Nautilator, Skalor and Tentakil, "Remember, our primary mission is to capture these Autobots. Do not terminate them if it can be helped. We will spread out and surround the Autobots to lessen the chances of any of them escaping."

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:35 pm
by Marcus Rush
Tenebrous--Holding Cell

As Afterburner grunted something about a titanium container and filament string, Scattershot glanced over his shoulder as the trio of Decepticons evacuated the cell exterior. His head shook from side to side as the female figure disappeared behind the sliding doors. The Technobot Commander knelt down on the plated floor and pressed his finger tips down. "Whether or not that particular individual is our eventual interrogator..." He paused briefly.

The Technobots were an elite bridge head Autobot unit. Capable of hitting a planet and creating a new front for the following Autobot armies. If it meant erecting defenses or pounding con positions, they were all perfectly designed and formed for that purpose. Add to that he knew well that they were a team that built their strategies on all possible information. To look at it from that position, Scattershot knew full well that they were not in the most prime of positions. One crack and that intelligence could very well be divulged to the enemy.

Scattershot pressed down as he pushed himself up to his feet. "Even if she is our tormentor, Lightspeed, that still does not change the fact she wears that stinking purple crest upon her breast plate. That means we keep it close to the chest, just remember your training protocols and shield your memory files and you'll be fine."

Stepping over Afterburner as the gunner tapped along the walls, looking for a vent or drain grate that lead to another cell, Scattershot approached Lightspeed and lowered his volume. "So data mech, you remember those reports regarding unit movement. Who exactly were Cyclonus and mister personality assigned to? I doubt Megatron is involved in an operation like this... not enough seeker units and too many unwashed primaticrons."

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:08 am
by Insidious
Lake Nimbus

“Don't you know that you're supposed to wait after knocking?” the timid little piece of scrap spoke. Bombshell would have smiled if he had been designed for it.

At least until his meal decided to start firing at him!

Bombshell cried out in pain as one of the blasts lanced its way in to his upper torso, almost instinctively initiating the transformation that had casually entered his mind only a moment before.

No sooner than the blasts had erupted from their weapons than the diaclones that had been climbing and crawling in and around the Nebulan vehicle began to scatter in all different directions: some making for other vital areas of the vehicle, some closing in for the attack on the Autobots and others...haphazardly going Primus-knows-where. Bomsbhell didn't have time to stop and focus them all. He would have to let their core programming do its work, limited though it was.

Bombshell, for his part, began to filter his way through the chaos of scrambling insecticlones. If his food wanted to play it rough--he could accommodate.

Tenebrous--Holding Cell

When Pointblank's optics had finally onlined again, his various internal systems were displaying minimal progress, but his systems had at least repaired themselves enough that he could look around. He supposed that was something. One didn't normally take a beating from that many Decepticons and wake up again. Unless he had rejoined the Allspark.

If he had, he knew a lot of 'Bots that were going to be disappointed when they got here.

The cold gray and black walls were typical of a Decepticon prison. As was the energy field in front of his cell. As were the prisoners who were jailed alongside him. Technobots? Huh.

"Didn't think I'd ever see another Autobot sigil again," Pointblank said, pushing himself up against a nearby wall. He had so many questions to ask them. "How did you guys get here? To Nebulos."

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:41 pm
by #Sideways#
OoC: Sorry for the wait! Life has been relentless.

Lake Nimbus - Fishing Vessel

Nightbeat had just begun to relax a tad, when he felt the oddest sensation of weightlessness. He had remembered this feeling from one of his past missions where his only escape was a Tractor Beam.

"Slag." Nightbeat uttered, reaching into his hip compartment.

He pulled out the Energon Rations from the Drop Pod he crashed in. Last meal he would ever have? Probably. Useful as a weapon? Ohh yes.

"Hosehead," Nightbeat barked, "Take a sip, toss it at the Insecticons, then fire away! The Energon will explode!"

And with that, he tossed Hosehead two Energon Rations, leaving two for himself.

Nightbeat reached back inside of his hip compartment and pulled out the jagged steel edge he pulled from Skyhammer earlier. Nightbeat then remembered what the Insecticons would do to him: A Cerebro Shell to the forehead.

He knew what he had to do.

Nightbeat breathed deeply for a moment, feeling the craft touch down on the ground, then he began to carve an ancient Cybertronian symbol into each of his hands, one for "Bad", the other for "Mind". Nightbeat hissed with pain, but it was done; he had done all that could be done.

"Hosehead," Nightbeat said, panting, "Do you recall what those recruits said back in the earlier days of the war? 'Our job isn't to go feet-first into the Pit; it's to make sure it's crowded before we get there!'"

And with that, Nightbeat stood up and readied his rifle, water drained completely from the tank. Nightbeat was careful not to step on any of the flopping fish around the tank.

"I really hate Insecticons," Nightbeat activated his visor, "They really bug me."

It was then when the wall gave way. Nightbeat heard a taunting tone from Bombshell and fired in that direction without a second thought.

After spewing firepower in the Insecticon interrogator's direction, Nightbeat drew his pistol and fired a shot point-blank at a Diaclone trying to get close enough to gnaw on his leg.

Nightbeat then saw Bombshell begin to enter the room. Now would have to suffice for his pseudo-grenade. He took a bite out of the packaging and took a sip. The Energon was warm, but it was delicious.

Refreshed, Nightbeat tossed the packet at Bombshell, then fired before it could touch the interrogator.

"Get down, Hosehead!" Nightbeat ordered, ducking himself.

His aim was true and the Energon Ration exploded. It was significantly smaller than anticipated, but it would have caused severe damage to those around it. This was evident when a Diaclone of Bombshell's dropped, sizzling.

After that apparent success, Nightbeat continued his onslaught of firepower on the clones and their masters.


Fortress Tenebrous

Nosecone awoke to a cacophony of interrogation and sarcastic dinner orders. Nosecone saw a Femme, Cyclonus and Scourge; no doubt that they were their interrogators.

All Nosecone remembered of his assassination capture was gunfire and extreme pain... Nosecone could only guess that his Transformation cog was gone and his treads were shot. Nosecone did wonder how they managed to get him in his robot mode, but that didn't matter right now.

"Can you get an -- *URK* -- Energon Sundae for me...? I've... heard wonderful -- Wow, this hurts -- things about them..." Nosecone tried to laugh at the Decepticons, but it was too painful.

"I am sorry I... disobeyed your orders, sir... I just couldn't leave... You guys behind..." Nosecone struggled to say to Scattershot.


Ocean Depths

Overbite sped as fast as he could in the direction of the stench he recognized as Autobot. His focus was never-breaking and his speed was ever-heightening. An Autobot was up ahead! He was close!

>>Autobots spotted!<< Overbite reported back to Snaptrap, sending a data packet with his coordinates along with the signal.

Then, he charged forward and tried to bite down upon an Autobot in a frenzy.


Ocean Depths

Overbite certainly was quick to find the Autobots, in Skalor's opinion. Now was a matter of getting to the area of which the hunter had specified.

It was then when Snaptrap had approached them. He ordered them to surround the Autobots to prevent their escape. Now, where was the fun in that?

Skalor nodded in agreement (With a slight hint of loathing) before he kicked his tail and began to proceed forward.

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by Cryhavok
Tenebrous - Holding Cell

Apeface had left Snapdragon to enjoy his grease bath and wandered off towards the holding cell. He just didn't feel like lying neck deep in lubricant right now. It was more of vice of his partner in crime anyhow than his. Besides, there was just way too many opportunities around to waste. It had been ages since the Decepticons had been in possession of so many Autobot prisoners. And given how little there was to do on Nebulos for a warrior of Apeface's caliber, tormenting some Autobots felt like perfectly good idea to the fearsome Horrorcon. He doubted any of the interrogators would have the guts to try to stop him joining the fun anyway.

So they had shot down Scattershot's ship. It was all too clear now given how many Technobots were present. Well, not just Technobots - other Autobots as well whom had served alongside the Technobots on more than one occasion. Too bad Scattershot was likely very high on the list of bots Turmoil wanted interrogated by the specialists. Then there was Pyro, the hero of Hydrus-5. Same problem, too high on the list. Shame though, cracking down the self-made toughbots was always the most satisfying option available. The universe however, worked in mysterious ways for among the Technobots was another Autobot whom felt instinctively familiar to the Horrorcon - Pointblank.

"Hey you. Yeah you red, light blue and black with overcompensating shoulder guards. You look really familiar." Apeface spoke up, bringing his face only inches away from the energy field between him and the Autobots. "Where the slag I have seen you before? No, wait - don't answer."

Apeface placed his left hand under his chin in a thoughtful manner, before suddenly making an eureka gesture as if he had figured everything out. "Simanzi Massacre. Didn't I kill you though? You know - I could have sworn I gunned you full of holes, pummeled you excessively with your own arm and ripped one third of your head away with my teeth before kicking you down into the Crucible? And yet, here you are."

Too bad the Autobot didn't see the grin under Apeface's face guard for the Horrorcon was really starting to enjoy this. "You're a clone aren't you? Or you had one? Oh this is rich, you really must tell me."

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by Marcus Rush
Tenebrous - Holding Cell

Scattershot glanced over at Nosecone. His expression remained placid and unreadable. No reason to give monitors any weapons to work with once the true interrogations began. Especially since those two pillars of personality, Cyclonus nor Scourge were very much in the business of intelligence. He shook his head momentarily as he glanced back at Lightspeed as the data collector searched his myriads of files and internal data tracks. "No Nosecone, There is nothing to apologize for. We were separated too soon in our engagement and we did not work in unison. For that failure I owe you and the others the apology. However, such a grand display will have to wait until we are out of this mess."

"For now we are all together, maybe not in the best of physical conditions, but we are stronger for it. We'll just have to think our way out of this mess. Including deducing who our most gracious host is and how best to exploit them." Scattershot made his way over to the powered force field and gave a shallow stare out into the cold multiple leveled hold. A prison as an after thought perhaps? It reminded the Technobot commander of the Castles of Pharodel VI, only with a few added amenities.

Internally Scattershot compiled a list of parts he could spare and still function at optimal levels. He did not like the idea of having to swap pieces with his soldiers, however the facts were the facts. When he took the team over, one of his first lessons and orders were to make the command staff and many of the other soldiers compatible. Once finished, he filed it away for a touch transfer protocol file and then returned his attention to the task at hand.

"Strafe, how are Nosecone's injuries?"

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by darksabrz
OOC: Sorry for the lateness -- PC issues and other obligations have kept me busy the last little while.

Tenebrous – Corridors

“Tolerance... I stand corrected, then.” Scourge is, apparently, accepting of Cyclonus’s explanation as they continue towards the command center. “It is, perhaps, a pity that Scorponok is no longer present here -- if only to keep Turmoil’s ego and ambitions in check. I suspect that if the Autobots do manage to stall us… well, you can imagine who I would be looking at in blame for such a catastrophic scenario.”

He grows quiet for a moment. “However, I’m sure Turmoil would disagree with you if and when the time comes to deal more permanently with the Autobot prey. His ego getting in the way again, I’m sure.”

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by Smokescreen85
Tenebrous - Holding Cell

“Somehow I don’t think the ‘Cons have an energon dispenser that make sundaes on the premises, Nosecone,” Strafe said as he sat next to his injured comrade in arms. Placing an arm around the driller’s shoulders, the aerial gunner did his best to keep his friend upright and alert. It would do Nosecone no good to fall back into stasis at this point. Remaining awake was the only way to keep his circuits from deteriorating even further and allow his internal repair systems to do their job. Primus knew that their captors would not provide any more medical attention no matter how much they begged.

Strafe’s attention was then drawn to Scattershot who quickly dismissed Nosecone’s apology and instead offered one of his own. The Technobot Commander clearly blamed himself for the capture of their unit even though they were on a planet crawling with Decepticons at every turn and had been seriously outgunned. “You’re too hard on yourself, Commander,” Strafe offered as he remained seated next to Nosecone. “You may be our leader, but we all knew the risks going into this and share equal responsibility for our current predicament. Besides, we were outnumbered and overpowered on a world filled with more ‘Cons than you can shake an energon cube at. We’re lucky we aren’t one with the Allspark right now.”

The anxious Technobot looked back at Nosecone when Scattershot asked about his injuries. “Well, his treads are a mangled mess so even if he could transform he wouldn’t make it very far. Otherwise, his circuits appear to be scrambled from some kind of EMP blast, probably from the same slagger that got me. Although, I suppose there could be more than one ‘Con equipped with an EMP weapon. Regardless, other than a few circuit boards that might need replacing, I think he’ll live.” Strafe gently patted Nosecone on the back and smiled, hoping to cheer up his ailing comrade.

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by Insidious
Ocean Depths

It wasn't long before the submerged Autobots found themselves in an aquatic nightmare, surrounded by the Butcher of the Bogs and his notorious team.

"Of all the, ugh, slaggin' planets where we could have had a water landing," one of the Autobots grunted out, even as another one of the refugees fell to Overbite's attack. Others were not far behind, as they found themselves quickly and hopelessly surrounded.

These scouts from the Farstar hadn't been remotely equipped for a full-on Decepticon engagement. They were equipped for a rendezvous with an Autobot science unit that hadn't checked in with the command structure in a while. Big difference. It was no surprise then that they would begin to crumble--and crumble quickly--under any sort of organized threat.

"We're done! Surrendering! Right here!" the seniormost member of the escape pod's little motley crew blurted out as fast as he could. Seniormost meaning he had a rank three posting to hold over his little squad of rank twos. It wasn't much, but it hadn't needed to be when they first arrived in this little isolated star system. "Please...!"

He didn't even know what to say, really, being so overwhelmed by the Seacons' attack. Hopefully one amongst their number would deign to show them some mercy. Or pity. Otherwise, it would soon be time to know what it was like to become one with the Allspark.

Tenebrous--Holding Cell

Lightspeed had been pouring over his internal data records as Scattershot had requested. Getting ahold of Decepticon intelligence, even basic data such as ship rosters and fleet assignments was a dodgy affair. But they had come in to contact with such information every so often, and so the Technobot Commander's request had not been an impossible one for Lightspeed to fulfill. In fact, with a little creative cross-referencing, he found pretty much the exact information that Scattershot seemed to be looking for.

"Yeah, Megatron wouldn't stray this far from Cybertron. Or that mudball in the Sol System, last I heard," Lightspeed began. "Not a lot of official records exist on these guys.....but....their most recent official commanding officer is Scorponok. The 'Con that big Max has been hunting for Primus knows how long."

Lightspeed leaned his head back. So, the research team on this planet had avoided some regularly scheduled check-ins. If this planet had gained the interest of the commander of the Decepticons supposed 2nd Expansion Fleet, that would definitely explain why.

"You suppose he's in here, somewhere?"

Pointblank began to increasingly regain his senses, only to find himself being taunted by a Horrorcon. As if this orn was just waiting for an opportunity to get worse.

Lucky me.....

The mention of the Simanzi Massacre had shifted Pointblank's mental gears though--from that of depressed resignation to steadily churning anger. Obviously the fact that they had been captured at all meant that someone wanted them alive. Pointblank didn't really care what happened at this point anyway, so he might as well get a little satisfaction out of the situation.

"Yeah, that's be proud of, you oily slag. A 'massacre'. Where's....Megatron's lofty ideals...of revolution now?" Pointblank said, forcing himself to his feet again as he approached the boundaries of his cell.

"As for me? Guess I'm a little more resilient than you thought, eh mud munch?"

Rad looked up, catching some of the exchange between Pointblank and one of the Horrorcons. There was a significant possibility that this wouldn't go well, but slag, they were already beaten and battered and locked up in some Decepticon pithole. Death might be a release at this point.

"Easy PB," Rad called out. "These guys have short fuses. And short attention spans. And short battery lives. It's not a good combo."

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by Ember
Tenebrous - Interrogation Chamber

“Wow. He lasted a lot longer than I anticipated.”

The low drawl came from behind Black Shadow as he stood over the prostrate form of Tactical Response Team’s commander. Blue Bacchus’ statement was very true…Spartan had lasted longer than he had wanted, but the ‘getting there’ was so well worth the trouble.

Black Shadow let loose a low chuckle as he took to moving around the slab slowly, the entire time his optics bore into the Autobot. The one time Infiltration Unit Commander finally stopped his predatory circling at the head of the slab and brought his face down until his nose barely touched the beaten and barely conscious Autobot.

“I'm so glad that you decided to finally cooperate, Spartan. I really didn't want to have to resort to hurting you through other means.”

Black Shadow lifted his head slightly and flicked Spartan on the tip of his broken nose.

“Of course if you’re holding back on me, or worse lying to me then…”

The black and red mech let out a deep hearty laugh while he straightened back up to his full height.

“You know, I’m almost hoping you’re lying to me or holding back. I would love to dig into one, or all, of your teammates. How would you like that, Spartan? Think you could stand by and hear…NO WAIT! Strike that! Do you think you could stand by and WATCH as I tear one of them apart?”

In a flash Black Shadow was by the side of the slab, his face low and whispering into the Autobot prisoner’s audio.

“I think that scenario would be the most fun, don’t you? Picture it…you standing there, your optics glued to one of your own as their armor is slowly culled from their protoform. Listen. Can you hear them call to you for help? Begging you to make the pain go away. And you…you watch knowing the entire time that all you had to do was talk. Do you think they’d curse you to the deepest bowls of the Pit?”

The Decepticon moved in even closer, his vocalizer octaves lower.

“I’ll leave the choice up to you, Spartan. I only hope you make the right one.”

Black Shadow stood up fully and began to make his way to Blue Bacchus who had taken up a position against the wall…right foot resting against the flat surface and arms crossed over his chest. He never did like to get his hands dirty. Besides, Shadow had everything under control.

A broad smile creased the black and red Decepticon’s lips as he raised his hand and began to lower one digit at a time until he reached the last one. Before his forefinger lowered a low raspy voice called out.


The smile that had crept onto Black Shadow’s visage broadened when the sound of Spartan’s desperate plea met his audios. From his claimed spot overlooking the entire room, Blue Bacchus flashed his partner a sinister smirk.

Without a word Black Shadow made his way to Spartan’s side and cast his gaze upon the pitiful creature strapped and helpless.

“Yes? Is there something you wanted to tell me?”

The black and red Autobot offlined his optics and finally gave in to the demands of the deranged ‘Con.

“Out…outposts…on ssseveral other planets. Salvvatan VI – Commanding officer…Actuator. Bhul – Commanding officer…Tach. Buras – Commanding officer…Redbird.”

The serene expression that had taken possession of Black Shadow’s visage immediately melted and was replaced by a reassuring smile. The large Decepticon drew in a deep intake and placed a hand on Spartan’s mangled shoulder eliciting a strained groan.

“I commend you my friend. You made the right choice in providing me with this bit of information. Thank you. Your contribution to the Decepticon cause will be rewarded.”

Spartan strained to raise his head off the slab to catch a glimpse of Black Shadow making his way to Blue Bacchus.

“Y…you’ll spare my team then?”

Black Shadow quieted down and cast a fleeting gaze over his shoulder a broad disturbing smile spread over his face.

“Only if what you gave me pans out and I'm sure you’re still not holding anything back from me. Then I’ll...think about it.”

“But I’ve told you everything I know!”

Blue let out a snort and shook his head. Shadow turned to look at his partner and furrowed his brow.

“How do you even make that sound?”

From Blue Shadow looked back over his shoulder at Spartan.

“We’ll see, my friend. We’ll see.”

Unwilling to answer any more redundant questions Black Shadow shoved Blue Bacchus off the wall and gestured for him to watch Spartan while he made a call to Turmoil, who he knew would be more than happy to hear what he had to tell him.

>>”Commander Turmoil. This is Black Shadow. I've good news. It seems that our resident Tactical Response Team commander has provided us with the location of several Autobot outposts. And he was gracious enough to include the names of each ones commanding officers. I truly believe he deserves a reward. Of course I’ll leave that decision up to you.”<<

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by Marcus Rush
Tenebrous--Holding Cell

Scattershot mulled over the brief smidgen of information his data collector had managed to provide. Scorponok. A Decepticon few Autobots wanted to tangle with, size was one thing but the cunning and guile of the Decepticon fleet Admiral was something entirely different. Add to that came the list of other potential list of problems. The very mission of the Farstar had been to hunt for leads regarding that particular Decepticon. Well maybe not its primary objective in coming to its final doom in orbit around this planet, but the underlying operations remained true. Find rumors, leads, anything to help bring that monstrosity to justice.

The Technobot Commander folded his arms over his chest as his optics darted back and forth across the brig corridor. "Scorponok." He let the name simmer in the air as he connected dots about who he had encountered so far. While knowing that there were many more Decepticons within the fortress, he had to give the assumption that he had already encountered the major players here. "I am not going to bet in favor of that guess Lightspeed. I don't think we'd be functional if he was present."

He looked back at his second in command. "What do we know of Scorponok's command structure? If we're still functional I am going to take a wild off the bulkhead guess, there's a reason."

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by Mazinman
Tenebrous--Holding Cell

Soul Siren smiled as she continued to gather her things and prepare her questioning station. A rather nasty looking chair was brought in with spikes protruding from the seat and arm rest area. They were not enough to kill but would be a most painful experience. Meanwhile a case was brought to her and she began to take out A collection of rather nasty looking instruments, all terrible mockeries of medical instruments.

She moved slowly, allowing her captives the opportunity to speak to each other. She wanted them to see just what they would be facing and to renew their friendships. It would make what would come all the more potent. She thought about who would be the best of Scattershot's soldiers to begin with and considered Reflector's report to her. She giggled as she saw the whispering. It was such an adorable act of defiance. Still, it gave her the inspiration she needed.

She outstretched her arm and pointed towards Lightspeed.

"Bring me that one. Make sure he is comfortable in the seating we have provided."

She said in a cool voice to the rather large jailers that shared the room with her. "Now the dance begins..." She thought.

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by Cryhavok
Lake Nimbus

The persistance of these two Autobots was starting to border ridiculousness as far as Barrage was concerned. Granted, they really had only two options - to surrender or fight to the bitter end. And neither option guaranteed survival. Still, what had overtaken their logic circuits for them to think they could sneak into Koraja and make it out of the Decepticon controlled city with Skyhammer without being seen? The chances of that happening were about as high as the chance of Lugnut petitioning to join the Autobots. It simply wasn't there. And yet, the Autobots kept fighting as was evident from the amount of poorly aimed laser blasts that poured out of the vessel and even caught some diaclones in their wake.

Out of sudden, an explosion rocked the fishing vessel that was now lying on the shore surrounded by the Insecticons. While it was no where near powerful enough to tip the situation to the Autobots' favor, it was enough to remove any remaining restraints Barrage had had.

Before the explosion had barely died out, the merciless Insecticon gunner turned his massive arsenal towards the fishing vessel, nearly hitting Bombshell in the process. In mere seconds the furious onslaught of sonic blasts shattered the upper half of the Nebulan construct to dust and scrap metal. Nightbeat was only barely saved from Barrage's attack by having ducked down earlier to protect himself from his own makeshift explosive. Hosehead however, was not as lucky.

The rescue worker lacked Nightbeat's experience and combat instincts. He simply had been too slow to react to the detective's command. First it was Nightbeat's makeshift explosive which caused Hosehead to lose his balance but before he even had a chance to recover from it, his torso was penetrated by dozens of blasts of concentrated sonic energy by the courtesy of Barrage's sonic machine gun. Next thing he knew - was all of his systems going critical, optical data turning red, a flash of the sky above and ceaseless barrage of weapon fire pouring over him. And then - darkness.

OOC: With Trickster gone again, Hosehead is taken out of the game for now.

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by Insidious
The Perdition--Bridge

Reflector's individual units each had various holoscreens up in front of them. Each of them, almost simultaneously, flipped form one to another: an Autobot in a prison cell, another Autobot in a prison cell, a team of Autobots in a prison cell, Seekers strafing over Tenebrous, the progression of their vaunted shipyard, Nebulans scurrying about one of their last major sanctuaries--Splendora. Each image seemed to be more satisfying than the last.

Except, however, for the last screen to come in to the Viewfinder unit's view. That screen held the image of open space. Open space and the thus-far undetected Autobot vessel that still lay hidden somewhere within. It had been a source of frustration for the Decepticon surveillance specialist almost since the onset of their work here. The crew of that vessel were intelligent. They had done nothing brash since Spartan's last major offensive and they were wise to do so, lest the Perdition's advanced sensors isolate their position and blow them out of the sky. Alas, events had not played out to Reflector's favor in that regard, and so on he searched.

They would not evade him forever. In that he was sufficiently determined.

Lake Nimbus

More than one insecticlone felt the fiery wrath of either Nightbeat or Hosehead's resistance. But the swarm was overwhelming. Bombshell had counted on that. Numbers would always be on the side of the Insecticons'.

Detonating energon rations was a novel approach. Bombshell had to commend the tactic, as it certainly took down more than one of the diaclones. But it, too, was for naught.

Barrage had pressed forward, unbidden, and delivered a debilitating--and potentially lethal--strike to one of the resisting Autobots: Hosehead. And the diaclones continued to push in further. As they did, Bombshell himself took the opportunity to advance from his position of cover.

"Surrender!" Bombshell shouted.

"Surrender...." the various Bombshell-based diaclones echoed eerily throughout the room.

"Or...join your Autobot comrade in death," Bombshell finished. The other diaclones did not echo this, but rather chittered and clicked eagerly as they closed in on their Autobot prey.

Tenebrous--Approaching Command Center

"On that, old friend, we are in complete agreement," Cyclonus said in reference to Scourge's mention of Scorponok's absence. "I thought Turmoil to be a wholly unworthy replacement for the High Commander's oversight of this operation. His recent actions in the field have dissuaded me of that opinion....but only slightly."

Those who knew Cyclonus knew him to be little involved in the political machinations that tended to run roughshod throughout the ranks of the Decepticon empire. If he saw his commanding officer as worthy--as he did Megatron--the lithe purple warrior put little thought into anything outside of carrying out his function. To a lesser degree, Scorponok had enjoyed that same degree of loyalty. Others, however, were highly unlikely to be as fortunate. Cyclonus' loyalty went only as far as a commander's perceived capabilities. And in Turmoil's case, it was not going to extend nearly as far as the bullish commander would like.

So be it.

"That he may. And the time may come when he is to be removed from operations on this world. For now, I would see exactly how far he may veer us off course."

As the two Decepticons' approached, the internal systems scanned Cyclonus and Scourge, accepted their internal and external signatures and allowed them entry in to the much larger command room.

Tenebrous--Holding Cell

Lighspeed nodded as Scattershot indicated his relucatance about Scorponok physically being present somewhere within the facility. Lightspeed was not so sure, after all his lieutenants seemed to be present in full-force; however, he had seen no hard evidence one way or the other, so he certainly wasn't going to make an issue of it with Scattershot.

"Yeah. Would be nice though, eh?" Lighstpeed said, before beginning to look up information regarding Scattershot's next question.

"Our data regarding the structure of the 2nd Fleet is pretty limited. Some of the faces we've seen, like Cyclonus and Scourge and the Horrorcons, all have significant ranks. Black Shadow is supposedly assigned to this fleet, and he's a pretty nasty Phase Sixer. Turmoil's ship was assigned to this fleet as well. I have no intel over who exactly is in charge of who, but you can certainly make guesses..."

Lightspeed stopped and looked up as the energy field to the cell deactivated and several Seekers and a pair of Sweeps surrounded the exterior of the cell. Two of the former stepped forward and seized Lightspeed by either arm.

"Yer presence is 'requested', heh," one of the Seekers said, chuckling.

"Be nice to him. Just like Soul Siren said."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go."

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by Cryhavok
Tenebrous - Command Center

Directing dozens of simultaneous operations taking place around Nebulos required far more focus and patience most Decepticons had to offer. These were often the key elements which separated the flock of wannabe leaders from those few that actually could deal with the responsibilities of such position. And even among those few only a handful had what it took to be more than a unit leader. Truly successful military commanders were rare among both factions and High Commander Scorponok was lucky enough to have two of them under his command - Cyclonus and Turmoil. The great irony was that like with so many high ranking Decepticons, the two could barely coexist, let alone cooperate efficiently whenever one was placed in command of the other in Scorponok's absence. Or at least Cyclonus couldn't - at least if one asked for Turmoil's opinion.

And yet, despite of Cyclonus' lack of commitment towards the operation led by Turmoil, the Decepticons had been able to achieve much with remarkably short amount of time. They had subjugated a world protected by the Autobots. Forced its inhabitants to serve the infinite hunger for resources and energy of the Decepticon war machine.

The Autobots had fought valiantly but courage alone did not win battles. Not when you were pressing against impossible odds. Now only few Autobot stragglers still roamed free. And how long they could keep going until making that one last mistake that would lead to their doom? As for the original inhabitants of the planet Nebulos - perhaps some of them still trifled around with the notion of underground resistance. In the endgame however, whatever resistance they could muster - was going to be proven futile.

The success of the Nebulos operation had finally given the 2nd Expansion Fleet a chance to lick their wounds and regroup. With abundance of energon and raw materials flowing into the hands of the Decepticons - they had been able to put the industrial capability the Cybertronians were known for into use. Tenebrous was not a mere stronghold anymore. It was evolving into a city with full speed. Factories and refineries were being constructed all around the fortress to give the Decepticons the ability to turn the natural resources of Nebulos to a proper form for them to exploit. And under a force field erected over the now abandoned city of Koraja, foundations were being constructed for a shipyard to allow the mighty warships of the 2n Fleet finally to go through much needed maintenance and repairs instead of the Decepticons being forced to scavenge their own ships to keep even some of them functional.

>>”Commander Turmoil. This is Black Shadow. I've good news. It seems that our resident Tactical Response Team commander has provided us with the location of several Autobot outposts. And he was gracious enough to include the names of each ones commanding officers. I truly believe he deserves a reward. Of course I’ll leave that decision up to you.”<<

And apparently for Turmoil's delight - the interrogators were finally starting to get results. Or at least one of them. For all of his faults, Black Shadow was very gifted with certain tasks. Interrogation was certainly among those abilities. Unfortunately though, this particular victim of his had only some useful intelligence to share and none of it included the highly sought after access codes that would allow the Decepticons hack into the Autobot defense network.

>>"Commendable effort Black Shadow. The intelligence you gathered will be provided to the Secret Service. As for Spartan, you may reward him however you see fit. Save the rest of his unit for later though. After all, it is a rare event we acquire this many test subjects."<<