Thoughts on the 'Siege on Cybertron' set?

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Thoughts on the 'Siege on Cybertron' set?

Postby Skritz » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:26 pm

Turns out my local Toys R Us has two boxes of the Siege on Cybertron. I'm not entirely sure how this hapenned, as I was under the impression it was a BBTS exclusive but still, it truly appears my local store has it, tucked on top of the shelf and nearly impossible to see unless you are actively looking up from a certain angle. Why it's there and not on the shelf I can speculate (with my main theory being that all those Star Wars shelves full of shelfwarming toys take a ton of display space) but I've observed the thing for a good ten minutes while stand on my toes and it's totally the Siege on Cybertron boxset.

So, considering I'm collecting Titans Return stuff, is it any worth as a set? I mean overall-speaking, what's the average quality of the set? I'm aware Tidal Wave make a damn fine use of the otherwise lackluster shelfwarmer Broadside and you can't go wrong with Metalhawk what with him being a recolor of easily one of the top deluxe mold for TR. The real standout here is, however, Super Ginrai Magnus Prime. I'm aware it's the only way to get this guy at retail but the uncertainty of wether or not we'll see a north american release of Godbomber reduce his value and make me wonder if I shouldn't just invest into an actual Takara set of these two.

BTw did I just somehow miss the fact it would end up at Toys R Us or is this an anomaly?
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Re: Thoughts on the 'Siege on Cybertron' set?

Postby shajaki » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:49 pm

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You must be in Canada. We got the Siege set as a TRU exclusive, still with the BBTS sticker on it and everything. American TRU's didn't get them as far as I know.

I'd say it's worth it, even as a gamble. It was crazy hard to find when it (briefly) hit shelves, and sold out at BBTS. So if you're even considering it, then take the plunge. You could even sell the bits you don't care for on ebay and make some money back.

The set itself, has great stuff. MH and TW are worth the price of admission alone, and the rest is a bonus. And you'll want this set especially if you have Velocitron already and want a complete set of Hasbro Clones. The only issue, is that Magnus Prime is prone to some QC issues. Nothing detrimental though.

So don't think about it for too long. Go grab it while you can.
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Re: Thoughts on the 'Siege on Cybertron' set?

Postby Skritz » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:59 pm

Really its Super Ginrai Magnus Prime* that bugs me in all this because he just seem incomplete without a Godbomber to combine with. I also lack the Velocitron set making the clone figure a bit less interesting.

*Yes I will keep making this joke because 'Magnus Prime' has an identity that may end up as confusing as Hawkman by the rate its going...
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