SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby FanboyimusPrime » Wed May 18, 2011 10:30 am

Author's note: I don't own any of the characters involved in this story. Also Arthur Hansen has the story up on his account but I am the co-writer. Enjoy the story folks.

A massive ship exited hyperspace with a flash of light that illuminated the dark side of Jupiter. Its four engines blared with power, sending the dull, yellow ship in a curve around the huge planet. The massive sensor array activated as they came out of the planet's shadow, showing a blue-white ball with a large moon and a ring of debris.

"So that's Earth?" Hot Shot asked.

"Yes," Perceptor said flatly. "Due to it's proximity to a star and active geothermal processes we can gain stockpiles of energy and build a safe house in a remote region of the planet."

"I am not sure this is the best place for us to go," Whirl said with vigor. "The locals seem to have simmering issues on genetics. A bunch of hate mongers waiting for the right moment to set off a war."

"We don't have much of a choice," Perceptor commented then, "The energy reserves on the Steel Haven won't take us much farther than this solar system."

"Genetics? What is that?" Swerve asked.

"Genes are the building materials of organic beings," Perceptor explained in his monotoned way. "However some genes lead to problems for humans. The faction that alters their genetic code has resulted in improvements in memory, strength and other attributes. However humility and understanding are not enhanced by these changes."

"So basically most of them act like glitchheads to those that aren't enhanced," Whirl said in scorn. "And the unenhanced really don't like that and most are jealous of the improvements the enhanced called Coordinators have."

"I thought you had to learn humility?" Swerve commented. "Given Hot Shot sure wasn't programed with it."

Hot Shot gave Swerve a heated glare as he didn't find that funny.

"Can you two stop acting like proties and get back on topic?" Downshift said from the corner of the room. Downshift rarely spoke at meetings unless he had something important to say.

"Yes," Perceptor said. "What we must do is pick a neutral colony and pick up supplies. Afterwards we can set up our safe house on Sol III."

"Or we could trade with the Junk Guild," Whirl noted in a thinking tone. "They are the human versions of the Junkions. Which I expect to see come here in a Vorn."

"If we can find them," Downshift said grumpily. "Best to head to Heliopolis, trade with them or some other group."

Perceptor pondered if Heliopolis would be the best location and it fit all the criteria that he had. Within the limited information gleaned, it seemed to.

The Autobots planned how they were going to disguise the ship. It was small by Transformers standards but my human standards it was huge. The shuttles were considered as they were smaller and might be more easily explained with some holographic tricks. The faking of them being a trading ship was the easy part.

Swerve just hoped human trading was similar to that of Cybertronians given he was a merchant before the War broke out.

In the front the pilot of the Steel Haven was lost in his own thoughts. Drift had once been a Decepticon but he had seen the light and had changed. Though he worried if they found out someone like Cliffjumper or Grimlock would kill him for his past deeds he was trying to atone for. And he was considered a 'high value' target by the Decepticons.

The Autobots loaded themselves in to the shuttle. At a mere 150 meters long, it would roughly match some of the civilian model ships here.

"This is Heliopolis control to unknown ship, please state your intention," a human said a short range radio.

"We're just an unaffiliated ship that is desperately low on energy. We'd be willing to trade some computer components for a chance to recharge," Drift said on the audio-only link.

"That's one of those old designs that used to use a fission pile, eh? Guess those didn't convert well to the battery system. Well, we can at least dock you so you can talk to the Port Master," the human said.

Drift gave everyone a thumbs up in the crowded cockpit of the shuttle.

Perceptor nodded. "We should move to the cargo area and ready the trade articles."

Everyone but Drift nodded, moving down to the cargo/crew area. As they had been unsure of what would be useful, they had brought almost a twenty-five tons. Roughly the mass of about four Autobots.

"Oh, slag," Drift called out, just as huge robots came out of nowhere and started firing primative weaponry at the hidden Autobot ship and the cargo ship behind them.

All of the Autobots in the cargo area stumbled as the ZGMF-1017 GINN blasted into the side of it with its cannon.

"Drift, report," Perceptor called out.

"The colony appears to be under attack from the guys that have Guardians," the ex-Decepticon called out. "Oh, that's why. The cargo ship we were ahead of just launched those stupid fighters that the other side uses."

Mu La Flaga swore as he readied his Moebius Zero mobile armor. "This is the worst time and place for a battle."

Drift ignored the orders of the human, trying to figure out a way out of this, but it appeared the GINNs were doing their job, shredding his control thrusters. "Guys, we're in trouble here. The shuttle is taking a pounding."

"Open the cargo hatch. We'll shoot them out of the sky," Hotshot shouted out.

"Sound reasoning." Perceptor opened the cargo hatch.

A GINN that had been strafing the shuttle stopped, prepared to deal with any launched mobile armors. So it was surprised when it saw midget mobilesuits that started firing upong him. But he was part of Rau La Creuset's team for a reason, dodging with an almost life-like agility.

"Damn, for a stupid over-sized Guardian, those things can move. Makes me regret that I'm supposed to normally deal in ground battles," Hotshot called out.

Whirl, Swerve and Downshift ignored his banter to keep firing their blasters.

Aboard the Earth Federation cargo ship, the captain yelled to his pilot, "Turn! Turn!"

"We've lost control," came the response. "We're going to crash into that ship ahead of us."

Drift saw it heading their way, but thought he could get the shuttle moving. Finally, at the last possible second, he called out, "Abandon ship! Abandon ship!"

Perceptor had the right angle to see outside and the onrushing cargo ship. Taking the immediate, logical step he flew out of the cargo hatch at best speed as possible.

"Slag. If Perceptor is leaving, it must be bad," Hotshot yelled out. With a mighty leap, he and the other Autobots got out of the shuttle. Whirl transformed into a cybertronian jet and started flying like a maniac. Whirl poured on the afterburners and strafed the GINN with his blasters.

The explosion from the two ships hitting each other was massive, but paled in comparison to when their wreckage slammed into the armored wall of the O'Neil-type colony.

"We are at an extreme disadvantage in this environment. Recommend that we retreat into the primitive colony," the mono-tone voice of Perceptor informed everyone even as he fired his blaster at the nearest GINN.

Back on the Versalius, Rau Le Cruscet was receiving word of strange, small mobilesuits. He wondered who had created them and why. They would be fairly ineffective with any reasonable weapons. "I am going to sortee out and deal with some annoyances."


The Autobots were tromping around in huge, metal corridors that reminded them of their far off home, Cybertron.

"We really need to lay low for a bit and figure out what is going on," Hot Shot said as he looked around a corner.

"It would be logical to use our alternate forms once we disable local security cameras," Perceptor said. "Initiating computer link. Crashing primitive computer system."

Whirl almost sighed in frustration, but did as ordered. They had prepared ahead of time using the computers of Steel Haven. His alternate form was a form of VTOL used by this government. It had been very similar to his cybertronian jet form. Swerve had a rather bland ground car alt form, Downshift turned into a half truck, while Hot Shot was some form of sports car. Perceptor, as normal, was a military command vehicle.

The convoy of four vehicle with him flying overhead were able to enter into the main part of the colony. They took a ramp that curved to the 'floor' of the colony.

"Impressive large-scale primitive engineering. Suggestion; disperse into the local fauna and scout the area," Perceptor called out.

"Hey, are those Decepticons over there?" Whirl called out, looking at three large robots that were starting to stand up.

Each huge, gray robot seemed free of any markings of any sort though. And they just clumsily stood up and then rocketed up into the air, then headed towards the center-line of the colony, then towards the open end that the Autobots had used as their entrance.

"Huh. For guardians, they look really life-like," Hot Shot said. "That's really weird. And they look dangerous."

"I spotted some more guardians," Swerve called out. He had switched back to his robot form and was pointing at a GINN that was attacking a group of four linear tanks.

The GINN's autocannon was tearing them apart. Explosions were ripping through the manufacturing zone.

"Great. Just our luck to get stuck in the middle of a full fledged war. I thought you said they were in the middle of a ceasefire?" Downshift complained to Preceptor.

"Local information networks gave that information as accurate. Apparent that this is a local flare up. We should be able to talk rationally to local authorities shortly," Perceptor said in his mono-tone way.

"Wow, that guardian looks like it over did it on the energon," Hot Shot said.
A GINN was knocking around a colorful red, white and blue angular mobilesuit that was staggering around like it was drunk.

Hot Shot was looking upset at the treatment. That guardian that was getting beat up did not even have any weapons. "Okay, that's it!" He transformed into the fancy, flame-painted sportscar and roared across the compound.

Miguel was getting very, very upset. This G-Weapon was being bothersome for a half-completed piece of junk. He was just raising his GINN's heavy broadsword up in preperation of a charge when a sportscar screeched in between the two mobilesuits and charged. With a casual manipulation of controls, he moved to step on the gutsy driver.

So when the car turned into a smaller robot, he was quite surprised. He was even more surprised when it pulled a toy-like rifle and blew his GINN's arm off at the elbow with some sort of energy burst.

"Yeah! Take that you reject Decepticon wannabe!" Hot Shot shouted angrily.

Kira Yamato and Lt. Murrue Ramius were staring in shock at the pint-sized robot that was trash-talking the GINN. The young coordinator kept typing up a storm, correcting the operating system. "What is that thing?"

"It's not one of ours," the Earth Federation officer admitted. "So I don't know."

Miguel snarled inside his battered GINN. "I'm retreating," he told his information control system. The GINN backed up and then jetted away.

"We are safe?" Kira said with a sigh of relief.

"Yeah. That was amazing." Murrue gave the young kid a smile before the stress of combat and her wound caused her to sway, then collapse.

Hot Shot was watching the angular guardian to see if it was going to attack when it suddenly kneeled and then opened a hatch int its belly. "Uh, hello?" he asked the small creatures that was standing on a short panel that was sticking out.

"This lady passed out. I think she's hurt," Kira called out. "Can you help?"

"Sure! Out of the way, little guy," Hot Shot said with a grin on his robot face. "I'll get her down."

Kira stepped out of the way and over to the leg. So he was surprised when the robot reached in and gently snagged the woman and laid her out.

"I think she's leaking lubricant. That's not too dangerous," Hot Shot said.

"Hot Shot, biological units do not leak lubricant. That is likely blood, which is a circulatory system necessary for its life," Preceptor said in his way, almost showing some emotion.

"Uh, I don't know how to fix that," the brash Autobot said, looking worried.

"There's an emergency first aid kit." Kira came back out of the Strike G-Weapon with a small case. With a display of inhuman athleticism, he was over and starting to to bandage her out. "Why aren't you getting out of those mobilesuits?" he asked in frustration. He really wanted an adult to handle this situation.

"Um, kid?" Hot Shot thought that he was smaller, so younger than the other human. "We aren't inside these bodies. They are, well, our bodies. We can't get out of them."

"Artificial Intelligences? Wow, that is so cool," the young engineer said as he finished up taping over the bullet wound.

"Um, all natural here. Just naturally a robot," Hot Shot said.

"Affirmative. Autobots are robotic life forms," Perceptor said as he tromped up.

Whirl flew over and transformed, followed by Swerve and Downshift drove and then transformed.

Kira was just staring in shock. "You... transformed?"

"Yup, that's what other people call us; Transformers. We're the faction called Autobots, seeking to free our world Cybertron from the evil dictators known as the Decepticons," Hot Shot said as he gave Kira a thumb's up and smile.
Downshift sighed. "And we did not mean to get involved in your war-"

"It's not my war. Orb is neutral. Even if we did help develop these machines for the Earth Federation," Kira almost shouted. That was when his friends ran over.

They were incredibly excited and really not that coherent.

"Quiet," Lt. Ramius called out. "I said shut up!" That was almost shouted at the kids. "Hey, you can get out of your mobilesuits!" She waved her good arm at the Autobots.

"There aren't people in there. They are the mobilesuits. Some sort of living robots," Kira explained. "Say, does that mean you aren't from our solar system?"

"That is correct. These Transformers were in transit when depleting energy resources mandated that we stop in this solar system," Perceptor said clearly and concisely. "We are now stranded here on this colony as our shuttle was destroyed by ZAFT forces."

"Yeah, really uncool," Hot Shot said in anger.

Murrue was thinking furiously. "Welcome to our Solar System on behalf of the Earth Federation. I appreciate your assistance in saving my live and this student," she said formally. "While it would be presumptuous to ask for help in our fight, could I get some help in keeping this unit from being stolen?"

"Hot Shot has already helped you in that regard. Perceptor has no problems with assisting in this as long as we get a look at primitive guardian device," the Autobot scientist said.

Murrue flushed, then started laughing. "I guess it probably is a bit primitive for living robots that have Faster Than Light technology. Um, could you help me up to its cockpit so I can radio the base?"

Perceptor picked her up with surprising care, holding her up so she could radio. When that did not work, she got a lift to the ground and gave the kids a speculative look. "Look, kids? I'm not able to do some things and I have to protect this mobilesuit. I need your help in loading a striker pack so the G-Weapon isn't defenseless. All I need is you to drive some trucks and install the backpack."

Kira and his three friends looked at each other in consternation.

"We can help to," Swerve said. "I want to take a look at this unit, too. This striker pack sounds interesting."
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