The Case of Jinbao KO OS Nero Rex Fortis

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The Case of Jinbao KO OS Nero Rex Fortis

Postby GotBot » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:48 pm

Rethinking Predaking for 2018 continues with an analysis of the Jinbao oversized nero rex version of Fortis. This is based on, of course, the MMC Feral Rex version. I discuss this guy, the actual release and even mention the entry for this character from TFC Ares. Who fits where and how do they stack up in the modern era?
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Re: The Case of Jinbao KO OS Nero Rex Fortis

Postby Rated X » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:05 am

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Way too many different throwback Predacon threads homie. Why not link all of the videos together on one thread? Just saying...

On topic, I bought Feral Rex. If Hasbroking turns out to be as big and out of scale as their Devastator, I wont be buying it. They really should have made the dinobot combiner the titan class, and the predacons deluxe to be cartoon accurate and scale with the other combiners. What they did makes zero sense because Predaking and Abominus were the same size as seen in "Call of the Primitaves" while the dinobots were always bigger as individuals. F**king Hasbro, they always find a way to f**k s**t up...
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Re: The Case of Jinbao KO OS Nero Rex Fortis

Postby GotBot » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:52 pm

Good question and I will give you as honest of an answer as I can. In essence, I don't see them so much as throwbacks as much as they are re-evaluations of those older offerings in light of market and price changes as well as the impending titan class release.I did one common thread before for an entire combining team and it worked out really poorly for 2 reasons. Firstly, and oddly, people kept asking where is the next part? Where ia the next part? Why they missed it in a thread, I have no clue, but when I want to focus on one member, doing it this way has never once led to anyone asking where is the next part? Secondly, and more practically, the comments become a mess. Sometimes people want specific info on a specific character, not the whole team. A thread to focus on each team member tends to keep conversations tidy, usually. And I guess, thirdly, the common thread eventually gets buried. So, long story short, trial and error shows this method is just plain more convenient. Don't worry, we are on the downside of this series, promise. Hope that made some sense lol.

To your point, I 100 percent agree. But, consider for a second, this is 5 voyagers compared to Devy and his six. Furthermore, the Rex members are basically voyager size. I am wondering if the Hasbro will be more Rex sized but less chunky? Maybe? That also begs the question of whether or not they should all be voyager sized at all. Like you said, he is about the size of Abominus, maybe more heft, which would indicate a voyager and four deluxe limbs, which is where the Unique Toys argument could also be made, what with his new lower price. I am wondering though, if Hasbro is seeing their particular offering as a cheaper alternative, specifically, for Rex, since he is, undoubtedly, the clear king for most folks. And, if Hasbro's version is not even the same size as Devy, then can it really even be called a titan class, and is it worth that price point?
Interesting point You made too about the dino combiner. That would also seem like a worthy adversary for Devy, assuming you dig a dino combiner idea, which I personally do not. To me the ONLY 2 other titans that make sense, and would truly be marketable, and recognizable at mass retail, are Omega and Skorponok. Arguments for many from IDW could be made too but Hasbro is mass retail and IDW is a small niche.
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