Savcon Announces 4th Voice Actor, Daniel Ross

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Savcon Announces 4th Voice Actor, Daniel Ross

Postby slugslinger71 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:38 pm

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With great pleasure Savcon would like to announce that Mr. Daniel Ross, The voice of Starscream in the Transformer : The Movie Video Games, will be the 4th Voice Actor to appear at Savcon in 2012.
Mr. Ross also is a Hollywood Actor and master impressionist.
More recently Mr. Ross can be found in the Ninja Vs. movies that are hugely popular.
His future projects include : "Lovely Molly","Ninjas vs Monsters", "Soulmate", "All in the Game"
Some notable Impressions of TF Characters include : Waspinator, Ravage, Terrorsaur, Dinobot, Tarantulas, Quickstrike & Grimlock.

Welcome to the show Mr. Ross!!

Be sure to join Mr. Ross along with our other guests, Gregg Berger, Neil Kaplan and Lee Tockar, June 23-24 2012 only in Savannah, Georgia!!
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