Requests, Advertisments and Art Promotion

Got a great pic of G1 Op or BW Megs? Whether it's 2-D or 3-D it's welcome as is any other form of art outside the custom figure world.

Re: Requests, Advertisments and Art Whoring

Postby Malicron » Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:09 pm

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Hi, I'm here looking to see if anyone would be interested in doing a minor recolor for me.
I had this made a while ago, and while it's excellent work, and exactly what I asked for, it never sat quite right with me. So I'd like a few alterations.
1) I'd like the red a bit darker.
2) I'd like all of the blue (except for the sword's blade and the eyes) replaced with black.
3) I'd like what's visible of the chest grill and the shins (the part currently bordered by blue) silver.
If anyone's interested, please PM me here.
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Re: Requests, Advertisments and Art Whoring

Postby DeltaSilver88 » Fri May 27, 2011 7:58 pm

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Hello. Is it possible to ask for non-Transformers art in this thread? If it isn't, feel free to remove my post.

I'm looking for someone who can draw futuristic race cars. You see, I got into this anime called "Future GPX Cyber Formula" around a year ago and created a few fan-characters. Now I appear to need a cyber machine (race car in this series) for the team I made, Sterling Archers.

Cyber machines are race cars that have completely overshadowed F-1. They're faster and more advanced, not to mention the race tracks vary from desert regions to swamps and even glaciers. Most cyber machines can be adjusted within a few days to fit these different tracks (main character's machine, Asurada, can even travel on water). Most of them also have all sorts of gimmicks that boost their performance (Asurada's rocket boosters), and they also have a "super mode" which can be activated with the pull of a handle. Oh, the machines also have AI that can talk. Asurada is special in that he's actually an AI supercomputer that can learn emotions and become more human (he also ends up understanding abstract concepts, such as hope and dreams). ... a_6520.jpg This is Asurada - just to show you what type of cars I'm talking about. In this video you can see not-so-great images of the main cyber machines in the series (including Superion and Missionel).

The cyber machine I'd like for Sterling Archers would be mostly black with some blue and teal mixed in (this kind of blue and teal). It looks kind of like a hybrid between Hayato's Asurada, Bleed Kaga's wtf-pink machine and Edelhi Bootsvorz's Missionel (it's that black and purple one that looks pointy and evil). It's kind of a mix between the sleek frame of the Missionel and bulky frame of Asurada GSX.

If you want/need to know more, PM me. I will try to elaborate. Thank you.
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Re: Requests, Advertisments and Art Whoring

Postby Trailblaze95 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:13 pm

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Mainly pencil sketches for Fanfics and what not, I enjoy drawing the style of transformers from the Michael bay movies but also dont mind a Bit of G1 art i prefer drawing the robots rather than their alt modes (Vehicles arent my area of expertise) But i could try if it was needed.

PM if your Interested!
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Re: Requests, Advertisments and Art Whoring

Postby fdamage » Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:30 pm

HELLO ALL!!! brand new to the forum but i know i'm in the right place. i recently bought an orange revolution honda fit sport. i just ordered the metal autobot badge for it but i'd like to ask the community here for help with something. based on the color and model of the car can one of the members here: 1) give my car an appropriate autobot name 2) design what he would look like in robot mode it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Requests, Advertisments and Art Whoring

Postby Verno » Thu May 10, 2012 11:51 pm

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G'Day All,

I'm looking for ARTISTS!

I've got a couple of projects I'm trying to get going.

One is a TF: Mosaic one-shot, called Burgeoning Darkness, relating to Unicron and his new Herald - Corvus.

The other is a full 22 page comic that I'm trying to get 10 or so artists to help out on, each artist providing 1 or 2 pages of artwork (or as much as they'd like to do!)

The 22-pager is part of a larger story, TransWarp: Csirac that I've written and now want to bring the first issue to life! , have a read of Csirac Issue #1 (and the rest if you're so inclined!) and if you're interested then let me know!

Cheers all and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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Looking For Concept Artists

Postby OptimalOptimus2 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:24 pm

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Hello, this is OptimalOptimus2. I need some concept artists for locations for my comic. Here is the list below:

1. A futuristic city: I want a drawing of a city with futuristic buildings, grass, trees, and/or (this is optional) a sea.

2. Tyrannis: I want a drawing of the Decepticon ship Tyrannis. It looks intimidating and it's enormous. I also want a drawing of the interior. It can be from a lab to a hangar, or the cockpit.

3. Arkorps Tower: I need a skyscraper with big letters on the top saying "Arkorps" for my comics. I want an interior drawing as well. The walls and floors are white.

4. Cybertron: I need a drawing of Cybertron's destruction. Nothing really specific.

5. Residential Suburbs: I need a drawing of a futuristic suburb. Not all houses must be white.

6. Abandoned Power Plant: I need a drawing of an abandoned power plant. It is, however, not futuristic, but present day looking.

7. Large Abandoned Warehouse: A present day looking warehouse. However, this one is large. I also need the interior of it, for it's the Autobots' base.

If you're interested in drawing these, please reply by PM by or before June 27. FYI, if you are interested, make sure all of the drawings are in color.
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Re: Requests, Advertisments and Art Promotion

Postby goobahead1 » Fri Mar 06, 2015 2:47 pm

so i am learning how to customize and i have a Smokescreen (Cybertron) - Transformers Wiki figure that ive taken apart and washed, next im going to sand it and then paint it. but i cant decide what to paint it, so id like some digibashes of the figures with different solor combinations so i can decide the best combination of colors. if possible id like to have a few different poses please!

the acrylic colors i have to work with are the following...

red, pink, black, yellow and gold.

i have no idea what character he's going to be, probably just some OC though it does not matter because this is just to test my skills and learn to paint.
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