Platform of Doom!

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Re: Platform of Doom!

Postby Devastron » Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:32 pm

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Gulf of Mexico - On the Oil Platform

Darkride looked back up at Skywarp, an equally evil smile on his face. How little the seeker knew about him. Threats of violence and murder were not the way to intimidate him. He was a dealer in pain and murder, threats of either only amused him. If the seeker actually tried either on him, then he would enjoy it. Right now though he was little more than some little protoform trying to get his way.

“Of course Skywarp, whatever you say.” The interrogator then brought his hand up and carefully pushed the gun arm out of his face before walking past the seeker and back into Astrotrain. He still had a prisoner to look after.
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Re: Platform of Doom!

Postby Ember » Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:07 pm

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Gulf of Mexico – On the Platform

Nightraven had been quite busy with loading Astrotrain, when she suddenly looked up and saw Skywarp get sucker punched by the interrogator. She straightened up from her hunched position and watched the out coming. She furrowed her brow as she watched Darkride push Skywarp’s gun out of his face and casually made his way into Astrotrain’s cargo bay. She snorted and shook her head as she spoke in a hushed tone to Hellion. “Males. I hope they kill one another. It would make our lives much easier.”

She went back to loading her share of the energy cubes, and once she was done she looked to her sister and offered a slight smile. “Well, I’m through with my pile.” She moved in close to Hellion and whispered, “I wish that little incident hadn’t happened. I could have made my way over to Thundercracker and talked with him, but he’s probably more interested in talking with Skywarp right now.” She let out a sigh and looked over at the blue Seeker.
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Re: Platform of Doom!

Postby Smokescreen85 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:33 am

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Gulf of Mexico - On the Platform

Skywarp scowled at Darkride as the interrogator responded to his threats with a arrogant tone in his voice. Then the smaller Decepticon pushed the seeker's arm-mounted cannon to one side and walked by him. How dare this insolent mech touch my weapon, let alone push it away? The anger continued to boil up inside 'Warp's spark core as he watched Darkride stroll back into Astrotrain's cargo hold. It took everything in Skywarp's framework not to chase after the Decepticon torture monger and rip him apart with his bare hands. Although, something deep down told 'Warp that Darkride would probably enjoy the pain that would bring. Still, the teleporter had it in for the interrogator. One way or another, Darkride would pay for this insult.

In an effort to stave off his increasing rage, Skywarp approached Thundercracker and began to vent to his long time friend. "Can you believe that, 'Cracker?! That piece of slag had the nerve to strike me and then walk away as if it were no big deal." As Skywarp talked, he picked up another pile of storage cubes. He then continued speaking in a low whisper so no one, except Thundercracker, could hear him. "I'll tell you this, 'Cracker, if Darkride's not careful, he'll find himself on the aft end of one of my pranks. And it won't be some harmless little one either that I usually play on the others. Oh, no! It'll be a big one, for sure. One that the little slagger will never forget."

As Skywarp approached Astrotrain's cargo bay with his armful of cubes, he quieted down and placed the energy containers against the wall near the doorway. For a brief moment, he glared over at Darkride who was standing by the Autobot captive, Bumblebee. How much 'Warp wanted to punish the interrogator in some way. But now was not the time or place. For now, Skywarp simply ignored Darkride and walked back out onto the platform.
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Re: Platform of Doom!

Postby Devastron » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:21 pm

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Gulf of Mexico – On the Platform

Hellion snickered back at Nightraven’s comment. “At least then there would be some real action. That battle wasn’t exactly what I hoped it would be. These Autobots talk a big game but they never seem to deliver.” The seeker hefted another heavy load of energon cubes and carried them inside the triplechanger. She continued to listen to Nightraven as she worked.

The femme flashed a smile at her sister as she lifted another large pile of cubes. “You’re just done first because your pile was smaller Nighty.” She started walking towards Astrotrain as her sister walked up to her and began whispering to her. She shrugged her shoulders as she placed the last cubes inside of the transport. “Maybe, although Skywarp might not be in a mood for much talking. Darkride kind of shot him down pretty good there.” She then spotted Skywarp doing just that. “Or maybe he will run off and talk to him. I guess he has to make himself feel better somehow if he can’t beat him in a fight.” Hellion snickered.

The seekers exited Astrotrain and Hellion slapped him on the hatch. “That’s all.”

“Finally,” the triplechanger grumbled back at her. “I don’t like sitting here full of energon out in the open, so let’s get going.” With that the Decepticon lit up his engines and rocketed up and off of the oil rig. The various other Decepticons quickly transformed and joined him in the skies, bound for their headquarters.

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