Selling tons of parts! Looking for some as well.

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Selling tons of parts! Looking for some as well.

Postby ucantconnect » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:35 pm

Hey guys! trying to extend my reach to other areas. I have a good rapport over at TFW2005 (seen here: ... d.1109593/), so im hoping you can give me a chance here too! Anyway, I have a large list of stuff im trying to sell, as well as a ton of stuff im looking to trade for! Heres the list:

What I am selling:

FIGURE ONLY(accessories listed, if any)
Complete Gunbarrel, though he is a bit chewed. And by a bit i mean you might need to replace the leg... But he still stands and its in a spot where, put in a collection, isnt overly noticed.

Scattorshot, only missing key


Razorclaw: Only the torso section, has both arms and front beast legs. One beast leg snapped off but I can gladly fix for you. Arms are wobbly.
Optimus Prime Cab, the flippy canopy. Comes with any necessary screws. - ON EBAY

Unicron: claw connecting pieces, with spring
Minicon Payload: Legs
Minicon Astroscope: body/head
Dark Saber Jetstorm: Tail fin
Incinerator: left leg and rest of body- ball joints for legs broken off
Inferno: Missing one leg and missile
Downshift: One leg - ON EBAY
Sideways: head assembly, minus the head and one cover.

Demolisher: Missing dump flap
Hot Shot: Just the gun, no missile or radar - ON EBAY
Insecticon: Missing the bug legs, his right leg, the energon pieces, and the horn
Sam's Club Exclusive Prowl(Armada Red Alert redeco): Right arm w/ Door, and one of the attachments for his other arm
Snowcat: Missing one leg, all the ski pieces, the guns, and that annoying minicon port piece
Prowl: Both arms and gun, sans missile

Nemesis Breaker: Body without arms
Sky Shadow: cyber planet key
Megatron: Feet
Menasor: Neck piece
Longrack: Bucket mechanism (not the whole arm, the bucket part with the rods in the front)
Landmine: Body only, no arms or legs, or accessories

Activators Optimus Prime: Right lower leg
Battle Begins Megatron: Missing both legs, and gun
Cybertronian Mode Optimus Prime: Missing both legs and one arm. Comes with Shield.


Wreckage: Missing one leg, and back part of vehicle mode is broken off
Legends Skorponok: Missing one claw arm and one leg, and stinger has GPS issues... AKA no longer one piece
Protoform Starscream: left arm
Long View: Crotch piece
Classics Camaro Bumblebee: Rocket launchers (both)
Ironhide: Missile launcher with all 4 missiles
Blackout: one rotor blade

G1 Colors Legends-sized Hightower: One Leg (arm?) - That thing with the treads on it
Superion Maximus Fireflight: right leg

Deluxe Optimus Prime: Left Arm
Bumblebee: Main body, not arms, legs, or head

Classics Sunstreaker: Lower half of body
Classics Sideswipe: Door, arm pieces
Classics Galvatron: Body, no head, and top of leg pieces sans hips
Classics DVD Optimus Prime: Torso Section with no hips, both legs sans hip connectors
WFC Sideswipe: legs, upper arm pieces
Star Wars Crossovers little figures - pm for specifics!
Universe Optimus Primal Missile
Universe Blackarachnia: One mandible
PCC Combiners: Helicopter arm for Skyburst and the aerialbots
PCC Combiners Bombshock: Armored car leg, regular left leg piece
PCC Combiners Icepick: Big head and both arms
RID Heavyload: Connector piece that goes to dump body
Prime Thundertron: Arms, peg leg, Claw accessories
If you need pictures of any of these, do let me know!

What i need:

Grimlock: Dino head and left side flap of the dino body
Grapple: Lower legs and maybe hands. Also need the end of the boom with the hook. Tires optional on leg parts
Soundwave: cassettes(excluding ravage)/2 missiles
Blaster: gun, any cassettes except eject and ramhorn
Misc Devastator parts (for a comprehensive list, do message me!)
Anything for G2 Devastator except Hook (strangely)
Superion parts: Any guns
Predaking accessories (hands, feet, head)
Razorclaw: Arms (need intact inner columns for stability)
Onslaught: Bruticus chest, regular chest, Bruticus head, ramp, back turret, Vortex, Blastoff, Swindle

Astroscope: missile, all arms and legs
Payload: Main body, no legs needed
Skyblast while we're at it
Supercon "bendy" Optimus Prime: left smokestack
Optimus Prime: Missile (the one for the trailer)
Jetstorm: legs
Sonar: Right hand
Refute: One arm (doesn't matter which theyre both the same)

Megatron: Left ear, both energon shoulder pieces, tank and sword piece
Overcast: missile
Treadbolt: missile and treads (whole arms are fine, but i really only need the treads)
Hot Shot: missile
Demolisher: Missiles (need 5), one dump truck flap
Wingsaber: Missile (only need one)
Skyboom: left foot, right arm
Scattor: right arm
Landmine: Missile(s)
Beachcomber: Missiles
Steamhammer: right arm
Insecticon: bug legs x4, right leg, antenna, energon stuff x2
Unicron: Chest pieces, any missiles, minicon, planet halves, ring halves, and any waist flaps
Starscream: Head, legs, guns, missiles
Prowl: Body without arms

Vector Prime: missile
Scattorshot: Planet key
Dirge: Cyber Planet Key

Movie '07:
Movie Blackout "premium edition": rotor assembly, tail stuff

Superion Maximus Fireflight (everything except right leg) and skydive (right leg and arm)
Premium Series Barricade: Right foot, left leg, frenzy insert
G1 Colors Legends-sized Scrapper: Head
G1 Colors Legends-sized Rampage: Arms
TRU Exclusive Mixmaster(viewed in vehicle mode, but has a robot mode much easier to describe): Left side cab roof piece, one shin guard, the top right barrel piece, both left barrel pieces, missile

Real Gear:
Zoom Out 25x: Head

Alternators Hound spare tire/back door (gun not required)
RTS/BiS Rodimus missile
Classics Constructicon Devastator: Any of the accessories that went with him originally
TRU/BBTS exclusive FoC Grimlock: Dino Arms, sword/shield, and one front set of claws (I don't think they vary from side-to-side, but if they do I will update this)
RID Hightower: Crane boom gun
WFC Optimus: waist piece, gun
Classics Galvatron:, lower left arm, top of left shoulder, missile
Generations Chromia: Head, arms
Generations Trailcutter: gunroof, back wheels
FOC Twintwist: Head, head mechanism, back cannons, gun, drill gun
FOC Impactor: Both heads, gun, launcher and missile
Generations Thunderwing: Head, Arm guns, Wings, Guns, cockpit piece
PCC Searchlight: Heads, arms, anything on the back, rear rotor, Left leg
PCC Leadfoot: Feet, arms, head and head mechanism
Classics DVD Megatron: Lower right leg, complete right arm (upper and nower, dont need claw), gun
Classics DVD Optimus: Leg hip connectors, wait and hip pieces, gun

I do accept paypal if you want to outright buy something. Prices would be negotiated in private chat!

If any other pictures are requested, they will be posted!

Currently, I am not able to outright buy stuff. I don't mind trading but buying isn't an option until school and car stop sucking money out of me.

If there is something in my wants list (not my selling list) that you are looking for, send me a message. Other than mostly complete figures (meaning just missing a missile or something trivial) I don't mind selling parts! I'm also looking to complete these figures, I would rather avoid buying complete ones of anything listed in my wants.
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Re: Selling tons of parts! Looking for some as well.

Postby ucantconnect » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:47 am

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Re: Selling tons of parts! Looking for some as well.

Postby ucantconnect » Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:02 pm

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Re: Selling tons of parts! Looking for some as well.

Postby ucantconnect » Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:13 pm

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