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Motto: ""I am my business""
Weapon: Crossbow
Name: Optrix
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Quartermaster/Former Scientist
Alt. mode: An observatory telescope
Special Abilities: Low fuel consumption (-4)
Weapons: Two wrist mounted laser torches meant to cut materials into smaller pieces for transport.
Height: 26 feet/ 8.23 meters
Quote: “Miss one small detail, and you miss the whole point.”
Appearance: Optrix is white-ish chrome colored and has a slim build with thick legs that form the center mass of his base when in telescopic mode.

Strength: 7

Intelligence: 9

Dexterity: 7

Speed: 3

Endurance: 6

Courage: 4

Firepower: 3

Accuracy: 4

Melee: 5

Tech Skill: 8

Charisma: 4

Rank: 5

Profile: Optrix wants nothing more than to be left alone to study everything around him, especially the stars. However, his ability to gather, process, and remember large quantities of information outweighed his ability to observe in the eyes of those above him, so he was reassigned to the quartermaster section where he quickly displayed an ability beyond most of the others. His ability also allowed some of his fellow quartermasters to be reassigned elsewhere as he could do the work of a handful by himself, saving on energy used, time, and the chaotic way different mechs arranged items.

He quickly rose through the ranks, garnering praise from his superiors along with disdain from those serving with him as his skill often meant their service in such an easy section of the military had a brief shelf life and he was as abrasive as a rusty scraplet.

The change in his career has left him bordering on bitter toward those that continue waging the war that cost him his lifelong quest of quiet study. Because of that, he follows everything by the exact letter of the law, often making life miserable for those that fall on his worse side (his bad side is his good side).

Abilities: Optrix is not a warrior in any sense of the word, but because of his new profession, he’s been forced to upgrade his strength and dexterity circuits so he could handle the larger pieces of machinery or raw materials his job entails. Thanks to those enhancements and his wrist mounted laser cutters, he’s limited on the field of battle, but he is capable of wrestling other mechs into a position to use his laser cutters on them. They are, in effect, his only weapons.

He has a innate designed ability to use as little energon as possible, which allows him to continue working long after others have left to refuel for their next shift. This is one part about his assignment he enjoys as it often allows him to work alone and without fear of another messing up his organizational system.

In his telescope mode, he’s capable of viewing the skies with a greater degree of detail and accuracy than most standard telescopes, but the smaller objects like larger transformers, ships, etc are little more than a blur or smudge, leaving it up to his imagination to figure out what they are. Its ability is also limited during various weather patterns, making being in space optimal for viewing.

Weaknesses: While physically strong and dexterous, he’s not good in a fight or any physical confrontation as his training was basic. He is also lightly armored, as he’s designed for high fuel efficiency and not battle. His lack of personality or displaying kindness to another mech leaves him isolated a majority of the time. It is as yet unknown if he’d risk bodily harm to help a comrade in trouble, but it is safe to assume not many would want to be bothered with aiding him.
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