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Postby Devastron » Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:19 pm

Weapon: Energo-Sword

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-group: Monsterbot
Function: Counter-Intelligence
Alt. mode: Insect Monster
Weapons: Venom Rifle
Height: 33’/ 10.0584 m
Quote: “No job is too disgusting to disgust me.”

Strength: 05
Intelligence: 09
Dexterity: 08
Speed: 02
Endurance: 09
Courage: 10
Firepower: 05
Accuracy: 08
Melee: 09
Tech Skill: 08
Charisma: 06
Rank: 06

Profile: Repugnus is so ruthless that even anarchic outcasts like the Dinobots are wary of him. This suits Repugnus perfectly well. He’s a sneering, vicious outsider who acts like he doesn’t want or need anyone’s acceptance or approval, least of all his military superiors. Flagrantly and proudly insubordinate, Repugnus has been kicked out of the Autobots time and again for gross misconduct and the perpetration of violent acts more befitting a Decepticon war criminal than an Autobot. Repugnus laughs whenever this happens though, because he knows its always only a matter of time until Autobot command comes crawling to ask him back, begging him to take a mission. This is because the fearless and amoral Repugnus will do absolutely anything, no matter how heinous or evil, to accomplish his job, and his skills are legendary. In times of war, even the most upstanding military commander knows he needs troops willing to take the dirtiest, darkest missions, and that’s where Repugnus comes in. Missions that would make a more moral and conservative Autobot ill only make Repugnus smile. Assassination, deep cover infiltration and torture are just a few of his specialties. No one is certain what event in his past made him the monster he is today or why he continues to remain loyal, ultimately, to the Autobot cause.

Abilities: Subject is extremely intelligent, with great endurance and physical resistance to damage. He has impeccable skill in all forms of espionage, counter-intelligence, and reconnaissance work, as well as less-reputable arts like assassination, misinformation and morale disruption, and more. In robot mode he wields a venom laser that poisons its target’s fluids, slowing their mental processes and paralyzing them for breems at a time. In creature mode his optic sensors can see in infrared and X-Ray vision. They can also emit a dazzling color display and strobe effect to disorient any viewers. His razor-sharp, super-tough clows can tear through most materials and also contain chemical, audio and electromagnetic sensors. He has a powerful flamethrower located in his mouth in this mode. He uses his vise like mandibles to hold foes in place while he melts them to slag and shreds them with his claws. Subject’s ability to circumvent the rules and do whatever it takes to perform his mission is his greatest asset.

Weaknesses: Subject is especially slow moving in his creature mode. He is not liked or trusted by even his fellow Autobots, and there are rumors that there are those who wish to eliminate him among his own comrades.
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Postby Hocus-Pocus » Fri Oct 07, 2011 2:46 am

Name: Grotusque
Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-group: Monsterbot
Function: Military Strategist
Alt. mode: Winged Sabertooth Creature
Weapons: Vaporator Rifle, Short-Range Flamethrower
Height: 33 ft / 10.05 m
Quote: “If it ain't fun to do, it ain't worth doing.”

Strength: 07
Intelligence: 09
Dexterity: 07
Speed: 04
Endurance: 06
Courage: 10
Firepower: 07
Accuracy: 08
Melee: 09
Tech Skill: 08
Charisma: 09
Rank: 08

Profile: Everything is funny to Grotusque, even his horrendous alternate form. He likes to tell his friends that catching a glimpse of his hideous reflection while in beast mode is the only thing that scares him. This, too, is a bit of a gag on his part—Grotusque is absolutely fearless. But the truth is that he does hate the way he looks, although he's come to accept it as part of the “big joke” that is life. Not even battle can dampen Grotusque's impudent sense of humour, which can get annoying to those who fight alongside him. But his friends are grateful that he's around in grim situations, when his hilarious (and often inappropriate) comments can break the tension and give everyone a laugh. Despite his insistence on good-natured pranks and fooling around no matter how bad things look, Grotusque is a first-class warrior and one of the best assets in the Autobot army.

Abilities: Subject is one of the most skilled military planners among the Transformers. He had above-average strength and incredible intelligence. He transforms into a creature mode that can leap distances of up to 3 miles at a time and has indestructible fangs made from metal mined at the core of Cybertron. The wings allow him to fly at 45 mph in both modes, although he is fairly awkward in flight. He also possesses a short-range flamethrower in his mouth in this mode. In robot mode, he is armed with a vaporator rifle that converts fuel and Energon to gas form, leaving affected targets inoperative.

Weaknesses: Subject is especially uncoordinated in his creature mode and while flying in either mode.
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Postby Smokescreen85 » Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:36 pm

Motto: "Transform and smoke 'em!"
Weapon: Twin Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launchers
Name: Doublecross
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Supply Procurer
Alt. mode: Winged Two-headed Dragon
Weapons: 2 fusion-generated flamethrowers in mouths, rust-ray rifle
Special Abilities: Fuel efficient
Height: 33ft / 10.05m
Quote: “Decepticon destruction is my favorite sport…and mine, too.”

Strength: 05
Intelligence: 06
Dexterity: 06
Speed: 02
Endurance: 08
Courage: 09
Firepower: 06
Accuracy: 06
Melee: 07
Tech Skill: 07
Charisma: 04
Rank: 06

Profile: Although Doublecross has above-average skills at his actual job, no one seems to realize that he is inflicted with a serious cranial glitch. His alternate mode was designed to allow each of his heads to process input individually to maximize efficiency, but an unexpected side effect of this was the development of a split personality that now carries over even when the Monsterbot is in robot mode. Fellow Autobots are never sure “which” Doublecross they’re making a deal with, and there is no guarantee that the other personality will honor or even remember it as the dual identities seldom agree on anything. Many haven’t even noticed this defect yet and just assume the two-headed Monsterbot is inherently untrustworthy. These problems don’t impede the ferocity and savage nature that Doublecross exhibits as a warrior, however.

Abilities: Subject transforms into a winged two-headed dragon mode that can fly 80 miles per hour for over 800 miles. Each head in this mode has razor-sharp teeth and a fusion-generated flamethrower. In robot mode, subject wields a rust-ray rifle that corrodes enemy armor until it disintegrates. He is highly fuel-efficient but physically the weakest of the Monsterbots.

Weaknesses: Subject’s split personality causes minor and major mishaps. Although he’s a fierce fighter, his lack of physical strength makes him vulnerable to an aggressive counterattack.
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