Screw eBay! Selling Nearly My Entire Collection!

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Screw eBay! Selling Nearly My Entire Collection!

Postby zodconvoy » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:23 pm

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eBay is a colossal pain in the ass to do a lot of sales with and I'm letting go of most of my collection. Plus, the fees would kill me again. So here goes! All items are loose unless stated otherwise. I ship via USPS flat rate priority so international orders will unfortunately pay more but I am more than willing to combine what I can. Most of these were on display (some for decades) and may need some dusting/cleaning. Nothing major. Some prices are negotiable, some are not. Any items with multiple people interested in them go to the first one to pay. Pics can be made available upon PMed request. More will be added over time as I go through storage. Have a look!

EDIT: Okay, new approach. Since I'm not posting that much right now, I don't think this thread is terribly visible. So I'm splitting between selling here and on eBay. While I'd prefer to sell an item through Seibertron directly to avoid eBay's monthly gouging, once an item is listed on eBay it will remain there until the auction ends. The Buy It Now prices will be the same that they were here but some things will be listed as regular auctions as well.

Beast Wars Metals TM Megatron with Golden Disks $90
Reissue Star Convoy in box w/pain in the ass stickers expertly applied by me! $80
Botcon '04 Megazarak MIB $90
HTS Megatron in box $25
Energon Ultra Magnus no missiles or Space Minicons $60
Alternity Ultra Magnus in box $50
Revoltech Ultra Magnus (includes rare white Revoltech joints!) $35
WST Ultra Magnus (official) no rifle $70
WST Hot Rod complete, no box $80
First 4 Figures SD Ultra Magnus statue (only 500 made!) $50
MP-05 Megatron in box, no orange tip! $150
G1 Reissue Megatron Col. 6, No Stickers $80
G1 Pretender Starscream Shell w/helmet and rifle $15
Alternator Tracks loose complete $20
Kiss Player Rodimus in box $90
G1 Rodimus Prime no blast shields $40
G1 Galvatron Complete w/rifle! $40
G2 Megatron $35
G2 Hero Megatron $20
MW Megatron $10
MW Soundwave $20
HTS Overkill in box $25
Energon Grimlock & Swoop $40
Alternator Swerve loose complete $35 Sold in less than two hours of listing!
Alternator Wheeljack loose complete $25
Alternator Ravage Jaguar XK loose $45
Alternator Mirage loose complete $30
Titanium Rodimus Prime w/Reprolabels no base $20
Titanium War Within Grimlock no base $20
Titanium BW Optimal Optimus no base $15
Titanium BM Cheetor no base only one sword $15
SDCC Titanium Menasor no base $30
Botcon '10 Cindersaur $50
Animated Ironhide MISC $20
Animated Rodimus MISC $20
PCC Heavytread MISC $20
ROTF Highbrow $15
Diablock G1 Convoy $90 (insanely rare evidently)
Universe 2.0 Countdown $20
Universe 2.0 Dropshot (that random tank Con from the end of AHM was hiding among the humans) loose $20
Alternity Megatron silver in box (bought w/minor scratch from BBTS) $30

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) All MISC:
Series VI Dark Phoenix variant $30
MODOK Series Destroyer Armor variant $30
Giant Man Series Kitty Pryde $20
Punisher VS Jigsaw 2-Pack $30
Wolverine VS Sabretooth 2-Pack variant $30

MP-02 Ultra Magnus in box, never transformed! $190
Alternator Skids loose complete $20
Alternator Rumble loose $45
Alternator Sunstreaker loose complete $25
Alternator Grimlock loose complete $30
Alternator Windcharger loose complete $25
Alternator SDCC Hot Rod w/Cybertron Clocker pipes on the forearms (no mod, just clear rubberbands) loose complete $45
Botcon '96 Onyx Primal MIB $90
Classics Megatron $30
Energon Galvatron $80
Energon Rodimus $15

Now for Sale!


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