Preview and Review of Transformers ongoing #13!

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Re: Preview and Review of Transformers ongoing #13!

Postby Flashwave » Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:03 pm

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As one who hasn't been able to get back into the comics, I really have littel to go on, but I can say I throughyl enjoyed the review.

The thing I liked about some of the earlier comics was the idea of Prime being somewhat helpless outside of The War, having been driven into it. I think it was brought up in StormBringer, and other comic lines have done it too. (TCC's Megatron/Ratchet prose).

This, ain't seeming to be it.

Likewise, I can see Prime having moments of doubt on popularted planets. That would be his conscious.( I know that's misspelled, shoot me. Or better yet, shoot him.)It might also be bothering him on the fact that he lost the Autobots' sacred Disco Ball.

This, ain't seeming to be it.

The other thing I liked is this recent take on TFs/Humans that we humans aren't all suckers and will actually try and fight back. I actually prefer that to the old "Look A GIANT ALIEN ROBOT! HOO-RAY!" *Squash* approach they seem to have had in the earlier runs. It's an entirely more accurate approach. And it doesn't bother me that cons had signed up with foreign powers of Weapons of Mass Destruction. They want Power, cons want destruction, which they can then pillage, they all win.
Far as this sissue goes. Not having seen how he got Razorclaw to swallow exactly, but a surpise shove and close of the mouth could create an automatic reflex. It;s been overdone in Horror movies, why not?

Shooting the Matrix: Actually makes perfect sense. I would've expected it to reflect back, but having it backfeed would work too, in order to protect itself and disperse excess energy. Why shoot Starscream? Because He's likely be expecting you to shoot him. So go for the open target. The Magic 8 Disco Ball. I find it hard to believe it was interfaced WITH Starscream though, he just got to be the lightning rod.

Why is Roddy WEARING the Matrix? Doesn't he have one of those nifty little pockets in his chest? Starscream I get. but Roddy?
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Re: Preview and Review of Transformers ongoing #13!

Postby Chaoslock » Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:35 pm

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I've read the issue, and:

Well, Roches art is awesome, and it may be the only reason for anybody to buy this comic. Although, the new Megatron is a bit too much Animated-ish in his style.

As for the writing: it is a joke.
The decepticons seem to be a bunch of clowns, starting with Acidstorms "What should we do, what should we do?" panicking, and if the cerebro-shells should work on anybodys command, shouldn't have Starscream been able to stop Razorclaw?
Also, Costa clearly didn't see the Mythbusters episode where if was busted that guns don't cause people to fly backwards, but Rodi becomes a comet just after one shot from Megatron (with Megatron clearly shooting through him(and shooting a hole in the wall that was smaller than Rodimus; how did he fly out like that, anyway?)) - it would have been clear if Megatron actually would have thrown him out of the window like trash, but this was just ridiculous.
Another issue: it looks like fridges are made for easy opening from the inside in Cybertron - you know, you have a meter-long wall made out of fantasium, that nobody can open from the outside, but just a kick from inside can easily open it.

I see there was a base story in this issue that could have been good in a capable writers hands. Hot Rod busting in the Decepticon base, stealing the matrix, but getting killed after it - simple idea, and could have worked, but Costa is an impotent writer. Talentless characterization (decepticons are on the 80s GIJoe cartoon villains' level) and stolen gags...

So, overall: 3/10 (because of the art; 1/10 on the story)

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Re: Preview and Review of Transformers ongoing #13!

Postby Burn » Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:51 pm

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What a load of rubbish.

The comic that is, not the review, didn't bother reading it (no offense DM).

Gay slash fanfic? Not going there, but I do feel this was written by a Rodimus/Megatron fangirl.

Overall i've been able to tolerate the ongoing story. But this issue? ugh ... Rodimus ... this issue made me dislike him even more.

But that's fine, I can handle that. I have other comics to read ...

... then Megatron showed up and made me realise what it is I really dislike about IDW's TF's.

The belief that they can take all the different aesthetics (G1, Movie, Animated ... and Drift's Gundam-esque garbage) and make it work.

It doesn't. I could overlook Bumblebee's "upgrade", but Megatron? The bastard child of Animated and WFC Megatron? ugh ... doesn't work, not when you put him next to other more "traditional" G1 figures.

Let's get some consistency to the designs IDW.
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Re: Preview and Review of Transformers ongoing #13!

Postby Bobton03 » Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:50 pm

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I just read Issue #13 and here are my thoughts:

1.) The artwork, except for that depicted on the incentive cover, was decent in my opinion and shows an improvement over previous issues.

2.) For all of the pre-release hype surrounding "Rodimus in space", Hot Rod's/Rodimus' death seemed to be overly premature and was probably fueled by the perceived need to showcase the power of the "new" Megatron, as well as the upcoming zombie cross-over event. In order for there to be zombies, there must first be some deaths -- if the zombies are to arise from with the TF story-arc itself, then IDW just gave themselves their first zombie-candidate in the form of Hot Rod/Rodimus.

3.) Where was the fight between Rodimus and Starscream that was depicted on Cover A for the issue?
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Re: Preview and Review of Transformers ongoing #13!

Postby Dead Metal » Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:01 am

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Finally got to post a corrected version.

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Blurrz wrote:10/10

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Re: Preview and Review of Transformers ongoing #13!

Postby im ruined » Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:54 pm

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loves some nick roche
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Re: Preview and Review of Transformers ongoing #13!

Postby Sunstar » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:11 am

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I know this is a super old zombie thread, but I am excited to say I picked up the original artwork for the page that contains the below image from Nick Roche. I bought it the day after the robbery, as well as donated some money to the fund-raising table that was in his name. The question is, anyone got a spare copy of this book? Preferably two as I may get the page removed and framed with the art.


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