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Postby Caelus » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:33 pm

Okay, the board ate my post the first two times I tried to reply, so we'll try again and hope I remembered everything I was going to say:

Meverix wrote:Well, I'm in 6th Form now. For those who don't know, that's like a cheap imitation of College or something…

Sounds like it’s not.

I'm thinking of quitting, but apparently that brings with it an entirely new set of problems.

Well… duh.

The reasons I want to quit are basically because I'm totally uninterested, unhappy, under-stimulated and I feel like the whole things dragging me down.

Oh noes! You’re sixteen and you’re bored and unhappy at school! No really, your situation is unique, heaven knows, everyone else who has stuck it out and graduated high school or college, did it because they loved learning!

I've started skipping a LOT of my lessons (having already dropped one earlier in the year).

Yeah, that’s really rare. Never heard of students doing that before.

It also conflicts a lot with my very 'off' sleeping patterns, finding myself only tired around the time I have to get ready (prompting my skipping lessons).

Again, really rare and unusual problem there. Never known anyone to skip class because they overslept or were too tired, nor anyone who has fallen asleep in class. :roll:

You’re a teenager, constant fatigue, insomnia, and erratic sleep patterns are part of the gig. And, speaking as someone who is still an insomniac, suck it up. Like it or not, the rest of the world doesn’t accommodate our sleeping patterns, so you’re going to have to change your pattern, or just get used to it.

If I have to be honest, I only opted for 6th Form to have some kind of social environment in which to work. I don't see my friends often, and I rarely leave the house for anything (then again, I leave my bedroom even less so).

In spite of what they may have told you when you were 13 or 14, school isn’t about socializing or building relationships – its about building an education so that you have, or people think you have, the basic tools in life to be successful. Go to class, study, and graduate. During the rest of the time, when you aren’t sleeping, get your butt out of your bedroom and go socialize then. Work hard, play hard, best advice I got from a professor my Freshman year.

Now, the complications. I told my mother this, and within a second she was screaming and shouting that this was no way to make her proud and that if I did, I'd be shipped off to my Dad's (from Bristol to Kent). Meaning no social interaction whatsoever (trust me, where he lives, I wouldn't WANT to know anybody). All of my friends would be very far behind, and I'm far from interested in starting another life altogether just yet (I'm 16 for christ sake).

Sounds like you have a lot of good reasons to stay in school.

My Mum's suggesting I get into some form of employment, a full-time job (if I'm not going to go to school). This is difficult, because a life behind the tills is no better than behind a desk, frankly.

No, it’s a pretty easy decision. Life behind the “tills” versus a few years behind a desk.

I'm already depressed enough that my life is pretty directionless at the moment.

Again, not unusual or rare. You’re a teenager, puberty and indecision go hand and hand. You’ll be fickle, inconsistent, unsure, and moody for years. Parents and faculty are foolish to expect you to plan your life in such a state, but it’s even more foolish for you to quit school because, at the moment, you don’t feel like it. At some point down the road, you’ll regret it, and the further down the road that is, the fewer chances you’ll have to amend your mistake.

Get your education now, while your parents are still paying, and then you can use it or not, whatever you feel like. If you don’t get your education now, your options are narrowed down to the latter. When you’re lost, just keep going in the same straight line you’ve been following, you’re bound to hit something sooner or later.

And hey, you want to talk depressed because of directionlessness? I just got married last December, she’s got her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, and I’m getting my second degree this May. Sounds good right? After months of looking with her $25K degree, she still can’t find a job, and I just got declined for graduate school. I only got enough scholarships to cover my tuition this semester, so, without an income, we don’t even really have a way to pay April’s rent, let alone May’s. To top it off, in my last semester, it looks like I may get a crappy grade in one of my psych classes, blowing my 4.0 subject GPA and one of my letters of recommendation (the most important at that), so my chances of getting into grad school next time I apply may be slimmer. To top it all off, I seem to be in a serious depressive-swing.

And yet I haven’t dropped out or attempted to commit suicide-by-cop by covering my self in powdered sugar and threatening to detonate anthrax bombs hidden across campus (poor guy). Why? Because I know from experience that I’m not in any condition to make such major decisions right now. Better to just stay the course, get my psych degree, and trust that things (my mood if nothing else) will change.

I am getting paid to draw up some CD Covers for a musician, and this is my only form of income (though we haven't quite worked out the full deal yet, many things are still in the works, so, no money yet).

Then you’re ahead of a lot of us right now. Be thankful. Get the cash, and go have fun while your parents are still feeding you.

I'm stuck. I know I should probably find some fulltime job that's at least rewarding in more than just wages, but it's difficult to find work in artistry/writing where I am.

Well, you’ll have a lot more options finding a rewarding job if you have an education, and even if you can’t find a rewarding 9 to 5 career, you can find a career that pays well enough to make your life from 5 to 9 rewarding.

Just had to rant *yawn*.

And I’m sorry that I didn’t just let you vent. Those that remember another thread that you started will think I’m being hypocritical by voicing my opinion so aggressively, but frankly this is a much bigger issue than being pissed off at some guy who taunts you online.

If you don’t believe anything else I’m saying, then believe this:

Important Life Lesson: Never make major life-altering decisions when you’re manic, depressed, drunk, or horny.
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Postby Spoon » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:42 pm

Caelus wrote:Important Life Lesson: Never make major life-altering decisions when you’re manic, depressed, drunk, or horny.
Best words of wisdom I have seen on these boards for some time :lol:

Postby Counterpunch » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:49 pm

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The big question is, "Do you feel any better now?" :lol:
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Postby ShockwaveUK » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:50 pm

Spoon wrote:
Caelus wrote:Important Life Lesson: Never make major life-altering decisions when you’re manic, depressed, drunk, or horny.
Best words of wisdom I have seen on these boards for some time :lol:

Some of the best decisions of my life have been made whilst drunk or horny, sometimes both. :D

Postby Gutter Bunny » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:55 pm

even though cp's stance on the matter probably came off as slightly harsh...he couldn't be more right.

suck it up...the rewards are worth it.

if you want to be an artist(forgive me if thats wrong...thats what i took from it)be an artist after you finish school. If it works anything there like it does here, Having an educated background will be MUCH easier to come up with a back-up plan if your dream doesnt fully come to fruition.
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Postby Grendel » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:56 pm

I've taken a year off from classes before when things get too heavy, helped me decide if i wanted to continue and get a degree or not, not sure how it works over there exactly, but if you can, I'd say take a semester or two off to figure things out, then if you decide to continue, just pick up where you left off. then again, I'm not too sure how things work over there, never even heard of 6th form, but if it's like community colleges over here, I wouldn't sweat it.

and I done CD covers before, pays decent if you can get a band willing to pay enough, I made $20 doing a cover for one band,Then when I knew a bit more about rates and all, recently made $500 on another cover for another band. helps too that there's tons of bands all in my area, and people wanting logos and stuff, that can pay alright sometimes too.
and if you have a hard time finding graphics or art jobs around your area, go online, it's where I've gotten most of my commissions, just do a search for freelance art or freelance graphic commissions
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Postby Insurgent » Thu Mar 01, 2007 2:59 pm

When I entered 6th form about 2 or 3 years ago, I didn't have a clue what to do with my life. I picked 3 subjects that I liked and covered a broad range of skills to give me the best base of skills when I left. During the final year, a fieldtrip gave me an idea of what to do later on. Now, I'm halfway through the second year of Uni and loving it.

BTW, you can get up to some crazy antics in your free periods. We converted the common room into a mini tennis court and had a championship using table tennis bats and balls, but across the whole room. Surprisingly, we were able to keep that going for some time.

Basically what I'm saying is: Stick with the subjects you enjoy. At least finish 6th form, and if you want to get a job after that, do so. You'll still be able to socialise, and A levels look better than GCSE's. Everyone who left before 6th form that I knew now have dead end jobs with little pay (like painting the inside of gas cylinders) and/or have kids.
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Postby Uncrazzimatic » Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:31 am

In 6th form I had no idea what to di with myself, I pretty much just chose any subject that vaguely interested me, but in the end I did terrible because I just had no motivation to do well. The way I saw life was this: I get these qualifications, so I can get another qualification, so that I can spend the rest of my life in some crappy office job stuck with the same stupid apes (to put it nicely, I have a horrible opinion of humanity in general) that I have little in common with day after day after day doing something I hate untill I'm too old to be of any use to the company so they retire me. Yay. So I didn't go to university, I bumed around for 2 years (which brings usd to today). And I have to say that I absolutely LOVED it! People kept telling me "oh if you dont go to uni you'll never get the experience of socialising with new people" (i.e getting drunk constantly) like hell I didn't! I met plenty of students who were working part time at the same place as me and got to do a lot of fun things with them. But I knew it couldn't last for ever, and I also spent that time trying to figure out what a decent alternative to that mediore office job would be. So this september I start on the road to Radiology. So my advice would be to stick it out, and then take some time to figure out what it is you really want to do and then go for it. :)
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