Phase Shift

Earth is a beautiful planet, lush with life, overflowing with energy and ripe for the taking. The Decepticons want to conquer it and harness that energy for their own purposes. The Autobots want to keep it out of Decepticon hands. This forum contains their battles and struggles all across the planet.

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Re: Phase Shift

Postby Insidious » Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:57 pm

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//Facsimile creation process complete. Subjects ready to complete assigned infiltration objectives.//

"Yeah. No kiddin'," Landgrab said, rubbing the back of his cranial unit and then looking over at the tubes as each one of them hissed, releasing steam and other chemicals into the air as they revealed their contents--perfect synthetic replicas of the humans that they had captured thus far while the "originals", such as they were, remained perfectly in stasis. Or asleep. Or whatever these biobags did when they weren't awake and yapping.

"Wow...gotta say, this facsimile tech is somethin' else. You'd never know they weren't human," Landgrab said, reaching down to poke one of the squishy humans ever so lightly with one of his comparatively huge digits.

Landgrab froze in place for a moment as another series of objective protocols flashed in his brain module.

"Right....yeah...," Landgrab said, not really talking to anyone but himself. Or seemingly so. "Well, that's enough hard work down here for me. We all better report to Shockwave. Those facsimile guys will take it from here."

Landgrab walked over to each of the considerably smaller facsimile tubes containing the original human subjects and retrieved them both.

The eyes of the first facsimile opened, shortly thereafter followed by the second. Staring blankly ahead, they did nothing for a few seconds before each one stepped from the tube without saying a word. In the presence of the significantly larger Decepticons, they simply looked upward for a moment, processing the current company as acceptable within mission parameters before walking off to begin the process of infiltrating the military unit that had been stationed here for the time being. Landgrab, too, said nothing for a few moments as he watched the human facsimiles leave with not so much as a word to their Decepticon...well...creators was the best word for it.

"Creepy little things," Landgrab mumbled. He then looked at Darkfire and Crueljaw. "Well....see you guys on board." Without anything further, he activated the same bounce code that had brought him down here in the first place. "Oh, and my last mission objective said to torch this area as soon we're clear, so you might wanna put some pep in yer step!"

And just like that, the bulky Decepticon was gone.
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Re: Phase Shift

Postby Phaze » Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:34 am

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Crueljaw watched the larger Landgrab vanished in a blinding beam of light the bodyguard was still fuming if he could find that mech aboard the Thanatos when they returned he was gonna introduce him to his plasma blade. But before he left he had one more thing he had to do he turned to the hateful assassin and nodded as he spoke “Darkfire lets not meet again” with that he turned on his heels and marched towards the hastily repaired door and took his anger out on it. He twisted slightly to his right then flung his arm forward knocking the door back onto the floor. Striding through the open portal he made a quick trip back to where Psychout and Vindicator where stood stock still. Crueljaw poked the larger decepticon with his finger and watched as the huge con fell onto his back with a loud clang.

“Daft slagger he’s out cold wonder if he’s locked up from fear” his optics turned to what was pretty much his only friend left active looked like he’s strode to close to a open EMP generator a small cable snaked from his finger as he placed it next to the head of Psychout . “You might be frozen but your gonna be useful with all that inter-web data you’ve stored” using the cable he activated a series of signals that activated his midget commanders transformation sequence the newly transformed robot was placed into a locker. It was then that his optics fell upon the fallen Vindicator he pressed the decepticon badge on the larger decepticons chest activating a bounce sequence sending the fallen con to a storage chamber aboard the Thanatos. He then pressed a series of instructions into his wrist communicator seconds later his world turned white the chamber was left as quite as when he arrived. The words “I hate this stinking planet” lingered briefly in the dead air.
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Re: Phase Shift

Postby Foximus » Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:28 pm

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Abandoned Decepticon Earth Base

Darkfire watched Landgrab disappear in a ray of iridescent blue light and glanced to Crueljaw as he made his farewells. She watched him in an idle, bug-under-a-microscope sort of way as he took some of his anger out on the door and left her in the computer core. She sheathed the knife that she had been fiddling with and considered for a moment. As much as she'd like to be the arbiter of the mouthy bodyguard's fate, she deigned this current point in history a non-profitable one. Maybe in a few vorns, the availability of jobs would expand and the leadership issue would be resolved.

Darkfire called for the bounce and disappeared in a ray of blue light, headed for the battlecruiser up in orbit.
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Re: Phase Shift

Postby Insidious » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:36 am

Motto: "Clarity of thought before rashness of action."
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Gifford National Park Military Base

>>"What's the situation down there?"<< came the comm chatter from one of the base's more senior commanding officers.

As the two facsimile human military officers traversed the underground corridors of the base, one looked to the other as an acceptable response was formulated.

>>"Everything is clear, sir. No unauthorized activity. We are returning to our positions now."<<

There was a pause on the other end of the comm. The facsimiles thought nothing of it, their pre-programmed objectives dictating their every action at this point.

>>"I read you. Get those reports in by oh-seven-hundred tomorrow. Clear?"<<

>>"Understood, sir,"<< the facsimile commed back.

There would be much to accomplish from within the confines of this infiltration protocol.
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