Started a video games channel and....

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Started a video games channel and....

Postby powercooker » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:14 am

Hi everyone

I started a YouTube channel about a month ago and am currently focusing on game reviews at the minute. I do plan to do tf video reviews and Warhammer and movies and wrestling eventually.
However due to the current weather i can go on my gaming pcs because it's just been too stupidly hot and our house is built to retain even at night the inside of the house feels hot.

So because of this my reviews have kinda been halted till the weather cools down a lot. I have loads of part videos and recordings ready but haven't been able to finish/start them yet.
I've got about 8 videos currently online right now and have many more i want to do.

I've got a launchbox hdd (2tb) with almost every ps2,snes32x, master system,game gear, n64, mega drive, game boy advance, Saturn,mame, dreamcast, ps1, atomiswave and many more. So i don't just have to focus souly on pc games.

I'm wondering if there's any games out there past/present people would be interested in seeing me do a review of or if they have any advice on what i could do that could improve the videos/reviews.

Anyway here's a couple just to show



Like i said any comments/feedback on what i could do to improve it or add to it would be good or if there's any game out there people would like to see a review of from any past console/pc then i should be able to do it once the weather sorts itself out.
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