Titans Return Blitzwing vs. Generations with shoulder fix-Who Wins?

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Titans Return Blitzwing vs. Generations with shoulder fix-Who Wins?

Postby GotBot » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:26 am

Easily the MOST DIFFICULT figure I have EVER had to score. Why, you might ask? I was hard on the Titans Return Blitzwing when he was first announced, as I initially disliked the silhouette in the stock photos , but his look grew on me once I saw pictures with the back wings extended. As such, I picked him up. Immediately, I knew he needed additional custom paint to help him capture an animation accurate look (admittedly, the Legends one does that perfectly, if you wish to go that route, and this one DOES catch toy accuracy excellently). By the way, the biggest challenge was matching the beige. I digress, his knees are also somewhat cumbersome, especially when i think about kids trying to transform this guy. Finally, while effective, he does have certain articulation limits. Conversely, the Generations, whom I compare this guy too, is also not perfect. We all know he looks stylized and the should assembly issue is very well know. Therefore, one would expect, despite being imperfect, the new update would automatically win. BUT, what if you have gone as far as to fix the shoulders on the Generations one, which does improve him exponentially, then who wins?
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