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Postby SeekerInAFakeMoustache » Wed Apr 11, 2007 7:14 pm

Sun Runner wrote:Personally i would have liked 12 sons since it could have paralleled the 12 tribes of Israel

Not to mention the SR arc would've been another five levels long, unless they pulled a "Dark Eden" and put Raziel into battle with three of 'em at once. ;) And I'd have been happy to see more Malek anything. "Vengeance! Vengeance for my eternity of suffering!" So underused. But he sure packs a punch when he's there!

My favorite plot twist? Finding Kain was the Pillar of Balance, definitely. Though that thing I mentioned that happened at Avernus was a close second. The series had been building up to it, but I didn't see it happening that way, and because of what I mentioned before- the designers allowing Kain to be vulnerable- I was actually worried that might be the end of him. I think I mighta actually yelled "vae victus!" when it wasn't.
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Postby homelessjunkeon » Fri Apr 13, 2007 7:57 pm

Telekinetic exsanguination is by far the best ability in any game, followed closely by the room-clearing Cadaverous Lacerations and Eviscerate Corpse moves from Defiance.

Since I played SR1, then BO, then SR2, BO2, and then Defiance, my perceptions of Kain were rather coloured during BO. The best part for me was going along with Raziel's hatred of kain, really buying into the idea that he was the bad guy, and then having to rethink the whole situation along with Raziel as he learned the truth.

Kain is the star of the show, so naturally I have to choose him as the best character. Nobody, not even Ash from Evil dead, nor any character ever played by Johnny Depp, has ever had such magnificent-bastard quality dialogue.

Defiance wrote:Kain peers down into the silent Spirit Forge, smiles as he spots Moebius, and floats down. Moebius is speaking to the Elder God, although he cannot see it, and he unaware of Kain landing behind him.

...the Hylden are merely an inconvenient consequence. They will be dealt with in time.

Kain quietly draws the Blood Reaver.

It's a small price to pay for Kain's death.

You're a bit premature.

Moebius whirls, aghast.


Is there a crack in your omniscience after all, Moebius?

Moebius repeatedly activates his staff, with no effect.

Kain: (amused)
First your omniscience, and now your powers. You're slipping badly.

This is not possible...

Kain strikes the staff from Moebius's hand and seizes him by the arm. He holds Moebius's palm against the hole in his chest.

The part of me that staff affected is no longer in its place. But you already knew that, didn't you.

Kain pushes Moebius away roughly.

I always was considered heartless. And now, Moebius, it is time.

To kill me? Again? Your only solution, for every problem: kill.

This is not a debate. You see, this time, you have nothing that I want.

Kain seizes Moebius again, this time impaling him on the Reaver.

Moebius: (struggling to speak)
You think this will matter? I serve One who has power over life and death.

Then go to him.

Kain pushes Moebius off the blade. The Time Streamer falls, and lies dying on the floor.

I love how he toys with Mobius when he knows he poses no risk, and then ends it so bluntly and unceremoniously, as though he were scraping something from his boot.
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Postby SeekerInAFakeMoustache » Sun Apr 15, 2007 5:33 pm

Oh, yeah! That's a great scene. I especially love how Mr. freezes-people-in-his-walls-for-decoration accuses Kain of excessive violence, but hey, that's the Timestreamer for you. :lol:

Here's another: LOK has some great music, so what's your favorite tune? Ozar Mizdrashim (Raziel's theme) is one of the best, and I like the song that plays in Dumah's keep. Kain's theme from Blood Omen (sometimes I hear it called "Solemn Dirge") is unique as a main character's music - it's very slow and melancholy. And, oddly, most of Blood Omen 2's music is excellent, too.

(And here's how you taunt your foes LOK Style:

Vorador: Call your dogs! They can feast on your corpses!

Malek: I'll cut you from crotch to gizzard and feed what's left to your brides!)
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Postby Xion » Mon Apr 16, 2007 2:42 am

I liked the last game of the saga, and I think if I buy the other games on pc, too. :-?
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