The "Issue 50" Story Arc: A Theory

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Re: The "Issue 50" Story Arc: A Theory

Postby ArmadaPrime » Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:08 am

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Honestly my big hope for the Unicron mini is that it doesn't (yet!) properly introduce Unicron to the current timeline, despite all the hints that have been slowly building up over the years. Personally I'd love something that delves into the IDW version of the whole unicron/primus/guiding hand/13 primes mythos a little more, even if its presented as myths that have been passed down and warped over time, much like the guiding hand first were.
With more and more primes showing up in some form in TAAO and some threads still hanging from ex-RID (particularly Blackrock and his connection to Onyx Prime, though I gather this is getting a little focus in revolutionaries?), and with this week's Lost Light especially having given us a bunch more teases about the Knights of Cybertron, I think it's hitting the point that some more concrete stuff explaining how all these are linked and the transformers' ancient history wouldn't be at all undue. A short series explaining what supposedly happened millennia ago would set up nicely for it to all come crashing into the present in perhaps another year's time.
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Re: The "Issue 50" Story Arc: A Theory

Postby Rodimus Prime » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:28 pm

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ScottyP wrote:
Rodimus Prime wrote:Maybe you should re-title this thread the "100 issue story arc" :lol: Or maybe at least the "80 issue story arc." If LL ended at issue 23, that would make 80 if added to MTMTE. It would be a nice homage to G1. (Of course I'm not counting G2 or ReGen) Or maybe Roberts has enough in himself to get to issue 43 to make it an even 100.

Also, I know little to nothing about First Strike, is that story taking place in the Optimus Prime comic, or is it the next mini-series after TAAO? And are there any plans to have LL involved somehow down the line?
intending to update the quite out-of-date FAQ this weekend too so will play around with that.
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As for First Strike, it's this year's "Revolution". Optimus Prime will continue during it to tell the story of the Transformers that remain on Earth while Prime and some others go to Cybertron, which reminds me of Chaos a bit. Lost Light will also continue during it and generally be uninvolved, for now.

Outside of GI Joe (as Cobra dudes will ve attacking Cybertron, thus Joes help Prime defend it), it's not yet clear how the other Hasbro properties will be involved outside of "they will be". The release schedule isn't goiing to help as things that were meant to come out well before First Strike will be hitting during it.
Ah. I haven't read Revolution either, so I will probably pass on this as well. I understand the appeal of crossovers, but I think there are plenty of stories to tell and aspects of Cybertronian life to explore without bringing a large amount of non-Transformer characters into it. I think if IDW focused on that primarily, the comics' popularity wouldn't have waned and perhaps titles like TAAO would have continued.
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