The Hive

Located approximately three hundred Light Years from Cybertron, this lush world is home to an immense variety of flora and fauna, but no sentient life. Its myriad of terrains offer many different possibilities for energy collection - volcanoes and undersea vents for geothermal energy, vast deserts for wind power and solar energy, and other resources. Only time will tell which faction will prosper by developing a presence on BW778, and only time will tell if there is any significance to the fact that that planet's plants and animals appear identical to those of Earth, albeit four million years out of date...

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The Hive

Postby Devastron » Sun May 18, 2008 4:53 pm

Weapon: Energo-Sword
Insecticon Shuttle

The trip across space had been an exceedingly boring one. Shrapnel remembered why he disliked these interpanetary journeys so much. If he had a bigger crew and one he could fully trust he might have spent the entire trip in stasis just to avoid the boredom. As it stood the crew was only his fellow Insecticons and what with the recently established precedent of overthrowing their commander he wasn't about to simply nap on the journey over. Who knows what would happen if he wasn't around. But now, at long last, their journey was over.

Shrapnel looked at the main viewer in glee. They had arrived at this new world and what a world it was. It teemed with organic matter that the Insecticons could feast on, and this time without any fleshlings powerful enough to stop them. This planet would become the base of power, the heart of a Decepticon empire, and they would be the ones starting it. They would become central to the empire. This planet would be their hive.

The Insecticon leader drew his mind back to the present and began issuing orders. “Find a place for us to land, land. A spot with plenty of matter we can eat, eat. This long trip has made me hungry, gry. We shall feast before we begin conquering this planet, planet!”
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Re: The Hive

Postby The Chaos Bringer » Sat May 31, 2008 6:46 am

Insecticon Shuttle

Chop Shop took a long look at the planet he was now to live on. As gross as organic planets were on the surface, they did look nice from space. And since he had no idea when or if he'd be leaving the planet again he may as well get used to it.

"So what exactly are we supposed to do once we're down there?"
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