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Motto: "Björnen tycker om vegetarian...?"
Weapon: Fusion Cannon
Name: Submarauder
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Naval Recon/Recovery
Special Abilities: non corrosive properties of his armor make it able to withstand salt water
Alt. mode: Cybertronian Submarine
Weapons: Photon Cannon, Torpedo Rifle, 'Organic-Steel' Sword
Height: 25 ft/7.5 m
Quote: "Conquer the seas and the rest will fall!"

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 9
Dexterity: 7
Speed: 5 (in Water, 2 On Land)
Endurance: 8
Courage: 9
Firepower: 7
Accuracy: 8
Melee: 7
Tech Skill: 8
Charisma: 6
Rank: 6

Profile: Submarauder is a quiet, mysterious 'Con, like the deep oceans, which is the only place he is really happy. He prefers to be alone with the sealife, and hidden treasures buried in the depths. He prefers to study, observe, and learn (rather than steal the riches of seas) alone and for long periods of time.

Other Decepticons wonder why he is obsessed by the world beneath the waves; but much like Iguanus, Submarauder feels an deep connection with sea creatures. To the point of delusional, he feels that he was chosen to protect the creatures of the sea. He honestly believes the Autobots have designs to harm them. Even Decepticons aren't always spared from his suspicions... Turning his temper on his comrades as well.

It's been rumored that prior to the war, Submarauder was the Cybertronian equivalent of a marine biologist and changed his name on becoming a Decepticon. He neither confirms or denies it. The scholarly intellect lends to a cunning mind as well, serving him well in dealing with allies and enemies alike. However, getting him away from his studies and out from under the sea is an exercise in futility. He prefers to be alone. Underwater.

Disturb him while he is beneath the waves and you find what makes him a good Decepticon, he has a hair trigger and the strength and fighting abilities to remind others to give him a wide berth.

Though, this monster of the seas has a rather patient spark, one might Say he's an 'old soul', not bothered to bicker as other Decepticons often tend to do. Even when out of the water and in the midst of others, he's calm and almost friendly. It may be even harder to spark his anger on land as opposed to in the water.

In fact he often plays the mediator between Skullgrin and Bomb Burst when the trio find themselves reunited with the Mayhem Attack Squad. He is often having to get between the two to stop (many many many) fights and coaxes them into working together. He actually considers the two his friends, and hates to see the tensions between the two aggressive personalities.

Make no mistake, though he may have more patience than many other Decepticons, his savage temper can erupt with almost no warning and nothing will stop him.

Abilities: Submarauder, by his sea dwelling nature, has exceptional sight for use in adverse conditions... like murky waters. in good conditions, he can see very long distances. He also has long range sonar (though his radar is standard short range).

Exceptionally smart as well, even if he seems a bit delusional in his beliefs, almost a scientific mind of it, applying his 'see both sides of it' skills to his underwater work as well as out of water relationships.

He is extremely skilled in fighting both close range and with guns. His sword fighting abilities are deadly in their own right. From range, his Photon Cannon and Torpedo rifle hit with deadly precision.

Weaknesses: Due to his aquatic alt mode, his land speed is limited to what range he can muster from run speed and his standard Decepticon flight thrusters, Which means he's rather slow on land.

His temper can erupt at any time, making him unpredictable and distracted.
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