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Postby Thanos » Sun Apr 29, 2007 4:57 pm

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Below is a list of Generation 1 Transformers and parts I have for sale or trade. All offers are welcomed. I also have an extensive list of Beast Wars era and up figures for sale or trade. Contact me with any items you may be looking for.

Thanks for looking!


Generation 1 Figures
Brawn - Only minor discoloration, otherwise looks great and has no broken parts; this version has no internal chrome arms.
Cutthroat - One small claw missing and comes with no accessories. Chrome shows some wear. Would be perfect for completing an Abominus.
Grapple - No accessories. Hook has been broken from crane. Wear is present on chrome.
Gunrunner - Inner robot only.
Highjump - Ankle joint is somewhat loose, but otherwise in good shape.
Hun-Grrr - Comes with chest plate.
Metroplex - Lower portion only, appears to have been snapped at waist. Legs and tires are in excellent shape and could be used for repair.
Mudslinger - Some chrome wear on wheels, but intact and in decent shape.
Power Run - In solid, great shape.
Powermaster Optimus Prime - Missing all guns and head, but comes with Hi-Q. Trailer shows wear and is missing one wheel. Cab's stacks are snapped.
Powertrain - Some color wear, but intact.
Road Burner - Missing red crane arm.
Scowl - Shell only.
Searchlight - Slight scuffing, but transforms and rolls wonderfully.
Skullcruncher - Comes with Grax, but missing tail and gun.
Slag - Missing his right hand and accessories, but otherwise in decent shape. Does show chrome wear.
Slide - Chrome wear, but otherwise in good shape.
Starscream - Only comes with large left wing and both vertical tailfins.
Storm Cloud - Two available. First shows some chrome rusting and paint wear on top of cabin, but otherwise sound. Other has only slight bit of dirt on left wing joint and could probably be cleaned off; all joints are tight.
Strikedown - Arms slightly loose, but in great shape.
Tailspin - Chrome darkening and a small scratch on windshield present, but intact and solid.
Tailwind - Small amount of screw rusting, but otherwise in good shape.
Tote - Ankle joint is somewhat loose, but otherwise in good shape.
Twin Twist - Takara version with a broke clip which wont let him stay in tank mode; gun is also missing.
Warpath - Cannon has been snapped off, but otherwise immaculate. Would be perfect if fixed with a junker Warpath's cannon.
Wheel Blaze - Chrome darkening on wheel pins, but solid and in great shape.

Generation 1 Parts and Accessories
Astrotrain - Ionic Displacer Rifle
Bombshell - Head Stinger Assembly
Erector - Trailer (missing one of the yellow swing arms and one rear wheel) and Crane (missing cannon cover)
Fortress Maximus - Left Ramp Red Landing Pad
Metroplex - Double Barrel Cannon, Tank, Lower Hip and Legs Assembly with all tires
Motormaster / Menasor - Right Fist
Onslaught / Bruticus - Ramp, Large Chest Plate, Small Chest Plate
Optimus Prime - Black Rocket
Punch / Counterpunch - Twin Mortar Launcher
Roughstuff - Trailer, Two Missiles, Double Blaster Turret
Scattershot / Computron - Chest Plate
Silverbolt / Superion - Blast Shield, Right Foot, Left Fist
Skalor - Right Dual Crustation Rifle
Trypticon - Full Tilt
Ultra Magnus - Laser Gun, Cab Connector


Please note that these figures are just a priority for me to get. I will trade for other G1 figures you may have. Contact me with details. I'm also open to taking Takara/Hasbro Reissues.

Generation 1 Figures Needed:
Gnaw (aka Sharkticon)
Hot Rod
Ultra Magnus

Generation 1 Parts and Accessories Needed:
Octopunch - I need everything but the large white rifle.
Outback - Mortar Cannon
Pretender Starscream - Large blue rifle, both wings and both tailfins needed.
Roughstuff - I already have the trailer and accessories, just need the actual Micromaster.
Seacons - I need black rifle stand pieces for each of the five smaller components.
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Sale list

Postby unicron129 » Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:05 pm

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