TFCC 2013 Membership Incentive Depthcharge Image

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Re: TFCC 2013 Membership Incentive Depthcharge Image

Postby Bowspearer » Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:04 am

Poor mould choice for him imho. The robot mode has been made to work, but they really needed a mould which had an alt mode which either worked as a sub or as a spacecraft. This doesn't really work as either.
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Re: TFCC 2013 Membership Incentive Depthcharge Image

Postby Blurrz » Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:04 pm

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I'd really really really appreciate if we could get this topic back on topic about Depthcharge. I'm not going to take kindly to offtopic conversation - it scares away other members from posting.
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Re: TFCC 2013 Membership Incentive Depthcharge Image

Postby Sabrblade » Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:52 am

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RhA wrote:Sabrebladimus Prime?

Bowspearer wrote:Poor mould choice for him imho. The robot mode has been made to work, but they really needed a mould which had an alt mode which either worked as a sub or as a spacecraft. This doesn't really work as either.
You kidding? This mold is perfect for him. That headsculpt just works so well for him, the trident calls back to his original toy's sword/javelin tail weapon, and the overall body shape matches the shape of Depth Charge's pre-Earth body.

Not to mention that Depth Charge's pre-Earth model also showed up again in Beast Machines, recycled for someone on Botanica's ship and gave us a good look at its body build, which the Terradive mold meshes pretty well with (barring some minor differences like the wings and such). ;)

As for the altmode difference, not sure why he'd need a sub altmode when Beast Machines showed no oceans on Cybertron. Or a spacecraft mode considering that he was an Imperial Peace Marshal and likely didn't leave the sector he protected--Colony Omicron--that much. Recall how, after his Transmetalization and altmode-scanning on Earth, Depth Charge was an aquatic warrior with an aerial-based feature. In this case, the Terradive mold portrays an aerial warrior with an aquatic-based feature. It's like a strange-yet-awesome case of complementary opposites that just makes this figure work. :D
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