The "moving in with my fiancee so I need to clear space" sales thread!

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The "moving in with my fiancee so I need to clear space" sales thread!

Postby GiganGoji » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:39 pm

AHHHH I’m actually doing it! I’m moving in with my fiancee in a few months. Time to clear stuff out! Since space is the biggest issue right now, the minimum purchase is two figures.
I’ll ship internationally, I’ll take PayPal, I’ll hold figures for a week or so.
I'll do my best to find instructions if I have them.
Want a whole bunch? Make an offer!

Shipping quote? PM me your address.
Minimum purchase 2 figures.


PENDING $5 - Classics Optimus Prime (w/ gun)
$5 - Cybertron Excellion (w/ key)
PENDING $6 - Cybertron Unicron (no weapons or key)
$9 - Generations Crosscut (w/ guns)
$20 - Classics Thundercracker (w/ null rays and missiles)
$12 - Classics Warpath (no missile)
$12 each - Reveal The Shield / Battle in Space Hot Rod / Rodimus (w/ gun and projectile)
$5 - DOTM Optimus Prime (no gun)
$20 - SDCC Age of Extinction Snarl
$5 - DOTM Roadbuster (w/ Mechtech weapon)
$5 - DOTM Starscream (no weapons)
$5 - DOTM Topspin (w/ Mechtech weapon)
$6 - Hunt for the Decepticons Hailstorm (w/ all 8 missiles)
SOLD - FOC Blast Off
$12 - Prime First Edition DX Optimus (no gun)
PENDING $25 - Botcon Animated Autotrooper
PENDING $10 - RID 2016 Warrior Starscream (w/ both guns)
SOLD - Titans Return Hot Rod (w/ Titan Master and guns)
PENDING $9 - Titans Return Chromedome (w/ Titan Master and guns)
$15 - Titans Return Brainstorm (w/ Titan Master and gun)
PENDING $8 - Combiner Wars Smokescreen (no accessories)
PENDING $10 - Combiner Wars Lightspeed (from Computron set, w/ gun, no hand or foot)
SOLD - Combiner Wars Nosecone (from Computron set, no hand or foot)
PENDING $20 - Combiner Wars Afterbreaker (from Computron set, w/ guns, no hand or foot)
PENDING $10 - Combiner Wars Jumpstream (from Victorion set, no accessories)
PENDING $10 - Combiner Wars Skyburst (from Victorion set, no accessories)
PENDING $25 - Combiner Wars Guyhawk (from Liokaiser set, w/ gun and hand/foot/gun)


$15 - Combiner Wars G2 Onslaught (w/ guns)
SOLD - Takara Crazybolt and Minicon Ransack (used, in box)
$10 - Animated Lugnut (used, with box)
$18 - Universe G1 Perceptor reissue (used, in box)
$10 - AOE Evasion Optimus Prime (no gun)
$22 - Titans Return Optimus Prime (w/ Titan Master, sword, and gun. Some sticker peeling)
$5 - AOE Grimlock (w/ mace)
PENDING $12 - Combiner Wars Scattershot (from Computron set, w/ shield, gun, and both hands)
$5 - Energon Rodimus (mising heels)
SOLD - RID white dragon Galvatron (missing tiny dragon arms and guns)
$35 - Botcon Cindersaur (w/ key)
$15 - Classics Jetfire (one broken antenna)
PENDING $35 - Botcon General Optimus Prime (I have the rest of the guns around here somewhere)
SOLD - Universe Dirge (with gun)
PENDING $6 - RID Deployer Overload (no minicon)


$3 - Real Gear Zoom Out 25X
$1 - SD DOTM Megatron
$2 - X2 Toys Power Bat (Prime Soundwave compatible)
$2 - Minicon Air Defense Sonar
$2 - Minicon Deepdive
SOLD - Generations Targetmasters (from Scoop)
$1 - Bot Shots Megatron tank and launcher
$1 - Bot Shots Acid Storm and Starscream launchers
$1 - AOE Slug one-step
$1 - AOE Lockdown one-step
$10 - Transformers Adventure TED05 Juknion
$4 - RID Springload one-step
$5 - G1 Wingthing
PENDING $2 - Titans Return Titan Master Apeface (vehicle only)
$2 - Cybertron Legends Soundwave
$5 - G1 reissue Laserbeak w/ missiles (some sticker peeling)
$1 - Robot Heroes Dispensor
SOLD - Human Alliance Basic Thunderhead (no human)
$5 - Cybertron Swerve (w/ pipes and gun)
$3 - Cybertron Clocker (w/ gun, no pipes)
$3 - PCC Bombshock
$20 - Q Transformers Decepticon Executive set (Shockwave, Megatron, Soundwave) - OR make an offer on each figure
$5 - Kabaya WFC Optimus Prime (missing some stickers, not sure where gun is)
PENDING $1 - cake topper Prime Vehicon
$1 - Galaxy Force Legends Optimus Prime
$3 - RID Clash of the Transformers (Lio Convoy design) Optimus Prime
$4 - Generations Legends Optimus Prime (no Roller or gun)
PENDING $2 - Beast Hunters Commander Optimus Prime red (legs swapped)
PENDING $2 - Beast Hunters Commander Optimus Prime blue (legs swapped)
$5 - Legends Acid Storm (no Venin, yes null rays)
SOLD - Legends Skrapnel (no Reflector)
$5 - MOSC UK Beast Hunters Soundwave
$2 - MOSC UK Beast Hunters Bumblebee
$7 - MOSC UK Beast Hunters Divebomb
$10 - MOSC UK Beast Hunters Bluestreak
$6 - RID Legion Fixit
$3 - Prime Cyberverse Soundwave (DOTM repaint Mercedes, no weapon)
$4 - RID Legion Alpine Strike Sideswipe
$3 - Scout class Breacher (missing left hand)
$3 - Crankstart
$4 - Legends Sunstorm
$4 - RID Legion Starscream
PENDING $3 - Takara Minicon Windora (with Hasbro armor)
PENDING $1 - Minicon Undertone (white and blue version)
PENDING $3 - Minicon Decepticon Hammer (red version with green armor)
$4 - Real Gear Spy Shot 6 (cut open package - can be shipped loose)
$4 - Power Up VT6 (cut open package - can be shipped loose)
$4 - Real Gear Zoom Out 25X (cut open package - can be shipped loose)


$6 - Warbotron WB01-F gun only (unassembled, still on sprue)
PENDING $87 - Planet X Triton (with card, in box, no Caelus swords)
$90 - M01 Commander oversized Evasion Optimus Prime (w/ shield, axe, swords, and face)
$10 - KO Sonicron
$3 - KO AOE Optimus Prime (some die cast parts)
$3 - oversized KO PCC Bombshock
$75 - iGear Raptor Squadron Starburst (w/ null rays and base)
$9 - TransPolice humvee
$9 - TransPolice helicopter
$9 - TransPolice speedboat
$9 - TransPolice motorcycle


$25 - Iron Factory Miko for Irontitan (with bonus translucent sword from Pink Assassin set)
$22 - Unique Toys Palm Collection Betta (Hardhead) w/ weapons
$2 - KO oversized Cybertron Legends Bumblebee
$2 - KO Starsaber? (w/ sword)
$5 - KO oversized Generations Legends Megatron
$1 - KO oversized TFTM Legends Ironhide
$1 - KO oversized Cybertron Legends Evac
$2 - KO oversized Legends Sparkcrusher
$2 - KO Spittor (w/ tongue weapon)
SOLD - WST G2 Breakdown (w/ guns and stickers)
$22 - KFC Airdancer black version


MAKE OFFER - bag of Construct-Bots parts
$6 - Kre-O Starscream (assembled, not sure where stickers are)
$7 - Kre-O Shockwave (assembled, not sure where stickers are)
$7 - Kre-O Grimlock (assembled, not sure where stickers are)
$12 - Kre-O Optimus/Megatron set (assembled, stickers applied)
$15 - Trans Scanning Optimus Prime (complete, one peg broken off of a thigh panel)
$50 - Dinozaurs Gigano Dragon
$1 - plush Autobot zippered pouch
$2 - little plush AOE Grimlock
$5 - DOTM Leader Bee (broken sideview mirror, included. No weapons)


SOLD - FOC Twintwist drill gun
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Re: The "moving in with my fiancee so I need to clear space" sales thread!

Postby Jason5billion » Tue Jun 06, 2017 5:07 am

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On your weapons/accessories, do you have a shield for Tankor?
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Re: The "moving in with my fiancee so I need to clear space" sales thread!

Postby Jaysk8s » Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:39 pm

Still selling?
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