TFCC Figure Subscription Service 5.0 (2016/2017) Full Set of Toys CHEAP!

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TFCC Figure Subscription Service 5.0 (2016/2017) Full Set of Toys CHEAP!

Postby Targetmaster Kup » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:51 pm

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The specific items I had listed have sold, but I have another Transformer set at ... 2421919831

This set includes the following figures still new in-package from the now-defunct Transformers Fan Collector Club's Transformers Figure Subscription Service 5.0 for 2017. I opened the packages to ensure everything was included and to photograph it, and then closed the package. These have never been played with at all!

The 3 boxes included include:

1: Fractyl (with Scorponok)
2: Lifeline (with Quickslinger)
3: Double Pretender Optimus Prime (with Hi-Q)
4: Double Pretender Megatron (with Spacewarp)
5: Toxitron
6: Counterpunch
7: Shattered Glass Starscream

The fifth series features 2 Pretenders!
Meanwhile, Toxitron, Counterpunch, and Fractyl can combine into Wreckage!

Fractyl with Scorponok (Twin-pack, 2016)
Accessories: Double barreled gun
Part of the fifth portion of TFSS 5.0 toys, Combiner Wars Fractyl is a redeco of BotCon 2016 Terrorsaur, who himself is a retool of Combiner Wars Air Raid, who is in turn a retool of Skydive, and he transforms into a green F-14 Tomcat fighter jet. He is also capable of turning into an arm or leg for any Combiner Wars/Unite Warriors Voyager Class figure (or into one of Legends Godbomber's legs). Fractyl comes with Scorponok, who is a redeco of Generations Scamper.
This mold was also retooled and redecoed into Unite Warriors Curse Armada Thrust. This tooling also served as the basis of the non-toy Beast Wars: Uprising incarnation of Hydra.

Lifeline with Quickslinger (2016)
Accessories: 2 Guns, 2 Swords, Quickslinger
A redeco of Generations Arcee, Combiner Wars Lifeline is part of the fifth series of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service. She is packaged with her Targetmaster partner Quickslinger, but since her fists are not 5mm compatible she is incapable of holding Quickslinger in weapon mode. While this figure is intended to not only represent the new comic character Lifeline but also the Paradron Medic (making her a potential army-building toy), due to the nature of the mold Lifeline has Arcee's shoulder kibble while the cartoon model for the Paradron Medic doesn't.
Double Pretender Optimus Prime (2017)
Accessories: Pretender Shell, Pretender Shell Gun, Blaster
Combiner Wars Double Pretender Optimus Prime is a redeco/retool of Generations Legends Class Swerve, with a new head and a Generation 2-inspired deco for his pickup truck mode. He reuses the blaster from his Legends Class figure.
He also comes with Hi-Q (a redeco of Flanker) and a Pretender shell redecoed from Oilmaster's, and it was decorated after the original unreleased grey-and-red gorilla shell.
This figure was only available through Fun Publications' Subscription Service 5.0 and shipped together with Double Pretender Megatron.

Double Pretender Megatron (2017)
Accessories: Pretender Shell, Sword for Pretender Shell, Rifle for Pretender Shell, Spacewarp Mini-Con, Joint piece for Spacewarp
Released as a part of the Figure Subscription Service 5.0, Megatron is a redeco of his Legends Class toy, with his coloration based on his canceled Generation 2 "arctic-camo" Combat Hero Megatron toy. He also comes with Spacewarp (a redeco of GenerationsPayload) and his Pretender shell, which is redecoed from Grand Maximus's. Double Pretender Megatron also comes with a joint piece for Spacewarp to let her fit in the shell along with Megatron. This joint piece is sculpted to resemble the large chromed laser cannon that the original G1 Megatron toy came with. His Pretender shell weapons are black repaints of Titans Return Sentinel Prime's rifle and voyager Optimus Prime's sword.
There are two ways to make Megatron and Spacewarp fit into the shell:
1. Fiddle the Megatron figure into a different position, and insert the joint piece on his chest to allow Spacewarp to attach on it.
2. If the joint piece doesn't work due to its tolerance, rearrange Megatron in a slightly different position, and peg Spacewarp into Megatron's arm.

Wrecker Toxitron (Voyager, 2017)
Accessories: Distortion Rifle, Agonizer Sword
Part of the Figure Subscription Service 5.0, Combiner Wars "Wrecker Toxitron" is a redeco of Combiner Wars Motormaster with the mold's previously unused alternate head. Like all Combiner Wars Voyager-class figures, he can combine any compatible Deluxe-class figures from the same subline or any Unite Warriors Deluxes, although he is intended to form the torso of Wreckage. His two accessories can combine into a larger sword for his combined mode.
Toxitron uses the revised version of the hip joints.

Wrecker Counterpunch (Deluxe, 2017)
Part of the Figure Subscription Service 5.0, Combiner Wars Counterpunch (who doesn't turn into his Punch form) is a retool of Combiner Wars Wheeljack using the mold's alternate head, transforming from a supercar resembling a Lancia Stratos to robot and back! As a Combiner Wars Deluxe limb he is able to combine with any Voyager Class toys released as part of the same subline or any Unite Warriors Voyager figure or into one of Legends Godbomber's legs, though he is normally the left arm of Wreckage.

Shattered Glass Starscream (Deluxe, 2017)
Accessories: Weapon/combiner extremity, Atari-Scream rifle
Released as a bonus figure for the Figure Subscription Service 5.0, Combiner Wars Shattered Glass Starscream is a redeco of Ghost Starscream from the Unite Warriors Grand Galvatron set, which is a retool of Combiner Wars Skydive. He can combine to form the leg or arm of any combiner from Hasbro's Combiner Wars subline or any Unite Warriors figure or into one of Legends Godbomber's legs, although the amusingly non-committal "possible suggestion" given is to make him part of Modulus.
Starscream was packaged along with Toxitron and Counterpunch.

Fractyl with Scorponok (Twin-pack, 2016)
Accessories: Gun
Part of the fifth portion of TFSS 5.0 toys, Combiner Wars Scorponok is a redeco of Generations: Thrilling 30 Legends Class Scamper, and transforms into a six-wheeled Cybertronic sports car with side-mounted cannons. He comes with a gun which can peg onto his hands and back/roof via 5mm post. Scorponok comes with Fractyl, who is a redeco of the BotCon 2016 Combiner Wars Terrorsaurfigure.

Lifeline with Quickslinger (2016)
A redeco of Generations Flanker, Quickslinger transforms into a drone jet resembling the Barracuda and Sky-X designs with a new wing configuration. She also has a third blaster-cannon mode that can be used by any toy that uses the 5mm post/hole system.
She was only available with his larger partner Lifeline.
This mold was also used to make Generations Eclipse, Legends Phaser, the smaller part of BotCon 2015 Oilmaster, and TFSS Hi-Q.
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