TCC Late Summer Sale, Armada Skywarp Up For Sale

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Re: TCC Late Summer Sale, Armada Skywarp Up For Sale

Postby TF_JW » Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:12 am

Unfortunately while limited to Club Members, the Skywarp (and Ramjet) orders share the same expanded member roster as the TFSS 5.0 pre-orders. If you've been a member at any point during the last four years, you will be able to purchase one of the figures.
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Re: TCC Late Summer Sale, Armada Skywarp Up For Sale

Postby Powered Convoy » Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:25 pm

Counterpunch wrote:Honestly, the comic and catalog are the only only things making the price point on this figure kind of justifiable.

I know how excited Robby was to do the art for it and I love the throwback to Armada, so...I'm in for this whole package.

Very difficult to justify the price on an existing tooling of this mold otherwise...

Robby's work in this comic is amazing. Even though it was going to be at a smaller scale, he was super detailed and filled the pages up with all these little bits here and there. I was amazed at not only how superb his work was but also how quickly he did it.

Just simply amazing!

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Re: TCC Late Summer Sale, Armada Skywarp Up For Sale

Postby BW Megatron » Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:12 am

Spider 001 wrote:
Emerje wrote:
Spider 001 wrote:I've been waiting & waiting & searching for info on it's release date.

I thought members get a lower price & non members have to pay a little more or buy a membership. Isn't that how they did it in the past? I've never wanted to buy a club figure before. This is the first time because Skywarp was my very first Transformer & I always buy every version of Skywarp. I would have bought a membership if I had known this was going to happen but I thought non-members could buy it too. I thought it was exclusive to the club meaning that's the only place you can buy it, just like a Target exclusive can only be purchased at Target. I didn't know it was strictly members only.

#1. This character is a very popular main character.

#2. Limiting him to 1000 out of millions of Transformers collectors worldwide?

#3. Universe Ramjet would have been a better choice to limit. If they did it the opposite, the more mainstream popular character would be flooded on ebay right now for $30 & everything would be all around better.

#4. Skywarp completes a set. We need Skywarp to complete the 3 seekers. Universe Ramjet is more of a stand alone character so he should have been the members only, limited to 1000, figure.

#5. Not all of us Transformers fans are rich. I can afford to pay the club an inflated price but I'm not going to be able to afford the inflated aftermarket price on top of the already inflated price.

#6. I only wanted this 1 figure. I have no use for any other part of the club.

#7. Now that I didn't buy a membership when I had the chance. Because I didn't know it was absolutely 100% necessary, WTF am I supposed to do? It's too late, no going back now. 1 strike & you're out!

This is just another horrible experience in a hobby that I'm supposed to enjoy & is supposed to bring me happiness. Been getting more bad experiences than good lately. Back in the 80's I enjoyed going to the store & buying Transformers. It was very basic & simple. 3 steps, go to store, choose figure, purchase figure. VERY ENJOYABLE! And the reason most of us got into it. But look what it has become. An constant exercise in frustration.

You have a PM, Spider 001.
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Re: TCC Late Summer Sale, Armada Skywarp Up For Sale

Postby G.B. Blackrock » Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:48 pm

Spider 001 wrote:
I thought members get a lower price & non members have to pay a little more or buy a membership. Isn't that how they did it in the past?

Some of this has already been answered, but one part needs emphasizing.

At no point in the past were there true non-member prices for most figures. At one point, the language said so, but the reality was that this was simply the cost of a membership added on to the figure. There was a never a "non members have to pay a little more" option.

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