Polyhex - The Hexagon: Shockwave's Tower

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Re: Polyhex - The Hexagon: Shockwave's Tower

Postby Marcus Rush » Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:11 am

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Obliteration - Bridge

Vortex tapped several keys on his command console, plugging in data and slaving his terminal with those of the lower deck engineering chambers. Upon the main screen several graphs, charts and diagrams of the ship itself soon took command.

The interrogator, not an engineer by trade or by specialty, had gained enough experience over the vorns to accurately perform the role as an operational field medic or mechanic. Though he had been more interested in prying information from the still beating processors of Autobot scum, such activities had gained him knowledge in many various fields beyond the basic torture or reclaimation of information.

"Engineering reports all gages nominal." He reported matter of factly. "It appears those worms down on the surface managed to get that tick out of the port side ion drive. Which means we can focus more power to weapons than stability fields around that blasted thing."
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Re: Polyhex - The Hexagon: Shockwave's Tower

Postby Insidious » Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:08 am

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The Obliteration--Bridge

With the various members of his unit taking their places and reporting in, Onslaught saw no further need for delay. His anticipation levels were rising with each passing breem. It felt like something of a waste to build Polyhex up in the manner that they had, only for them to now leave it, but the alternative was hardly much better. What would they have done? Remained on Cybertron and waited for the inevitable extinction that Shockwave had spoken of to claim them all? No, that was not the functioning life that Onslaught wished to lead, whatever remained of it.

“Engage thrusters. Get us out of here. Our destination is the Sol system now. Let’s not keep our Decepticon brothers in arms waiting any longer than need be.”

The Tower had been neither a victory nor a defeat. It was a learning opportunity, and the Combaticon Commander had taken it as such. He certainly understood more of what the Decepticon Empire as a whole was dealing with now than he had when the Obliteration had first landed on Cybertron. And if what the cycloptic mech had spoken was indeed factual, things were going to change one way or another. And quickly.

“You all did well in there,” Onslaught said, referring to their earlier standoff. “What we’re heading in to may be more of the same. Much more. Be prepared.”
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Re: Polyhex - The Hexagon: Shockwave's Tower

Postby Smokescreen85 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:48 pm

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The Thanatos – Bridge

As the ship’s sensors detected and confirmed that all anticipated Decepticon signals were now on board, Razorclaw looked towards Rampage who had just provided him with a status update. He was pleased to hear that the Thanatos was now powered up and ready for departure with all systems operating at optimum levels. “Excellent, Rampage. Good work,” the Predacon Commander replied before turning his attention to his aerial subordinate. “Divebomb, man the helm and initiate thrusters. Take us up as soon as you are ready.”

“Right away, sir,” the winged Predacon responded with a nod as he got up from the station he had been sitting at and quickly made his way over to the pilot’s chair. Once seated, Divebomb flipped a few switches and the engines of the Decepticon warship roared to life with a steady rumble. Gripping the controls tightly with both hands, the aerial combatant released the docking clamps and carefully raised the Thanatos off of the ground before guiding it out of the launching silo. Once outside, Divebomb kicked the thrusters into high gear and the Predacon vessel ascended into the atmosphere which eventually gave way to the blackness of outer space.

As Cybertron grew more distant by the astrosecond, Razorclaw addressed his pilot once again. “Divebomb, set a course for planet Earth in the Sol System. Once you've plotted our trajectory, I want you to scan for any potentially dangerous anomalies before you initiate the transwarp jump. The last thing we need is to encounter a nasty little subspace pocket that could derail us from our course or worse. Is that understood?”

"Clearly, sir," Divebomb replied as his actuators raced across the keys on his terminal. Once the most direct route had been determined, he inputted the data into the navigational computer and then initiated a subspace scan of their intended flight path. "Course plotted and scan initiated, Commander. It shouldn't take too long before we can safely commence along our projected track."

"Good," Razorclaw said plainly as he sat back in the captain's chair and let out a quiet sigh. The coming orns would be very interesting indeed, especially once they arrived back in the Sol System. Determining the appropriate leader was the number one priority. Of course, some 'Cons like Starscream and Shockwave thought they already had that figured out. The Predacon Commander knew better, however. Neither one was really up to the task, but for very different reasons. Starscream was too arrogant and cowardly while Shockwave relied far too heavily on logic to guide his actions. There had to be someone with the right balance that could assume control over the Empire. A mech that was both charismatic and powerful at the same time. But who? That was the question that needed to be answered if the Decepticons were to survive and ultimately triumph over the Autobots.

The Obliteration – Bridge

“Understood, Commander,” Blast-Off replied to Onslaught’s warning about what they might expect to face once they arrived in the Sol System. With Megatron gone, there would likely be many Decepticons vying for control of the Empire. Starscream and Shockwave were only two of many potential candidates. There would surely be those to challenge one or both of them and if recent events were any indication of the possible turmoil to come, it would be a very rough ride for all of them to endure. Regardless of what happened, though, the space warrior’s immediate allegiance was to Onslaught and his Combaticon brethren. Where they went he would follow and support the team as he always had done no matter what obstacles they faced.

Once the final order was given to depart, Blast-Off turned back around to face the console at the navigator’s station. The Obliteration’s outer sensors had detected the launch of the Thanatos. He decided it would probably be best to simply follow the trajectory of the Predacon warship instead of embarking on their own separate flight track. “The Thanatos has already departed the silo. I’m engaging our primary thrusters and plotting a new course to trail them. Now, all we need is someone to fly us out of here, or am I going to have to serve as both navigator and pilot?”
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Re: Polyhex - The Hexagon: Shockwave's Tower

Postby Devastron » Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:56 pm

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The Thanatos – Cargo Hold

Thunderwing carefully unloaded the modified CR chamber onto the floor of the cargo hold. He attached the various clamps and straps that would help to keep it secured during their flight. It was likely to be an uneventful journey, but he did not want to take any chances with his highly specialized and unique bit of machinery.

He looked over at Blackwind as she spoke. “You know this vessel far better then I. If you know of a location where we can discuss possible plans for our return to Earth undisturbed I would welcome them, assuming Shockwave does not require our presence on the bridge.” He briefly glanced around the cargo hold. “I would rather not say much more in such an open locale.”


Thanatos – Corridors

Dreadwind looked over at Darkwing as he received the message from Shockwave. “You know what this means right? ‘Follow up analysis?’ That means complete disassembly down to basic components and analyzed piece by piece, never to be reassembled.”

Darkwing shook his head. “I doubt it means that. He did say functioning systems after all. I’m sure it will be uncomfortable tests, possibly probing in some uncomfortable places.” The Decepticon shifted nervously, “but I doubt there will be any disassembling. I think we are still worth a bit more then our basic components.”

Dreadwind glanced dubiously back at his partner as they made their way to the repair bay.
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Re: Polyhex - The Hexagon: Shockwave's Tower

Postby Ember » Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:28 pm

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