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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:56 am
by Ember
Skies above the Shoreline

There was no time to hang around to see if his rockets actually hit home, or if they even missed Astrotrain and Blitzwing completely. Instead Blades had to take evasive maneuvers in order to avoid a blast of electrons which appeared to originate from the sea…or was that…Brawl?

Luckily for the Autobot aerialist he was able to dodge the fire and throw a few witty barbs right back at the Combaticon bruiser.

“Is that all you got?! You couldn’t hit an asteroid even if it had a target painted on it!”

To Blade’s surprise Brawl didn’t want to stick around and play 'who could kill who first'…instead he took to locating another target…namely Kup who had been engaged in a fight with Hardhead. The old timer had then disengaged the warrior and set off to retrieve Warpath’s body. Unfortunately, Kup didn’t make it into the treeline…the shell Brawl had fired exploded behind the ‘Bot sending him and the headless body hurtling forward into the air. The Protectobot flier let out an irritated growl before he turned toward the Combaticon and let loose several rockets.

>>”Kup! I’ll try to keep your little groupie at bay!”<<

On Shore – Treeline

With his teammates rather engaged in holding any potential threats at bay, First Aid continued his work on sealing off some of the larger lines that had been opened when Warpath’s cranium was taken from his body. He was nearly done when a series of bullets blew past his position causing him to drop to his knees and double over concealing his friend’s head beneath his body so as to protect it from any more damage.

When the coast was clear and he was sure it was safe to sit back up, First Aid took a quick glance toward Groove to ensure that the scout was still functional. From his position it looked as though the other Protectobot had made it through that last barrage without any problems.

As jumpy as First Aid was he was more so when he heard the sound of someone approaching from behind his location. The doctor quickly drew his photon pistol and pointed it toward the dense brush that was at his back. Finger on the trigger First Aid called back into the wooded area. Unfortunately, there was no way for him to know that Ultra Magnus had shown up and sent Bidder out to locate him.

“Who…who’s there? Don’t come any closer!”

From his makeshift perch overlooking the battle scene before him, Rodimus smiled. Such carnage. Such…confusion. It was enough to draw a low chuckle from the re-made mech. Everything was falling into place…just as his Master had predicted. It was only a matter of time until all would be ready.

Rodimus’ musings were interrupted when he heard from across the din of weapons fire his taken name being called out and it was bellowed from none other than Ultra Magnus himself. So, the Autobots saw fit to send their peacekeeping agent. Pitiful.

“Yes, Drag Strip I see him.”

While the Prime kept his optics trained on the blue and white Autobot his remaining three Heralds returned to his side. The first to arrive was his warrior. As expected Hardhead offered a bow before taking his place at his Master’s right side. Hardhead’s arrival was followed closely by Hex. Upon the younger mech’s appearance Rodimus broke off his gaze of the City Commander and focused on the new arrival. The scout took his place directly in front of his Master. And from the right of the outcropping Darkride emerged and quickly took his own position to Rodimus’ left next to Drag Strip.

With all of his Heralds finally at his side Rodimus regarded the Cybertronians engaged below. The Prime then placed both hands gently on Hex’s shoulders and caught Magnus’ gaze once more.

“You’re too late, Ultra Magnus! I’ve already won!”

Rodimus flashed the Autobot a smile before he gave a slight squeeze to his young Herald’s shoulders. Without a word Hex stepped forward giving his master some room. Just behind the silver scout Rodimus brought both arms up and tossed his head back as his entire body was engulfed in flames.

The swirling inferno that had consumed the Prime obscured his form from the sight of all those present and when the flames began to die down and Rodimus’ physical form came into focus it was clear that he had changed. He had grown taller. His arms and legs had lengthened and thinned. His hands ended in claws rather than well defined servos. And fire from every transform seem and expansion gap. He still retained some of the features that belonged to Rodimus but he was no longer that mech.

Rodimus was something else.

He lowered his arms and placed them back upon Hex’s shoulders before slowly lowering his head. The creature cast his burning gaze on his gathered brood regarding each one before he turned his attention to those below.

“Your kind is a disease in this Universe that must be eradicated! You deserve nothing less than pain and torture!”

Darkride took a quick glance up at his Master who offered a knowing glance and a slight nod. He calmly raised a hand from his young Herald’s shoulder and extended a sharp claw in the gathered Cybertronians’ direction.

“Once I was revered among your kind! I stood over even the greatest Cybertroninas! Then I was cast out for my beliefs! They feared my knowledge and power! Since that day and forever more I am now known as The Fallen!”

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:49 pm
by Marcus Rush
Skies above

The inital burst of small arms fire coming from Groove pelted Vortex's undercaridge with a stinging ferocity, and though the Combaticon's armor was thick enough to absorb the blasts, whatever Groove hoped to accomplish had been done. The Decepticon copter was forced to bank hard right and readjust his position. His sensors trained on the source of the shots as he refocused his link with the others on to the patch where the most activity was taking place.

"Onslaught, got some creepy news for you. It would appear that our good friend Ultra Magnus has decided to come out of the woodwork, so to speak. I am sending you artillery coordinates for his position, as well as the..." Vortex paused as a second volley of shots came from the Protectobot Scout. "Oh this won't do at all."

Vortex flipped over on his axis and brought his rotors down slightly. He kicked in his overdrive and began concentrating the airstream surrounding him. Within moments a funnel of air was launched towards the ground and Groove. A tornado that would wipe clean the region, at least that was the hope. He added a few bursts from the modified Vulcan Cannon that came standard with his new form, in order to insure that Groove would be forced along the path of his deadly storm.

A new signal pinged onto Vortex's sensors as he continued to coral the smaller Autobot Cycle. It was immediately recognized, catagorized and filed. "Drag Strip, here?"

Vortex stopped his retaliation briefly to adjust his focus on Ultra Magnus's position. He narrowed the bandwidth and brought everything into high resolution. The interrogator directly linked with the other combaticons and transmitted the visuals, Drag Strip holding hands with some sort of mutanted freak of a mech that bore an eerie glow about it. "What in the name of Megatronus is going on down there?"


Ultra Magnus shielded his optical sensors, as the one impersonating Hot Rod exploded into flames. It was sheer brilliance that not even his polarizing features could compensate for. Even with the elevated illumination, the Autobot commander refused to turn away. Something familiar was happening, and he would be damned if he did not record what he could for postarity, and perhaps a way to reverse the effects should the time come.

Once the intense flames died down, Magnus was able to lower his visual shield and gaze upon the magnificent horror that had replaced his former comrade in arms. "No." It was a terrible sight to hold, and Magnus could feel his energon run slightly chilled.

"Cast out for trying to usurp the order that had been established by your brethren." He spat back as he leveled his weapon on the vile shadow before him. He knew the legends, a slighted Prime once held to the highest esteam who tried to slaughter his brothers and sister in order to reign supreme. Of course those were legends, much as Liege Maximo was only a legend. Sentinel Prime nor Zeta Prime, is prior mentors had ever given much stock in such tales.

Behind the twisted frame of metal and darkness, a small figure lept from a birch tree limb down to a small carbon scarred boulder. It transformed from its Cyber Primate alternative form with two short cutting blades cripped in each dexterious hand. Magnus registered the movement and calculated the risks and rewards of keeping this twisted monster focused solely on him. To give Tonton the opening he required to end this engagement before it spiraled out of hand even further, it was a necessary calculation Magnus had to make.

Magnus straightened his resolve and faced down the Fallen One. His first instinct was to unleash a hellstorm of firepower down upon their heads, but he was no longer a simple field commander. He had to do what was best for those under his command, he had to act like the Primes, Maximus and his brother Optimus. He had to offer Diplomacy before battle, it was a door that needed to be explored. And if it did not work, he always had the option of scorching the the very earth they stood on. "The only disease I register here, is the ones infesting good Autobots and Cybertronians. Surrender now and we can help you solve your grievences. We can work to parlay this madness."

He gave a few moments for the mad transformer to consider the new option. He figured that there was no accepting a truce after going through the trouble he had in order to secure whatever he was securing. Followers, corrupted or willing, Magnus knew this was not going to be the end of it. But he needed to try, that was what Optimus would do.

Of course when the offer was inevitably rejected, Magnus transmitted a silent message to Tonton as he crept ever closer to his prey. As soon as it was rejected, attack and disable. Killing the Fallen right now would only result in two fatalities. Hot Rod had to be rescued, where ever he was.

Medical Station

Bidder lumbered through a beach tree, shards of it splintering and raining down along his path as he pushed further into the grove of trees. His two rocket launchers, one in each hand, were his boxing fists as he pummeled yet another organic tree. "Stupid biologic creatures. If they are the dominant forms of life on this planet, the cons can have it."

He finally pushed his way through the tree grove, leaving a path of broken branches, splintered trunks and tree stumps in his wake. "Oops," was his only response as he retracted his launchers to rub the back of his head. His optics pivoted slightly to catch the form of his target quivering with... whatever emotion things quivered with. Bidder knew of only one emotion and it was hardwired into him, aggression.

"So you're the protoform that needs to be sat on?" He addressed First Aid with a semi genuine note of contempt. He wanted to be on the front lines, but Magnus had sent him here. "Alright Medic, you and I are goin' to be pallies, got that? You do you job and I'll see no harm comes to ya. Capiche?"

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:37 pm
by Insidious

Artillery whistled past him even as he cut his own path through the skies. Astrotrain was not exactly as maneuverable as a Seeker or an Aerialbot, but he could get around. His function was transportation, not dogfighting.

Blitzwing's question gave him only a moment's pause.

>>"They've got to. I mean, right? Why else would they be here?"<< Astrotrain transmitted back. This was war. One side took plundered the other side's resources. That's how it always worked. Eventually one side would run out and the war would end. That was how Astrotrain figured it, anyway.

However, the triple-changer's figuring had also caused him to become a little too distracted. The moment's pause in shifting Astrotrain's focus was enough to get him in trouble.

It was a pair of proximity mortars detonating far too close for Astrotrain's comfort that had eventually done some real damage. One had explored just off his port side, causing him to jostle around a little in the air. The second, however, had collided with one of his wing units, decimating a portion of it and sending flames licking across that entire portion of his body.

>>"I'm goin' down, Blitz!"<< Astrotrain commed off, as the rapidly spreading inferno on his left side continued to grow in intensity even as he lost his ability to stabilize in the air. At least in this mode. He started to transform, hoping to autocorrect for some of the damage that he had sustained, but it was too late. The triple-changer crashed into the mushy, beachy earth below and skidded several hundred feet before coming to a stop.

Astrotrain pulled his head up from the muddy shoreline, his optics flickering intermittently beneath the muck.


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:25 pm
by USDA Prime
On Shore- Treeline

Groove watched as his shots hit Vortex, which did little to harm the interrogator. Groove wasn't disappointed though, as the Decepticon chopper turned toward him, just as he had hoped.

There we go, the scout thought as he quickly transformed to his motorcycle mode and started driving away through the forest, Can't give Onslaught or Brawl our coordinates if you're chasing after me.

Thanks to his manueverable motorcycle mode, Groove was able to bob and weave through the foliage faster than most Autobots on land- which didn't mean much when being chased by a Decepticon in the sky.

The wind's picking up- I know what that means!

Groove could feel light debris start to hit him from all directions, his sensors picking up Vortex above him- and a spinning funnel of high winds in between the two heading in his direction. Groove remained focused on the narrow path ahead, as it was his only chance.

Need to hurry, can't stop movi- OH SLAG!

Ahead of Groove came several shots from Vortex's vulcan cannon, closing in on the scout. Groove had no choice but to make a sudden stop to avoid getting hit, just managing not to flip his alternate mode into the air. But by dodging a bullet and stopping, even if only for a second, Groove had lost any slim chance he had of outrunning the incoming tornado.

"Oh no!", he shouted as he felt the strong winds start to move him. He transformed back to his robot mode, hoping that his larger, heavier form would keep him from being taken. For an astrosecond he managed to stay on the ground, but the swirling winds grew stronger, pulling him off the ground as he made a futile attempt to dig his digits in to keep from going further upward, but all he got were hands full of dirt as the tornado brought him airborne.

Groove could do nothing but spin violently within the cyclone as he was repeatedly being pelted by rocks and trees that had also been picked up by the winds. Between the constant hits by debris and the powerful winds moving him, all of Groove's sensors were rendered useless.

Then just as suddenly as it started, it seemed to stop. The noise of the howling winds and the debris that had clouded his optics were gone, as Groove felt himself being thrown from the tornado high into the air. As Groove felt his upward momentum start to slow, seeing the battlefield far below him, he regained enough awareness to open an emergency comm-line.

>>BLADES-ANYONE-HELP!<<, was all he sent as he felt gravity start to take hold.

On Shore

Saferoute fell on her back, expecting Hex to finally reach her and rip the wires out of her neck. Instead of feeling his teeth dig into her armor, though, she watched the young mech freeze in place. She breathed a quick sigh of relief, but was suddenly startled by the sight of a still-frozen Hex managing to drag his frozen body toward her.

She said nothing, her jaw simply hanging wide open as she backed away from him as best he could, ignoring the slight pain she felt as her burned aft dragged on the ground. Then to her confused, but thankful astonishment, the possessed scout halted his chase. She could only sit and stare as he shredded away the ice that had surrounded his legs in a matter of minutes, then gave her one last menacing smile before he left.

That.... that was no mech..... what..... what happened? was all she could think as she sat in a daze. It wasn't until Ironhide offered a hand up that she came back to the real world.

"Huh?", she said confused as she took the red mech's hand and got to her feet, "Oh, uh right, yeah."

Looking around the ground she spotted her laser rifle a few yards away. After Ironhide's suggestion she hurried over and picked it up, then followed toward the treeline. After receiving a request from Kup for covering fire, she started to take aim at Brawl when her optics picked up a strange light from a distance. As she tried to determine what it was, she felt sudden sharp pain in several parts of her body. She had failed to notice Swindle firing at her, and his scatter shots had managed to hit her.

"RRRRGH", she grunted as she went to her knees in pain, assessing the damage brought on by the weapons dealer. A couple of hits to her right arm, one in her left leg, another in her lower torso that hadn't completely pierced the armor, but had caused a small leak of energon, and a couple that just grazed her shoulder.

"Slaggit.", she grumbled as she grit her teeth, shook her head and got back on her feet, "Not going down yet! Not yet!"

Continuing her backward progress toward the treeline, Saferoute took careful aim with her rifle and fired at Swindle.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:09 am
by Drop Bear

The appearance of Blades hovering in the sky came as no surprise. The appearance of Blades hovering in the sky with the intention of destroying Blitzwing came as no surprise. The appearance of Blades hovering in the sky with the intention of destroying Blitzwing via the employment of his unique rockets came as no surprise.

The sudden arrival of that tin foil plane, Slingshot, did.

No sooner had Blitzwing eluded certain critical damage the Protectobot's rocket had to offer him than this lone Aerialbot decided to show up—seemingly out of nowhere—determined to clip his wings and watch him drop like a stone, straight out of the sky.

Evading Blades's smart rocket had been comprised mostly of a miracle and luck, with a hint of finesse thrown in to complete his concoction of survival. But Blitzwing would be unable to repeat his Getaway-like performance against Slingshot, who now assumed Blades's place in this aerial conflict while the Protectobot tended to another portion of the battle.

Having fought the Aerialbots on several occasions, he knew of the capabilities they possessed—and in particular, the outstanding sharpshooting skills Slingshot flaunted, much as it galled him to admit. On further consideration, however, the pipsqueak's arsenal packed a punch, too, forcing Blitzwing to treat this one with respect, and as a dangerous foe. That detail by itself, even though only given a moment's regard, immediately promoted Blitzwing's irritation to anger.

Blitzwing tried to recover from his defensive position and switch into an offensive one, but he realised time wasn't on his side. Blades's rocket had been exceptionally hard to shake; the few astroseconds still available left him with a single choice: to improvise. With Slingshot coming in hard and fast, preparing to open fire, there was little else he could do.

As though proving he'd been stripped of time and options, Slingshot unleashed a pair of proximity mortars. Hurling through the air, their course seemed inevitable, unstoppable.

And they closed in.

Frag it! This little glitch has me on the ropes! I don't believe it!

Getting closer.

I'll get him back—oh yeah! I'll get him back!


A balanced combination of intuition and battlefield experience told him what to do.

Too close.

Slingshot's accuracy and abruptness had gained him the victory. Out of position and time, Blitzwing could neither pull up quickly enough and retreat into the higher reaches of the troposphere nor outrun the proximity mortars.


Believing—or rather hoping—the armoured flanks of his tank mode would provide him with reasonable protection, he transformed. He also hoped the tank's impressive mass would allow him to fall fast, lest he be snared in the mortar shells optimal blast range and struck ruthlessly by its potent contents.


He fell.

Shrapnel and chemicals lashed at his armoured plates, slicing here, scorching there.

Kept falling.

“Frag it!”

Reverted to robot mode and engaged his foot thrusters, using maximum power.

He flipped and rolled wildly.

Long way down.

Struggled to secure stability during his descent.

Big fall, but he'd be a big mess soon if he didn't correct himself.

>>“Goin' down, huh, 'Train? That makes two of us.”<<




Blitzwing finally gained stability. Then crash-landed in the forest.


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:13 am
by Cryhavok
On Shore

Brawl was enjoying life to its fullest right now. Nothing beat fighting the Autobots. Sowing destruction all around him, watching as him enemies scurried around in their feeble hope of being able to stop him. He was built for this. With Hardhead and Warpath out of the picture for reason or another, the Autobots had lost whatever chances they had had to breach Brawl's thick armor plating through use of conventional weaponry they carried. Even Kup's musket laser did little more than register in Brawl's tactical HUD as his shielding deflected what little was left of the weapon's power at this range.

"That almost tickles old timer! Unless your strategy involves waiting for me to rust down, I'd suggest you put more effort to it!" Brawl boomed at Kup before firing another explosive shell towards the Autobot veteran. It wasn't like the Combaticon didn't respect Kup's fighting prowess. He knew very well that Kup was an experienced and crafty adversary. But Brawl, like many other Combaticons was passionate about weapons. And he knew very well that despite packing punch at close range, Kup was just too far away from him for his musket laser to hurt Brawl.

All this of course, did bring out that certain short coming of Brawl's. He had difficult time to grasp on the bigger picture. With his attention focused on Kup, he had almost forgotten that he had fired at Blades too and invoking the wrath of the Protectobot streetfighter - an enemy who actually was equipped with more firepower than Brawl would have liked to give him credit for. The reality struck hard as his sensors registered Blades' firing rockets at him. Through instincts honed in tens of thousands of years of combat, Brawl's turret rotated to face the direction of the rockets racing towards him. It wasn't like he had any chance of showing off his marksmanship skills with his 140mm cannon. No, he did it to be able to fire nearly continuous sonic assault towards the approaching rockets with his twin sonic cannon - practically creating a wall of sonic blasts that despite of the inaccuracy of his blasts, managed to detonate the rockets before they'd have hit their target.

"You can't hurt me! You can't even hit me! You're so going down choppaboy!" Brawl howled his version of extremely witty insults at Blades and began tracking Blades' movements with his main cannon. Which in turn only proved that he had practically forgot Kup's existence.

In the horizon however, a new threat approached the airborne Autobots - Dirge and Thundercracker. The chilling wail of jet engines over the battlefield foretelling their arrival as the two Decepticon jets took the advantage of Dirge's fear inducing power through having decreased their flying speed below that of the speed of sound just prior entering the fray. Indeed, now it was not only Ramjet and Vortex whom Blades and Slingshot had to worry about despite having been able to drop Astrotrain and Blitzwing from the skies. For unless the two airborne Autobots had forgotten to turn their targeting alarms on - they were now practically screaming high alert as the two fresh Decepticon fliers were seeking to lock their missiles on them.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 2:13 am
by Foximus

Streetwise provided as much cover fire as possible as events began to spiral hopelessly out of control. What had been intended as a simple rescue mission had escalated into a dire combat situation. Not really surprising, if Streetwise was being honest with himself. Since Hot Rod and the others had actually tracked down the Decepticons somehow, it would be logical to assume that their base was close. The appearance of a whole battalion of Decepticons went a long way in cementing that theory. There wasn't much Streetwise could do against the Combaticons with only his photon pistol. To make matters worse, the Decepticons swarmed the skies as well, outnumbering their two Autobot fliers by a significant margin.

"Where the frag are the other Aerialbots anyway?" the interceptor muttered to himself at he shot off a few more rounds.

Streetwise could probably help out with his trunk-mounted double-barreled air compressor cannon. He was deciding on how he should go about it when Groove's cry for help came over the emergency comm link. Concern for his teammate gripped the Protectobot's spark for only an astrosecond before he jerked into action.

Streetwise burst from the cover of the treeline, hoping to draw some attention to himself and away from the retreating Autobots as well as Slingshot and Blades. He had a plan. It was a reckless plan, but it was still a plan. He was going to pick a fight with Brawl, which could potentially be one of the more suicidal undertakings of his life. If all went well, Streetwise would be able to distract him long enough for Blades to help out Groove. If all didn't go well...Well, he would cross that space bridge when he came to it. His priority was assisting Groove.

Transforming into his alternate form, he charged his air compressor cannon and tore down the beach, making himself a moving target and hopefully harder to hit. The sand made it difficult to steer and maneuver, so Streetwise tried to keep to solid ground as much as possible. Once the air compressor cannon was charged, he swerved to face Brawl and fired it off at the hulking Combaticon. Hopefully, that would grab the Combaticon's attention in a large way. Streetwise opened a comm link to Blades.

>>"Blades! Get Groove! I'll cover you!"<<

This would not be fun. In fact, provoking Brawl is what Streetwise would consider the antithesis of fun. The interceptor felt a festering seed of dread deep in his spark. The feeling only seemed to intensify exponentially as the astroseconds passed. Then, Streetwise realized that was coming. Dirge had arrived.

Slag, that's all we need! Seekers...

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:15 pm
by #Sideways#
Skies Above

Ramjet was, oddly enough, not dropping his payload of cluster bombs... yet. He had been watching the interesting and disturbing view of the battle below him, paying careful attention to the likes of Hot Rod and Darkride, the latter of which has mysteriously risen from the dead, and the former had teleported around.

It was then when more Autobots bounced in from space. The battle was a bloodbath. Autobots against Autobots, practically tearing each other apart! Maybe... Maybe there was an opportunity to be had.

He recieved signals from both Blitzwing and Astrotrain, both of them had fallen to the newly arrived Aerialbots and Protectobots.

<<Frag. Retreat to the base and get to Onslaught if you can! We need as much manpower as I -- we can get.>> Ramjet said through the comm link with the Triple Changers.

It was then when Hot Rod appeared again, but flaming. Had he been hit? No, Hot Rod was actually producing the flames, but not being burned by them. It was then when he heard what Hot Rod said. He spoke his new designation: The Fallen.

This sent a chill down Ramjet's spine. He had heard the legends, and he did not like how they ended. Always with The Fallen One plotting the destruction of all life.

Ramjet collected his shattered courage and contacted the one person he would never in a Vorn contact: Ultra Magnus.

<<Magnus. It seems we have a common enemy.>> Ramjet said through the private comm link with the City Commander, with any luck, their combined forces would be able to stop this menace before it gained any ground.

<<Commander Onslaught! I know who is doing all of this, but you are not going to believe it. It is The Fallen One from legend!>> Ramjet contacted Onslaught as fast as he could so he may pull out of sight from the annoying Aerialbots and transform beyond the treeline.


Bottom of the Yellow Sea

<<Ye got it, Scrapper!>> Bonecrusher replied as he bounded over to Onslaught.

Bonecrusher landed in a puff of silt as he trod forward to the Combaticon Leader.

"Scrapper want'd me and Long Haul to get ov'r here and get on the front lines!" Bonecrusher boomed, looking at the much larger stature of Onslaught.

One thing bugged him, though, what if he or Long Haul got scrapped? Devastator would not be able to be finished! The whole thing would go up in flames. Well, if they were on the surface things would go down in flames, here they would just collapse.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:44 pm
by Insidious

The battlefield reports seemed to be getting more interesting by the klik. Onslaught knew that if he wanted to get in to the thick of it and see what exactly was going on, he was going to need to press forward and risk exposing himself. It was a necessary risk, under the circumstances.

>>"Copy that, Vortex. I'm moving in,"<< Onslaught transmitted, noticing that something had seemingly interfered with Vortex's aerial targeting system, as the Combaticon Commander wasn't getting the same clearly pinpointed targets that he had been previously. >>"Find a way to restore your aerial targeting. I'm getting interference. Brawl probably is too, not that he cares."<<

He looked back to acknowledge that Swindle had joined their group. Not far behind him, a pair of Constructicons approached, acknowledging that Scrapper had followed through on Onslaught's orders to the Constructicons. Both would be useful in the coming breems. He was about to address them verbally when another strange report came in, this time from Ramjet. Onslaught held up a hand as he continued to listen to the transmission.

Now he really couldn't believe what he was hearing.

The first odd report he had received indicated that there were Autobots fighting Autobots. And now, if Ramjet was to be believed, the Fallen was somewhere on this very battlefield. The Fallen.

The Fallen....?

Onslaught couldn't repeat it enough times to make it sound plausible. It was almost as if one of his soldiers had reported that Primus was on the battlefield. Or the collective Thirteen had just entered the fray. What in the slagging hell had he been thrown in to? From a human perspective, it was as if Zeus, Hades or Quetzalcoatl had just been sighted as a combatant. There was not way to strategically prepare for that. Onslaught, however, would do his best.

>>"Copy, Ramjet. Forward that location to all units,"<< Onslaught began. There had been no need to request a repeat transmission. It had come through clearly. Nonetheless, he did require some confirmation. If this was some sort of ploy or misinformation, Ramjet would pay dearly.

>>"Onslaught to all Decepticons. I have a visual report of.......the Fallen on the field. I want secondary confirmation. Description is unnecessary. If it's true and you see him, you'll know. Do not engage this individual, I repeat, do not engage."<<

Onslaught stalked toward the treeline where a significant amount of the field action seemed to be occurring. He launched another photon missile in to the treeline as his sonic stun gun transformed from a compartment on his arm. Dual-gripping the weapon, he let loose with a volley at the first Autobot to clearly come within his field of vision, which in this case was the Protectobot, Streetwise. Truthfully, if Ramjet's report was remotely accurate. Hot Spot and his secondaries were the least of the Combaticon Commander's concern now.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:40 pm
by Ember
((OOC: I'm splitting this post up...because it makes me feel better...and because the damn thing is so long.))

Skies Above

“Oh now that’s just prime. Just what I need…an annoying braggart who can’t fight for scrap!”

Of course Blades was referring to Slingshot…who else could even register as such on the Protectobot’s radar. Now all he needed to do was out fly and out class the Aerialbot. Probably wouldn’t be all that bad…showing him off.

Blades’ musings were interrupted rather rudely by the frantic communique of Groove who seemed to be…oh this just keeps getting better and better. He tried to discern the progress of his rockets but with the precarious mess Groove had now gotten himself into Blades had to abandon his watch and head to his teammate’s aid.

>>”I’m comin’ Groove!”<<

While en-route to the scout a strong sense of apprehension nearly washed over the flier in a rocking wave. Why was he suddenly so worried? His inner ponderings were answered when the sound of jet engines came into audio-shot. Frag! Too busy trying to slag that idiot Combaticon forgot to watch for other fliers. Scrap, this is not gonna be easy.

The worry and foreboding remained as he banked hard and made his approach to save his freefalling comrade…to his own relief Blades was able to hold it together long enough to transform and make the necessary rescue by grabbing hold of Groove’s wrist and tugging up hard insuring the scout was secure.

“Next time…make sure you’re packin’!”

Blades began to maneuver closer to the treeline so he could find a suitable and secure location to set Groove down when he received a communique from Streetwise, who was also prepping to cover his and Groove’s escape.

>>“Already on it, Street! I got Groove and I’m working my way to set him down. But I gotta get back up in the air…need to make sure Slingshot don’t screw nothin’ up!”<<

The air support mech brought his comrade within a few feet of the ground and released Groove. Blades didn’t stick around long but he did leave his comrade with some parting words…

“Keep to the treeline…in fact go keep Aid company…I’m sure he could use your help.”

Blades then rose up into the air and transformed back into his Bell UH-1Y Venom Helicopter mode and shot off and back into the fray.

On Shore – Cliffside Outcropping

Pompous fool. It will be a great honor to be the one to eliminate this…stain.

Take it from me Magnus won’t go down so easy. Neither will the rest of them. If anything we’re fighters each and every one of them.

Spare me. Your kind may be capable of dealing with minute altercations, as with this petty war of yours, but you are all incapable of saving yourselves.

We’d all rather die knowing that we at least attempted to stop you than live with the knowledge that we…

HAHA! You are a persistent one I will give you that, but it matters not. Your pleas and vigorous attempts at elevating the importance of your race and friends are moot. They don’t matter…you don’t matter. Only He matters.

And your so called heralds…do they matter?

They are integral to bringing about the coming apocalypse…so to answer your question…yes they matter. Now watch as they prove their usefulness…

The internal battle that was still being fought by the original caretaker of the flame embossed frame finally subsided. There was a sudden calm that washed over The Fallen as he perceived everything all at once…from the breeze that was rolling off the waves to the flapping of frantic wings as a group of birds took off from their hidden perches. All that was around flooded his senses…and for now the one thing that posed any kind of threat was located just behind him and his gathered brood…Tonton in his Cyber Primate mode.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:24 am
by Ember
On Shore – Cliffside Outcropping

A twisted smile formed on The Fallen’s face as he kept his optics glued to Magnus and sent a knowing nod in the Commander’s direction.

Darkride…tear him apart.

From the fire engulfed demigod’s left side the dark purple Decepticon interrogator sent his master’s opposite a broad wicked smile. Darkride vanished from his master’s side leaving nothing more than a colored blur in his wake.

Poised just behind the disfigured form of what used to be Hot Rod Tonton received the silent message from Magnus to wait until his proposal was rejected by the fiery mech before he made his move. Unfortunately that moment never came. Tonton’s attention was drawn from his target to the fast moving glimmer that was advancing on his position.

Before he could even register the hit Tonton was flying backward and landed hard on his back. With a quick shake of his head he attempted to clear the static that filled his HUD. After his optics finally reset and he was able to get back on his feet he transformed back into his bipedal mode and readied his weapons for another assault.

Tonton never saw the small slim mech dart at him until Darkride had tackled the larger Autobot to the ground pinning him in place with much more strength than was possible for a ‘Con his size. Tonton struggled but made little to no headway, instead he felt the pressure on his body intensify.

“Gah! Get…off you fragged up piece of sla…”

His disparaging remarks were cut off when Darkride lunged forward and dug his teeth deep into Tonton’s neck. The interrogator then proceeded to savagely tear into the dermal plating. A series of animalistic grunts and growls poured from the smaller mech as he ripped away chunks of not only metal but bright energon and other vital fluids.

At the same time the deranged Decepticon was mauling him Tonton grabbed a hold of Darkride’s shoulders and shoved as hard as he was able but the Fallen’s herald could not be moved, instead the maneuver only caused more pain and provoke the interrogator further.

“AGH! Na…NO! S…some…one!”

As the growls finally died down Darkride lifted his head from the neck of his prey and regarded Tonton with an energon stained smile.

“You sing...pretty. Sing for me again.”

Tonton’s optics widened just as Darkride flashed him a toothy grin and resumed his attack. This time the lithe Decepticon went to work at tearing into every conceivable crevice and seam…and Tonton did sing… to Darkride’s delight.

On Shore – Treeline

First Aid breathed a sigh of relief when he was greeted by another Autobot and a Decepticon…or worse one of those crazed mechs. The doctor lowered his photon pistol and slumped back down in order to make him a much smaller target if the ‘Cons or the “others” decided to fire on his location.

First Aid gave Bidder a quizzical look when the large mech announced that he would do his job and First Aid was to stick to what he did best. With a slight nod the Protectobot agreed to his terms and quickly set his sights back on the battle ensuing.

At the sound of incoming ordinance First Aid placed both hands over his head and crouched down as low as he could while trying to protect Warpath’s cranial unit. The missiles and weapons fire was getting too close for comfort but he’d need to remain in case there were any more casualties.

Through the din of the fight the faint sound of someone crying out for help flooded First Aid’s audial sensors giving the doctor reason to rise up and take a scan of the battlefield. When he turned to address his “bodyguard” Bidder was already bounding forth his weapons already charging up to rain hellfire down on whoever it was attacking Tonton.

“Wait! Get back here!”

From upon his perch The Fallen observed all that was transpiring and he did not fail to notice the fast approaching form of Bidder. Comical the way he spews forth a useless war cry. He shook his head in disappointment before he gave his young herald’s shoulders a firm squeeze.

Eviscerate him, child.

Hex made no sound instead he shot out from under his master’s grip and raced down to meet Bidder halfway. The hulking Autobot kept his momentum steady and raised his right arm drawing it back and balling his hand into a tight fist. As Hex drew closer Bidder’s fist shot forward but it made contact with nothing leaving him exposed to a counter attack…the young herald was all too happy to take advantage of the opportunity.

The quick sidestep let Hex use Bidder’s own momentum against him by grabbing his wrist and pulling causing the ‘Bot to twist and lose his footing. As Bidder began to go down Hex released his wrist and let the big mech fall flat on his back. And before he knew what to do the silver mech was on top of him.

The look of surprise on his face was priceless…for a brief moment Hex stared and took in the scene before him. Bidder started to raise both arms ready to smash both fists into the side of Hex’s head when Hex drew back his right hand and plunged it through Bidder’s abdominal plating and deep into his internal mechanisms. His teeth gritted tightly Hex rooted around within until, with a vicious scream of triumph, he pulled a fist full of inner workings out and then tossed the mechanical entrails beside the shocked mech’s body.

He plunged back in and continued to dig until the deep crevice was free of internals and he finally moved on to Bidder’s chest. Hex maneuvered himself up his victim’s body and stared intently into the stunned ‘Bot’s optics. When Bidder caught sight of the young mech’s blue optics he shook his head in protest.

One final scream from the large mech was the last sound made before Hex stood up holding his opponent’s darkened spark chamber in his right hand.

With one nod The Fallen brought his young herald back to stand in front of him and Darkride by his side. Both harbingers, covered in the life blood of their victims, had performed exquisitely. And as he regarded Ultra Magnus once more The Fallen placed his hands gently upon Hex’s shoulders.

A disturbing smile formed on Hex’s face as he raised the spark chamber and tossed it down to come to rest before Magnus’ feet.

“It’s not the one I wanted.”

The demigod let out a low chuckle as he patted the mech firmly.

“Mass genocide, Ultra Magnus. It is what the future holds for your kind.”

His final words were punctuated by the formation of swirling void that seemed to rip right through the air. The flame engulfed form stepped back into the void with each one of his heralds in tow. A broad knowing smile was the last sight The Fallen gifted Magnus before he and his followers vanished from sight.

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by Smokescreen85
On Shore - Abandoned Storage Cave

Ricochet had expected to die within that storage cave, left behind by those who found him to be rather unpleasant to be around. It was almost enough to make him rethink his entire demeanor towards his own comrades....almost. Unfortunately for everyone else, the gunner’s temper could not be sedated by his current situation. If anything it only succeeded in making him madder by the astrosecond. He wasn’t really angry at his own kind as enough time had not yet passed to be considered left behind. No, he was more enraged by the sick and twisted behavior of Darkride or whatever that thing was now. Justice would be served on the vicious interrogator along with the rest of the Decepticons for that matter. Until then, the marksman would have no choice but to take out his aggressions on whomever was nearest to him that managed to tick him off.

Within moments someone had entered the cave at a brisk pace and appeared directly by Ricochet’s side. At first he thought it was Darkride, changing his mind and returning to finish the tortures he had started. However, that was not the case as Hot Spot then spoke to the black and gold mech, telling him that everything was going to be okay. The gunner simply replied with a nod as he spat up more energon, making a verbal response almost impossible. It was of no consequence as the Protectobot Commander knew exactly what to do, lifting the wounded mech up within his arms and carrying him out of the cave.

As per Hot Spot’s warning, Ricochet was in for a bumpy ride with the promise of First Aid’s healing abilities that would see the marksman all patched up in no time. Somehow I doubt that. I'm getting a second rate medic instead of Ratchet. I'll be lucky if I even recognize myself when all's said and done, the black and gold gunner thought as he allowed himself to fall into general stasis. It wasn’t full on stasis lock, but just enough to conserve what energon he had left inside his fuel cells that was not currently spilling out of his smashed up faceplate.

On Shore - Cliffside Outcropping

A broad smile spread across Hardhead’s faceplate as Rodimus Prime finally revealed his true identity - The Fallen! The flames that had engulfed the former cavalier caused no discomfort to either the green herald nor to the newest of their kin, Drag Strip. Both remained steadfast even as the battle continued on down below. Ultra Magnus, now having seen what he was truly up against, could offer nothing more than a demand for surrender.

“Is he serious?” Drag Strip asked no one in particular with a slight chuckle, crossing his arms over his chestplate.

“I’m afraid he is,” Hardhead responded as he glanced over at the former Stunticon. “And that is what’s truly sad. Even in the face of the greatest enemy he has ever encountered, Magnus wants to talk things out. Pathetic.”

What was even more pathetic was the attempted simultaneous assaults from two Autobots, Tonton and Bidder. The former had been positioned behind the demigod but stood no chance of getting any closer as the Fallen quickly sent Darkride to rip him to pieces. Likewise, Bidder was easily eviscerated by Hex, who took great delight in doing so. It seemed almost surreal as both Hex and Darkride were once bitter enemies not too long ago and now were united together as supernatural brothers.

Since Hardhead had already decapitated both Warpath and Howlstrike, thus satisfying his lust for carnage for the time being, he was thoroughly able to enjoy the energon shed he was witnessing. Drag Strip, on the other hand, felt a slight sense of disappointment that he was not one of the heralds sent by their master to eliminate the enemy. It mattered little, of course, as there were plenty more to destroy. After all, Drag still had the eventual encounter with his former leader, Motormaster, to look forward to and all of the suffering that the belligerent unit commander had coming to him.

Once both Hex and Darkride had returned to the rocky outcropping, the Fallen promised Ultra Magnus that mass genocide was what awaited him along with the entirety of the Cybertronian race. A swirling portal then appeared behind the demigod and his heralds, one that would take the quintet elsewhere. Drag Strip and Hardhead followed their master and the others back into the void which quickly consumed them, leaving nothing behind for anyone to find or trace. It was like they had never been there at all.


Long Haul had given up his position in the trenches that surrounded the partially built underwater base when it became clear that the structure was not the Autobots’ target. In fact, it was very possible that the enemy did not even know the base was down there. Instead, the green transport returned to his robot mode and made the long trudge through the muck at the bottom of the Yellow Sea until he had finally reached the shoreline where the crux of the battle was now being fought.

“Looks like I’m right on time,” Long Haul mused as his brought his laser pistol up to bare and began firing at any Autobot he could locate. There was so much activity going on that is was difficult to pinpoint a specific target. Everything came to a screeching halt when he received Onslaught’s communique regarding the Fallen, himself, being on the battlefield. “Seriously?!?” The heavy lifter stopped and began to scan the tree line where the majority of the Autobots were currently positioned at or retreating to before glancing up to see the quintet of mechs on a cliffside outcropping.

>>”Onslaught, this is Long Haul. I’ve just arrived on the beach and can make out the Fallen and four other mechs standing with him on the side of a cliff just above the treeline. My sensors indicate that those with him are Darkride, Drag Strip and the Autobots Hardhead and I think the other one is Hex. Not sure, though. But I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Decepticons and Autobots working together?! I just can’t....wait....something is happening.”<<

Long Haul paused his transmission when a swirling void opened and consumed the supernatural five before vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.

>>”You’re not going to believe this, Commander. They’re gone! The Fallen and his followers have vanished into thin air! What the slag is going on here?!”<<

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by USDA Prime

Groove was eternally grateful when he felt Blades grab his wrist and ended his downward descent. He made no response to the Protectobot copter's "packin" comment, even though this was one of the few times that the scout's pacifism hadn't played a part in yet another need to be rescued.

"Thank you, Blades, again.", Groove said sincerely as he landed his feet on the ground. He nodded to Blades' suggestion, even though the Protectobot helicopter was already too far gone to see it.

He's right, I need to help First Aid. Things are already spinning out of control, and he'll need all the help he can get if we're going to get everyone out of here alive.

After scanning the area, Groove located his friend in their earlier position, standing alone. Groove transformed into his motorcycle form, quickly manuevering through the forest to the medic's location. Transforming back to his robot mode, he landed a few feet from his friend and unholstered his photon pistol, keeping an eye on the battle.

"Are you all right, First Aid?", the scout asked as he took a better look at the battle around them.

Now that he wasn't being chased by Vortex, Groove was able to better understand the situation, and it wasn't going too well. Though several Autobots had now joined them, most notably Ultra Magnus, the Decepticons own ranks were growing as well. The most puzzling thing was a group of several mechs out in the distance. In the middle was one large one, who looked vaguely like Rodimus, but far more sinister and monstrous.

It was then that Groove noticed the mech he saw earlier running toward the group. The one that had been Rodimus then sent one of the mechs- Hex, it looked like Hex.

"Oh dear Primus!!", Groove said horrified as he watched the young mech rip out the larger mech's spark chamber, then toss it to Ultra Magnus. After Rodimus had shared a few words with Magnus, a hole seemed to be ripped into the sky and the five mechs walked into it and left.

While Groove tried to stay focussed and keep a watch for any incoming Decepticons, one could see the sense of guilt and horror that was etched on his faceplate.

That was no ordinary mech. What is happening? Why couldn't I have stopped it before it got this far?

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by Marcus Rush

Such barbarism, Magnus noted as Tonton was torn limb from limb in a matter of moments. So swift was his dismemberment that not even he had the opportunity to intervine on the behalf of his subordinate. The thick extasy of enjoyment over the sheer rending of an enemy, it was more than even he had seen on countless battlefields throughout the cosmos.

"Bastard." He muttered as he immediately raised his rifle at the herald and the Rodimus Amalgomation. Without a nanosecond of processor speed later, Ultra Magnus pulled back on the firing stud on his primary weapon, sending a short burst of lethal energies straight toward the heart of his twisted enemy.

And with only a micron to spare, The Fallen and his team faded into the incomporial, and his shots struck hard against the surface of a boulder causing it to split and its face to bubble. Magnus swore as he lowered his weapon, his emotional rage broiling just beneath the facade of calm. "So, the since of a fallen father, comes back to haunt the surviving sons."

An old saying that Sentinel Prime had once uttered to him during his early vorns of training. 'A future Prime must remember the past. They must be versed in combat but as important, in the culture and histories of the people they are sworn to protect. Myths and Legacies, that is the curse of the Prime... that is the curse of the Matrix."

Over head Ultra Magnus made out two new contrails in the skies. His sensors zoomed in to make out the faint outline of Ramjet and another one of the seekers. Both were charging in hot and apparently making a bee-line straight for Slingshot's position. To another angle, the Autobot Commander was able to make out the soft beatings and reverberations of Vortex as the Combaticon copter patroled the grounds in order to spot targets for his compatriots.

Magnus swiftly played out various senarios in his head before determining that this battle itself was unnecessary. There was nothing to be gained here, save for the further wounding of those under his command and perhaps the defeat of the Combaticons and their Triple Changer support.

No, he needed to end this and repair enough of the old alliances to deal with this coming threat. The original 13 were forced to put aside their differences to bring down one of their own. And without their awesome power, Autobots and Decepticons would have to unite to stave off this coming doom, even if it was temporarily.

Without preamble, a small direct link came through to disrupt the Commander's musings. It was from Ramjet, one of the incoming Decepticon Seekers who had been dispatched probably to help stabilize Air Superiority. Magnus activated his link and acknowledged the flier's observation. "Indeed. I would agree with you Ramjet, and by all that has transpired, this battle is now moot. We have a larger enemy to contend with, beyond our political perview."

Ultra Magnus activated a general communications link to the Decepticons and the Autobots who were spread across the battlefield. "This is Ultra Magnus. Decepticons, Autobots, stand down. Onslaught, I propose a ceasefire immediately. It would appear our situation on this world has become more complicated... for both our goals and inclinations."

Skies Above

Slingshot's sensors immediately tracked the two targets ahead of his guns as they both spiraled down to the deck and disappeared into the sea of sand and mud that lined the shore. His initial reaction was to gloat over the inevitable victory over two thick headed and thick hided lumbering multiformers. But his radar systems cut in and drew his attention to the task at hand.

Two signals emerged off his six and just outside weapons range, though they were closing fast. The aerialbot slapped his left flap down to create maximum lift surface and caused him to shoot starward at a sharp 35 degree angle. He cut his flaps again and snapped downward into a high speed half S turn as he reoriented himself toward Ramjet and began to fly headlong towards his newest opponent. "Come on ya flying scrap pile, prepare to eat some high yield mortar shells."

The Aerialbot's sensors narrowed as he entered into a tightly spinning barrel roll. As he ate the distance between he and his new dance partner, his sensors registered a firing solution on the contrails of the Decepticon Seeker. Microns ticked as he hit optimal firing range, and he loaded two powerful high yield shockwave mortar shells into his forward guns. Slowly his internal launch mechanisms began to slowly descend as he readied to fire... then his comm system flared to life with a general order to stand down.

Slingshot swore revenge upon the scrapper who had decided to interrupt his run, until he realized that it was Magnus who had issued the order. He cut his armorments and activated the safeties as he flanked at a ninty degree angle flying passed Ramjet. "You got lucky this time Conehead. Next time you'll join your sandy friends."

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by Ember

Just as soon as Groove was safely on the ground Blades took on his Bell UH-1Y Venom helicopter mode and rose high up into the open sky and set off after a new target. Even with his burden unloaded and safely on the ground Blades could still feel the effects of Dirge's fear engines...there was just one problem, the Protectobot flier couldn't locate the blue Conehead. And that only amplified his worry even more. The guy's a jet why can't I focus on locating him? From what he could tell, Dirge was everywhere.

Tried as he could but the confusion and doubt that was running through Blade's processor had him too preoccupied to realize that the Seeker had moved in behind him. By the time he heard the incoming machine gun fire it was already too late. The projectiles were already tearing into his side and peppering his rotors. Next time. Next time watch your rear. It was the last thought that ran through Blade's processor as he began to lose altitude.

The only thing First Aid could do was stare. Stare slack jawed and speechless as to just what he had witnessed. One Deception con, like a rabid animal, completely tore Tonton limb from limb…the entire time with a smile spread wide across his face. For a moment it looked as though he was actually dousing himself in the life fluids that where spilling from the Autobot’s lifeless husk.

And to make matters worse, one of their own had been sent to decimate the mech who was supposed to have been watching him. The fact that First Aid couldn’t stop Bidder from advancing on the demigod had the doctor nearly incapacitated. And then the young mech moved in…the one he could remember Axle was in charge of…Hex was his name. The young scout seemed to find pleasure in simply gutting Bidder before he could even get a shot in. Hex then ended with a coup de grâce…the complete removal of Bidder’s very spark chamber…First Aid thought he could see the large mech’s face as he witnessed his own demise by forced spark removal. Then it was over.

First Aid started at the sound of Groove’s query wanting to know if the doctor was alright. Truth be told, First Aid wasn’t even sure anymore. He had witnessed the demise of many friends and foes alike, but this…this was just brutal.

“Uhh. Yeah. Yeah, I think so, Groove. I think so.” He could hear his own voice, it sounded so small…so lost. “I need to get out there. I have to see if there’s anything I can do for them.” Rising to his feet First Aid regarded his friend before he made to work toward both downed mechs.

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by Insidious
On Shore

It had not taken long before one of the other Decepticons was able to get the Combaticon Commander what he was wanting. Though he wasn't certain if his situation was any better or worse for having heard it.

Two independent sightings of a mechanoid who--if the legends were true--was one of the thirteen progenitors of their entire race. It was difficult even for a gifted strategist like Onslaught to wrap his mind around.

But that was exactly what he was going to do.

>>"Understood, Long Haul. Standby."<<

Onslaught's optics sought out the area above the treeline on the cliffs that Long Haul had indicated. Zooming in, he could see Ultra Magnus nearby as well. It was almost perfect positioning. Onslaught would release every mortar in his arsenal and see what managed to remain of the two, given that they were in such close proximity to one another; however, before Onslaught could really put that line of thinking in to action, the Fallen seemed to open up something of a spacebridge like vortex and then he and those who now appeared to be allied with him were gone in a burst of flame and energy.

Onslaught's actuators tightened. It was clear now that the Autobots had not come here to assault their construction site. They were dealing with internal affairs that would clearly eclipse the internal power struggle amongst the Decepticon command figures. At least there was no mythically legendary Cybertronian vying to fill Megatron's place.

But perhaps that was not the Fallen's goal.....indeed, how could it be? The Autobots would never fall in line with the vision of such a figure, at least if any significant percentage of the stories were true. The Decepticons, on the other hand, were quite another matter. With Megatron's death, a vacuum of power had been created that such a figure, even if it was an impostor of some fantastical sort, could fill. That presented a threat that could not be understated in and of itself. Yet if it truly was the Fallen of legend surely his objectives were far greater than simple, factional command. The threat he presented, then, would be equally great.

The transmission from Ultra Magnus came as a surprise, but also served to bring Onslaught's thoughts out of the hypothetical and back to the here and now. Eerily, Magnus' sentiment echoed the one that had already begun to form in the Combaticon's mind.

>>"Do not presume to command Decepticons, Magnus. They stand down at my behest, not yours,"<< Onslaught began, initially appalled by the City Commander's gall at attempting to order both sides to cease hostilities. Ultra Magnus' prowess and skill were well known to Autobots and Decepticons alike. In a direct confrontation, Onslaught expected he too would meet defeat at Magnus' hands. Even so, he would not allow the Autobot to overstep his bounds unchallenged. But that did not mean Onslaught would ignore reason, either. >>"......however, given what I have seen, I am in agreement with your request. I will order all Decepticons to stand down and we will parley over this new development. Rendezvous with your subordinates at my position."<<

Onslaught then switched to a broader, minimally secured Decepticon frequency.

>>"Decepticons--cease fire. Immediately. Constructicons, return to Scrapper and inform him of these developments. The rest of you will join me at the treeline. Much has changed within the last breem. There is a new threat and we must deal with it, as it will most certainly deal with us."<<

Eventually..., Onslaught thought to himself as he began to walk towards the treeline where numerous other mechanoids were already gathered, his weapon transforming and retreating back in to its storage cavity,

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by Devastron
On Shore

Kup grunted as another shell slammed into the ground nearby, pelting him with shrapnel and debris. The old timer almost growled out something about not getting any covering fired when Brawl’s attention was drawn away by just that. Maybe some of his training over all that time had sunk in with a few bots. He didn’t waste any time pondering that though as he hefted Warpath’s body on his shoulders and staggered for the treeline.

The elder bot crashed through the trees with even less grace then he normally possessed. He had been so focused on getting the wounded back to cover he only now noticed the deaths of two other Autobots, apparently in pretty grisly fashion. This day was turning into a very dark one for the Autobots. Even Magnus was going to have a tough time holding things together after this.

Kup caught site of Rodimus saying something to Magnus before vanishing through some sort of tear in reality along with what looked like a few Bots and Cons. He wasn’t exactly a science type but he knew there was nothing he’d ever seen or heard that could do that. They were dealing with something far bigger and more terrible then he could comprehend at the moment. He wasn’t sure what Optimus would even do in this situation.

Fortunately this particular Autobot didn’t have to worry about the bigger picture, not at the moment, not while he was carrying a dying Autobot on his back. He caught sight of First Aid dashing off towards the deceased Autobots. Kup grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back. “Doc, there ain’t nothing you can do for those bots now, its too late. It isn’t too late for Warpath here though, I hope. You need to stabilize him and get him back to the Guardian. We’re gonna have a lot of wounded coming in and you need to keep it together. This ain’t the first battlefield you’ve been on, and I doubt it will be the last. Time to prioritize the living over the deceased.”

The Autobot gently laid Warpath down in front of First Aid before glancing over at Magnus. He was calling some sort of cease fire with the Cons. Apparently he’d missed quite a bit. Musket still in hand he jogged over to Ultra Magnus. “Cease fire or not I’m ordering all the wounded to bounce back to the ship Magnus.” He glanced over at the spot where Rodimus and the others had vanished. “I take it I missed something while I was trying not to get my aft blown off out there.”


Swindle’s shots didn’t do a whole lot to Ironhide as he continued to fall back. There were a few nicks, dents and scratches in his armor and he’d probably be picking out the shot from it for awhile but it certainly wasn’t anything debilitating. He took aim to return some fire at the Combaticon when his attention was drawn towards Rodimus.

His optics widened as flames erupted all over him and he declared himself ‘The Fallen.’ Ironhide had never been one for much of religion, myth or history and the Fallen was a little bit of all three of those. That said even he knew who the Fallen was and he knew he was nothing but bad news for all of them. Still, just because he had a fancy light show and a booming voice didn’t mean he was the Fallen. There could be a more logical explanation, he just couldn’t really think of one.

His thoughts were pulled away from the Fallen when he saw Hex and Darkride each move to attack a couple of newly arrived Bots. Ironhide was shocked to see them both brutally beat and rip apart both of their opponents. “Why you….you’ll both pay fer that!” The red Autobot charged at the Fallen’s little group, aiming his rifle right at Darkride. He was still hesitant to fire on Hex, him at least once being an Autobot, but Darkride was fair game. Before he could get a shot off, the Decepticon disappeared with the Fallen.

Ironhide let out a growl and punched a nearby tree, splintering it and sending it falling to the ground. He was still getting over the death of Optimus and now to have all of this heaped on top of it was pushing him pretty hard. While he wasn’t about to snap and turn against his fellow Bots he could certainly go for a hard battle against some Cons. He turned to fire on Swindle when Magnus called for a cease fire. Still, Ironhide hesitated, his finger on the trigger. With a snarl he lowered his rifle, but kept it ready as he walked over to join Magnus and Kup. He still had his old bodyguard instincts and so he made sure to be around the leader. If this cease fire went south he would make sure he got out safely.


Hot Spot frowned as Ricochet spit up more energon. The other Autobot was bleeding out pretty bad. While it would take a pretty severe injury for a Cybertronian to die from bleeding out it definitely wasn’t good to see it coming from the cranium. Still, the Protectobot had the utmost confidence that he would pull through under First Aid’s care.

Fortunately for the two Autobots by the time they left the cave everyone’s attention was elsewhere. Hot Spot didn’t waste any time, briskly jogging towards the trees where he knew First Aid was waiting. He could hear some shouting and there were plenty of explosions and gunfire but he was focused on saving Ricochet. His team knew that if they needed him that they should signal him.

The Protectobot burst into the forest still at a jog. He was surprised to have avoided any incoming attacks. Something big must have happened while he was gone to draw so much attention and fire. He wasn’t about to complain, but it still disturbed him a bit on one level. It wasn’t like the Decepticons had any respect for retrieving wounded or fallen comrades on the battlefield. Hot Spot was quite accustomed to running while under fire. This situation felt unnatural.

The Autobot came to a stop next to First Aid just as Kup left Warpath with him. Hot Spot grimaced as he saw Warpath’s condition. “Get them both stabilized and back to the ship ASAP First Aid.” The medic definitely looked shaken and Hot Spot knew something major had gone down. His thoughts were confirmed when Magnus ordered a cease fire.

>>”Protectobots, report in and rendezvous at my coordinates!”<< With the wounded now relatively safe he quickly turned to his next priority, that being his team.


Swindle was rather pleased to see some of his shots strike the injured Autobot. There was a slim hope that maybe she wouldn’t be able to keep going and he would be able to take a prisoner/spare parts. Of course that so rarely happened. Autobots were all too goody-goody and honorable then to leave a wounded comrade behind. It made the salvage business a difficult one at times.

Unfortunately his shots seem to have only wounded the Autobot and he had to frantically dive for cover. One of the shots grazed his shoulder, leaving a dark scorch mark and making him grunt in pain. He wasn’t a coward or anything, but he couldn’t just laugh off damage like Brawl and Onslaught could. This is why he was better as the brains of the team then the brawn.

He ducked back into the water to avoid any more incoming fire. He snickered as he got the signal from Ultra Magnus. The Autobot knew he was losing and was asking for a cease fire. Slag that! They would take them all down and there would be enough salvage to make a nice big profit off of.

Swindle was about to emerge from the water with guns blazing when Onslaught ordered the cease fire. Thoughts of salvage and profit disappeared as the Combaticon emerged from the water with his guns down and a dejected look on his face. It seemed like the universe was dead set against him making any sort of profit anymore.


Oil Slick observed events as best he could. While he was not eager to re-enter battle he was prepared once the Combaticons were satisfied with softening up the opposition. He had no weaponry remotely comparable to the likes of Brawl or Onslaught, nor was he a tactical expert. He was more then happy to let the Combaticon leader direct and control the battle. If he ordered him into combat he would do so but he was quite satisfied with waiting.

The order never came however as instead a cease fire was called. It was certainly an odd turn of events for both sides. The chemist did not full trust the Autobots or the situation, particularly after seeing Darkride dragged off as he was. He decided to hang back and observe, playing true to his scientific background.


Bottom of the Yellow Sea - Construction Site

Hook had finished the structural adjustments to Mixmaster relatively quickly. After just one experience with it he now found it easy work, perhaps something that could be delegated to a lesser technician. Certainly Scrapper could do it and maybe even some other Decepticons with half a brain. Of course Scrapper was busy and outside of him he was surrounded by morons and so he knew the work would all be his.

The nervous system and mental connections though, that was a worthy challenge. Each Constructicon was liable to have greater variance in these systems then their physical structures. Experience helped here but not as decisively as the structural work. He carefully made the adjustments, allowing for the combination with the others and a free flow of information through Mixmaster to the other components of Devastator. Had he more time Hook would have been tempted to tinker more with the other Constructicons cerebral circuits. Perhaps he could make the chemist a bit more stable. Alas such work would have to wait for another time.

The surgical engineer pulled his hands out of Mixmaster and began sealing him up. “The operation is complete Scrapper. We can begin reactivating him.”

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:43 am
by Cryhavok
On Shore

It wasn't too big of a surprise that Brawl's attempt to shoot down Blades with his main cannon had failed. However, the Combaticon tank found it odd that Blades' didn't live up to his reputation as a brawler who liked to get to your face instead of shooting your from the distance. In fact, the Protectobot withdrew from the battle, disappointing Brawl greatly. Not that he had time to curse after Blades' supposed cowardice. While Kup had forfeited his chance to attack Brawl and using the chance given to withdraw with Warpath's motionless body, someone else had been far more active - Streetwise.

A blast of compressed air hit Brawl's side just as he had been lining up for another shot at retreating Blades. The blast itself did little more than slightly sway the heavily armored Decepticon, making Brawl to lose his aim. That was merely irritating though. The blast had pushed hundreds of kilograms of sand, rocks and dirt into Brawl's tracks, filling every open space between the tracks and its wheels, effectively jamming them,

"You dirty slagger! You'll pay for that! I am gonna rip your wheels off one by one and them jam them down your exhaust pipe!" Brawl boomed and he began rotating his turret to track on Streetwise's movements.

The Autobot was quick but a car built for fast and precise steering on paved highways was completely out of its element on a beach, for Brawl could rotate his turret far faster than Streetwise was able to circle him. The only reason he was still moving was the fact that Brawl's wasn't really that good hitting moving target. Or rather, Brawl was to impatient to aim carefully enough. Even so, the sonic blasts the Combaticon tank was now firing at Streetwise were hitting closer and closer to their target now.

"You can run but you can't hide Streetsomething!"

Then came the command Brawl had difficult time to accept. He had heard Onslaught's initial demand of a secondary confirmation upon a fallen something. Who had fallen? And why he was supposed to care? He had not listened to his superior officer that well. But the later cease fire command just as he had been about to remove Streetwise from the battle for good? Just damned unacceptable.

>>"The slag Onslaught?! There are Autobots to kill! What threat could possibly top that?! "<<


Bottom of the Yellow Sea - Decepticon base

"Ah, excellent Hook." Scrapper stated as Hook reported his progress. "He seems to be responding well towards the new programming I upgraded his transformation cog as well."

"However it seems we are forced to take a pause after Mixmaster here." He added, shaking his head with some level of disappointment. "Bonecrusher and Long Haul are still on the field and I will not risk anything when it comes to our self-modifications. Without one of us two to oversee the other, the risks are simply too great in a highly stressful environment as this."

Scrapper turned his gaze from the monitors towards Hook, "Particularly the modifications our plans require to be made to both Long Haul and you are simply too extensive to be performed here and now. This battle needs to end before we can continue."


Skies Above

Slingshot's lack of air support had made it easy for Thundercracker to began tailing the Aerialbot. Being busy with Ramjet had made the Aerialbot sharpshooter susceptible of being attacked himself and no seeker would miss such of an opening. Particularly someone as good as Thundercracker was. He had had the target locked with air-to-air missiles ready to fly on a whim. If only Onslaught had not called for cease fire. Breaking off now felt just wrong but if anything - Thundercracker was a soldier and we would obey a command from a higher ranking officer even if Onslaught's jurisdiction over the seekers was rather shaky.

>>"Acknowledged Onslaught. Thundercracker moving in."<< He simply transmitted back to the Combaticon commander before transforming and landing to the treeline that Onslaught was already approaching by foot.

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by Foximus
On Shore

It was all Streetwise could to do not spin hopelessly out of control as he raced to avoid Onslaught's volley. He had hoped to draw some fire away from the others, but this was beginning to become too much for the interceptor. Sand kicked up by the explosions that otherwise rolled off his streamlined alternate form was beginning to catch on his underside. Not good. If it continued like this...he wouldn't be able to move much less avoid fire.

Unfortunately, doing anything but continuing in a straight line was a challenge on this Primus forsaken terrain. It didn't help matters now that he had provoked Brawl. Streetwise grimaced internally when Brawl's furious tirade boomed across the beach. That...hadn't been his brightest idea. The sonic blasts from the Combaticon shook the beach and made large plumes of sand rise up in their wake.

"Oh slag! Slag, slag, slag!"

With each subsequent blast, they grew closer and closer to Streetwise. If he didn't think of something, he would be slag. He had an idea. More of a gamble really, but it was a better alternative than continuing on as he was. As Brawl spat his latest jeer at the interceptor, Streetwise decided to act. He swerved to the side, transforming and planting one foot into the sand to slow himself down. In the same instant, he brought his photon pistol around and charged it in the hopes that the next shot would blind Brawl and give him some time to make a hasty tactical retreat.

It was also in that instant that Ultra Magnus' call for a cease fire came ringing through the interceptor's audio receivers. The Protectobot froze with his pistol still leveled at Brawl for an astrosecond. Slowly, he lowered it, wondering why on Earth Magnus had called a ceasefire. Streetwise quickly realized that Brawl probably wouldn't honor the ceasefire and that the Protectobot was currently a sitting duck.

Hastily, the interceptor jerked his foot out of the sand where it had embedded itself and transformed, making his retreat back into the forest at the fastest speed that he could maintain control over. Hot Spot's call to report back in came not too soon after the declaration of ceasefire.

A sense of confusion came over the interceptor and left him wondering what had happened that would give cause to a ceasefire. The call also turned Streetwise's mind back to his teammates. He scanned the skies looking for Blades or Groove and saw with dismay that Blades was slowly falling out of the sky.

The interceptor turned toward his teammate and raced to meet him where he would touchdown in case he needed any help. As soon as Streetwise approached the treeline, he transformed and continued to jog in Blades' direction.

"Hang on better not crash and burn, buddy."

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by Insidious
Bottom of the Yellow Sea--Base

The first thing that Mixmaster was aware of were the slowly upward ticking readouts at the bottom of his optics. Energy levels and functioning servo mechanisms all appeared to be within their standard operating ranges.

He slowly pushed himself up and off the operating table and looked around. Truth be told, he didn't feel all that different. There was sort of a vague sensation that certain things weren't in the exact place that they had been prior to his going under...but nothing that he could precisely identify. What he did know was that anything that had been done was for the greater good of their little collective and he was only too happy to have played his part. Devastator would be worth far greater sacrifices than anything he had made thus far. Devastator would be the future.

"Everything, hehehe, um, everything turned out like you wanted?" Mixmaster said, looking over to Scrapper and Hook.

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by Smokescreen85

>>”Understood, Commander Onslaught. I’m on my way back down to the sea floor now.”<<

Long Haul cut his comm line to the Combaticon Commander as he turned back towards the Yellow Sea from which he had just come not even a breem ago. This confrontation with the Autobots had been very disappointing to say the least, ending with the revelation of the Fallen’s supposed return. It certainly seemed as though Hot Rod had transformed into something far more powerful than a mere Cybertronian, but to be the actual Fallen Prime of legend was a bit of a stretch. Still, Onslaught seemed to believe that it was the Fallen and therefore that’s what the heavy lifter would report to Scrapper.

Taking one last glance back over his shoulder plate, Long Haul could see both Autobots and Decepticons alike converging on an area near the treeline in the distance. The transporter had not been invited to the “party” and thus it was really none of his concern regardless of his curiosity on the matter. The decision on what to do next, with or without the Autobots assistance, was left to those of higher ranking. The heavy lifter had his orders and he intended to carry them out. At least he didn’t have to carry anything of substance this time.

“Come on, ‘Crusher!” Long Haul bellowed over to his belligerent comrade. “Let’s get back down to Scrapper like Onslaught said. There’s no more battle here, anyway.” With a snort, the green transport trudged back into the sea, allowing the disgusting salt water to consume him once more.

Bottom of the Yellow Sea - Decepticon Base

The long trek back down to the partially completed underwater base was an uneventful one, much like the battle on the surface that found both Autobot and Decepticon under a ceasefire agreement to discuss all things regarding the Fallen. It was still hard to believe that the Fallen, himself, had seemingly returned with a chip on his shoulder the size of Cybertron, itself. Not only that, but both Drag Strip and Darkride had joined his vengeful crusade against all Cybertronians along with two Autobots, as well. Were the former Stunticon and interrogator traitors to the Empire or were they under some kind of spell for lack of a better word? It didn’t matter at this point. All would be revealed in due time regardless of what the heavy lifter thought.

Entering through the outer dome, Long Haul made his way to where Scrapper and the other Constructicons were gathered. Approaching his commander, the green transporter offered a respectful salute before giving his report. “Long Haul reporting back from the surface, boss. The battle is already over in a ceasefire that both sides agreed to. Apparently, the Fallen has somehow returned in the body of the Autobot Hot Rod. He along with Darkride, Drag Strip, Hex and Hardhead have declared war on the Cybertronian race and disappeared into some kind of portal. Not sure where they went. Commander Onslaught is now meeting with Ultra Magnus to talk about what to do next. Bonecrusher and I were ordered to report back and inform you of the situation. Personally, I think we should just take out the Autobots now and worry about the Fallen later, but that’s just me.”

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by USDA Prime
On Shore

Saferoute continued backing to the treeline as she reloaded her rifle, watching as one of her shots grazed Swindle's shoulder, causing the Combaticon to duck for cover. Any other day she would have taken some satisfaction from making a Decepticon cower and hide, but this was far from any other day. As she looked for another target to fire at, she heard the order from Ultra Magnus.

"Ceasefire?", she said to herself. Again, any other day she would have insisted that they continue taking the fight to ther Decepticons, making them pay for all the planet's inhabitants they had hurt. But this was not any other day. She had been made a complete fool, manipulated and then attacked by a bunch of traitors who now were nowhere to be found. It was only by Primus' grace that reinforcements had arrived to even things out with the Decepticons, and after the damage she had received she had to consider herself and the others fortunate that any end to the current hostilities could be brought.

I just hope those slaggers actually make good on it., she thought as she was slow to lower her rifle, watching the enemy carefully in case they tried to take advantage of the situation. To her relief the Decepticons were also willing to lower their weapons and end the current fighting, and so she reluctantly holstered her weapon.

She finally let her guard down as mechs from both sides gathered together, and noticed a couple of injured mechs being brought to First Aid. Her mind no longer occupied with keeping alive from Decepticon and Autobot attacks, she grimaced as the burning pain on her backside came to the forefront of her thoughts, followed by the piercing pain from Swindle's shot from just a few astroseconds ago. Looking down she saw the trickle of energon from the bullet hole in her lower torso, and place her hand over it in a futile attempt to stop the bleeding.

Making her way to the Protectobot medic, it looked as though the only wounded were the other betrayed members who'd been led to this ill-fated surprise attack on the Decepticons. She looked down at Warpath, only to confirm that the crimson warrior's body was lifeless and headless as First Aid went to work. Then with a deep breath she looked at Ricochet who looked to be in stasis, almost as bad as the tank-former except for the fact that his head was still attached to the rest of his body.

So between the three of us, it looks like I was the lucky one., she thought with guilt, I guess Hex wanted to toy with me more than the others.

For now there was a sense of uneasy calm as it seemed the battle was over, for now. Saferoute wished that her two teammates were conscious, as she wanted to talk to them about what had happened, not to mention what was going to happen. All three would require repairs, though Warpath and Ricochet would require more extensive work than she did. But once that was done and they were all fully functional, there would be no sympathy for all the trouble they had caused, regardless of whatever Rodimus and others had done or planned.


Groove shook off his initial shock at Rodimus' further transforming, and started chasing after First Aid. Then came the order for a cease fire from Ultra Magnus, followed by the old war veteran Kup stopping the Protectobot medic and handing Warpath over to his care. Though the act of a cease fire would have normally filled the pacifist with great joy, there was little for Groove to be happy with, as he couldn't bear to look at the decapitated crimson warrior's body.

The end of one horror now, but who knows what horrors will be coming now?, the scout thought as he remembered the sinister new look of Rodimus. Though he couldn't quite put his finger on it, there was something vaguelly familiar about the former cavalier's monstrous new look.

Groove didn't have any time to think on the subject as he got the order from Hot Spot for the team to regroup around him. The scout didn't have far to go as he had stayed near First Aid when the Protectobot commander brought another wounded Autobot to be looked over.

"I'm here, Hot Spot.", the scout addressed his commander, "Still fully functional."

As it occured to Groove he looked himself over. Though he wasn't really hurting, his armor was covered in small dents and scuffs from all the debris he'd been hit with from Vortex's cyclone.

Thank Primus for Blades,, he thought, Or I'd probably be in pieces all over the place.

"Have you heard anything about what's happened to Rodimus and the others?", Groove asked, "Is that why Ultra Magnus ordered the cease fire?"

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by Insidious

Astrotrain wasn't sure if his sensors were going glitchy or if he had actually heard what he thought he heard. Onslaught calling them to a ceasefire? What in the greasy slag had prompted that move?

Astrotrain rolled over on to his back, looking up into the clear blue sky as a few astroseconds ticked by on his internal chronometer before at last sitting up and ultimately getting to his feet, weapon still in hand.

The sound of weapons fire had died off. The firing had ceased. Astrotrain was honestly a little surprised, given that it was the Combaticons who seemed to be calling the shots out here right now, despite some of Ramjet's efforts. Speaking of Ramjet, where had he gotten off to? Astrotrain looked around but he couldn't immediately find the white and black conehead.

It was then that he remembered receiving some sort of garbled transmission from Blitzwing, indicating that he had got himself in to the same sort of predicament that A-train himself had. Glitching little Aerialbot got some lucky shots on them, that was for sure.

The mechs present seemed to be convening near the trees. That coincided with the location of Blitzwing's current energy signature, so that suited him just fine. Checking on his unit mate was still the priority, then he would see what exactly had prompted Onslaught's surprising call.

It didn't take him long before he found his fellow triple-changer, not far form where others, Autobots and Decepticons alike, appeared to be regrouping or convening.

"Not our finest day, Blitz," Astrotrain said with a smirk as he walked towards Blitzwing with a slight limp in his step. "But not our worst either. I still remember that mess back in Tyger Pax. We were lucky to come out with heads attached, heh."

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by Marcus Rush

Ultra Magnus agreed with Kup's logical decision. Get the wounded out of here as soon as possible so they did not share the same fate of his two escorts. The Autobot Commander added one caviat to that directive, to have the bodies of the two Autobots coldly and mercilessly torn to shreds by crazed followers of a Fallen God, be returned to the Ark for proper ceremony and funerary rights. Quietly Magnus surveyed the battlefield. The Autobots had taken a beating, and though they now out numbered their Decepticon counterparts, at least so far as he knew... this was a fight that was not in either side's interest. And for these losses, he swore that the Thrown Down Prime would pay. Transgressions such as these, and others sure to come, could never be forgiven. A mistake I don't ever intend to make again. For that I am sorry Optimus.

A frantic and rather surprised Slingshot flew over head as Thundercracker appeared on his six. From Magnus's vantage, Slingshot had once again bitten off more than he could chew and got himself in over his head. Still, he knew from experience that the Seeker was not his squad commander. Thundercracker followed orders, much to his own personal dismay. There was much potential for the flier, if he ever turned his skills towards peace rather than the brutality of the Decepticon Cause.

"I would agree. We require a sharing of information Onslaught." He finally spoke into the terminal that extruded from his exo armor before deactivating the link and returning his rifle back to a holster located within one of the towering spokes. His optics narrowed at the scorched earth where five entities were engulfed in flame and taken by an unholy fire to the depths of the pit.

A sage counciled voice broke Magnus's train of thought as Kup approached from his left flank. "You could say that. I believe I have discovered why Hot Rod has been acting unusually." He paused briefly. His sensors alerted him to the approach of Onslaught. "And I can honestly say, no one on this field could have possibly seen it coming."

Quiestly as the entire assembly of able bodied mechs gathered into a tight circle of council, well a relatively tight circle given the eons of mistrust and tensions felt throughout the ranks, Magnus greeted Onslaught with open and unarmed palms. A signal that this was no longer a combat zone, they both knew the recent situation changes outweighed those old grievences. "Onslaught," he gave a curt nod towards the Combaticon Commander.

Magnus looked down at Kup, the Autobot Sage who had outlived nearly every Cybertronian outside of Alpha Trion himself. His optics immediately shot up towards Onslaught quietly telling the Decepticon through visual que alone that they all needed a ground base of information. And Kup was the perfect resource for Ancient Tales and Legends. "Tell me something Kup. What have you heard of The Fallen?"

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by Ember
On Shore

The appearance, and subsequent touch, of Kup had First Aid halt his advance out of the treeline toward the fallen Tonton and Bidder. The doctor wanted nothing more than to get to both mechs and save their lives. But even without Kup’s assurance that both were beyond help, First Aid still had the need to do something.

When the elder ‘Bot finally placed Warpath’s headless body down before him, First Aid knew that his attention needed to be focused on those who actually could be saved. He gave Kup a tight yet affirming nod before kneeling down and setting to work on the tank-former’s body. Just as he began his work Hot Spot arrived and placed an energon covered Ricochet down next to Warpath. First Aid let out a low sigh before he took a quick scan of the marksman and determined that he was stable enough to bounce back to the Guardian. Although with so much energon loss he wasn’t sure how long that would last. But first thing's first…Warpath’s wounds took precedence.

“Where the slag is he? Where’s that sleazy excuse for a ‘Con?!”

The battered and scorched form of Blades came limping heavily from the woods just beyond the cliffside where The Fallen and his lackeys had vanished from. The Protectobot flier was holding his right arm which seemed to be mangled and hanging on by nothing more than a few wires and the support of his left hand.

Although he was impaired Blades was still determined to finish what was started between he and Dirge. Ceasefire or not the Conehead was in his crosshairs.

At the same time the Combaticons complied with Onslaught’s orders, Dirge had turned from his prey…albeit with a low groan…and headed toward the meeting point. He quickly transformed and landed lightly behind the Combaticon Commander…of course leaving a wide berth between him and the already assembled Autobots.

The sound of Blades trudging out from the trees caught his attention. The look of the flier brought a wide satisfied grin to his face, but when Blades continued to advance the blue and gold Conehead raised his arms and began to power up his weapons. “Back off Blades and take your beating like a mech!”

Blades let out a deep growl and pressed forward. “I’m gonna beat you to within an inch of your existence!” But his advance was suddenly halted by a firm hand tugging on his still functional shoulder. First Aid was able to get Warpath stable and was ready to move his two patients back to the ship when Blades appeared. The medic needed to get his brother to go back with him as well.

“Let it go Blades. Right now you need medical attention. Come on.” First Aid kept his tone cool and even hoping he’d be able to squelch his teammate’s riled demeanor. It seemed to do the trick as Blades’ tense frame loosened and he staggered slightly into First Aid’s touch. “Fine. But this ain’t the end of it…not by a longshot. You better watch your back, ‘Con.” With the doctor’s help the limping disheveled mech was guided back toward the treeline where he was sat down and looked over.

Dirge sent another satisfied grin over to Blades as the Protectobot was helped back to where the pacifist loser had set up shop. They’d meet again and just like this time around Dirge would make sure he’d have the advantage and fight in the air.