TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby LOST Cybertronian » Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:47 pm

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BBTS wins in every way except for shipping.

With TFSource, I can order on a Friday, shipped on Saturday and it will be delivered at my house on Monday.

With BBTS, I order on Thursday, Friday it says paid, Saturday is still paid, Monday is still paid, Tuesday it's waiting to enter the warehouse, Wednesday it gets in the warehouse, Thursday is still the in warehouse. Friday it finally ships.
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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby Erailea » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:24 pm

Thanks for the feedback guys! And to anyone who wants to / will leave one later.

I'll probably end up sticking with BBTS with pre-orders and give TF Source a shot at a later date with item(s) they have in-stock.

LOST Cybertronian wrote:With BBTS, I order on Thursday, Friday it says paid, Saturday is still paid, Monday is still paid, Tuesday it's waiting to enter the warehouse, Wednesday it gets in the warehouse, Thursday is still the in warehouse. Friday it finally ships.

Lol. Yeah. I think I've only had my POL shipped out within 48 hours once.

mooncake623 wrote:Ive actually never taken advantage of this feature (I usually ship rigth away). Hey I have a question if you don't ship a preorder once it's in stock do they charge you when item is instock? Or when you decide to ship your pol? I can't imagine you would want to pay for preorders that's in stock and wait months to build up to save on shipping right? I was never clear on that. I also assume you can't cancel your pol item once it's instock correct? Hmmm...

BBTS charges you as soon as your pre-order gets in. The POL is basically your already-paid-for shopping cart and pre-orders don't get added to it until they arrive (I assume they run things that way so they don't have to go through the hassle of reimbursing everyone if the item gets canceled). The feature really just allows you to compile items over time so you can save on shipping if you're a frequent shopper. On average I've found they tack on $1 for each additional item added to the POL. But I'll admit I've never had more than 4 voyager-like sized objects in a single POL.

I don't mind paying for each item separately, to be honest. I think it's nicer than getting smacked with one big bill at the end.

Can't comment on canceling a POL though since I've never done that.
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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby Autobot032 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:29 pm

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I'm less than impressed with both, right now.

I'm trying to sell them some of my collection, first offer wasn't too bad, but when I added more figures to the list of items, it was like a monkey doing a math problem. And it took them FOREVER to get back to me. (I'll be fair, though... Curt did get back to me within a somewhat reasonable time frame. BBTS took NINE days. NINE, dammit!) Both are kinda lowballin' me. Granted, they're not the greatest figures (value wise, I mean, the market's droppin' out...) but lowballed fo' sho'.

Shipping... BBTS is iffy. Sometimes, they'll send an item out in ridiculously fast time frame. Other times, they'll sit and sit and sit and sit. My first time out with TFSource...they were slow. They took a vaycay for a holiday, plus one of their staff was out, plus they were hit with preorders of the item I ordered. Now, they did get it to me, and they did answer my questions, and I was jerkish, but no communication up front...kinda bothered me. Fortunately, they did at least answer and were honest.

Speaking of communication...
TFSource finally answered everything I've thrown their way. BBTS has actually ignored me a time or two. I used to say BBTS was the shiznit. Now, I'm thinking they're more shi...

BBTS does give you the POL option, which is nice. They also work with you on preorders, unlike TFSource. (I hear Curt and crew can be vicious about 'em...)

I know it wasn't listed on the list of options, but Ehobbybaseshop (our newest sponsor) REALLY impressed me. They packed well, they picked a pristine figure (box and all), and they kept to their schedule, right down to the hour. Their communication (even with language barrier) was top notch. They impressed me so much, I will do more business with them, even though it's import. I bought PRID Dreadwing off of them, which was pricy, I don't deny, but they got it to me faster than it would've been if I had ordered off of BBTS. TFSource wasn't even going to carry it! Ehobbybaseshop even accommodated me on an ordering problem I was having with eBay. They were patient and nice. I can't tell you how impressed I am. Robotkingdom? Hah. Bleh. BBTS? Meh. TFSource? Iffy.

BBTS is probably my go to because their figure replacement is ridiculously awesome. Usually all problems of that nature, they'll bend over backwards to fix. I'm just saddened that they've become so big that they lost that personal connection. In the past, you felt like a customer with a face and name, now you just feel like a number, waiting your turn.

TFSource does have the collector in mind, and they do finally follow through, so I'm more impressed with them than BBTS at this point, in many ways.
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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby Breakdown 2099 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:47 pm

I've never shopped with TF Source, they do make great Transformers reviews on YouTube though. (Free shipping doesn't apply when you're overseas, so I see no reason to shop with them as their prices are on par or slightly more expensive than BBTS)

Internationally I've really only dealt with:
Robotkingdom and find both have been fantastic thus far
& 100% + feedback eBay sellers.

I've checked out ehobbybase and found them to be on par or dearer than RobotKingdom, so I'll stick with the latter. If it ain't broken, why fix it?
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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby NTESHFT » Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:19 am

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BBTS, hands down. Their service is awesome, IMO. Even when it's my fault, they are great on handling the issue(s), and their response time for me has always been excellent. Even my wife picks stuff up for me from them before she looks anywhere else.
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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby Gearslide » Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:40 am

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I use BBTS for hot (Non-Japanese) preorders or (again, Non-Japanese) Exclusives. I use Robotkingdom for anything Japanese, since they're much better at keeping stock of Japanese items than BBTS (I was able to buy Breakdown and Swerve the day they came in stock. Didn't have to preorder!). I NEVER preorder from Robotkingdom (you can't cancel and get your money back), since there is no need. On the off chance that things ARE sold out, I got to trusted sellers on eBay.
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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby Megatron000 » Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:49 pm

I prefer BBTS, but use both. Depends on what I want and which has store has it in stock.
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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby SJ21 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:04 am

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I am surprised that people have had trouble with BBTS's shipping. I get stuff from them 3 business days after I order it, without fail. I only order from them. I know I am paying a little more to go through them, but I am willing to pay for it knowing that I will get exactly what I want.

I usually don't use the POL because I am too excited to wait for an item I ordered. It is a nice option to have though.
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Re: TF Source vs BBTS? Which do you prefer?

Postby xyl360 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:12 pm

The only time BBTS takes longer than a few days is when my order is very large. I expect grabbing everything from their warehouse and wrapping it up carefully and boxing it takes time, particularly when the stuff I have piled up is from a wide range of lines and years, some MIB, some loose etc. I'm patient with it though and don't mind the wait. The very nature of the POL has taught me to be patient (otherwise I'd end up clicking 'Ship my loot now' all too soon :P).
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