Transformers Masterpiece lot for sale in SF Bay Area

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Transformers Masterpiece lot for sale in SF Bay Area

Postby Zucot » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:36 pm

Selling my Transformers Masterpiece collection.

They are all Japanese originals made by Takara, which usually means
better paint jobs / more reliable parts.

The only exception is the Starscream in G1 colors. This figure shipped
in the USA first, and that's the version that I have. That's also the
only one without a box. Everything else is 100% in boxes. Items have been opened once to verify contents and then resealed.

This dude is selling a lot with 3 less figures and is trying to get 2k for em.


I'm looking for 1750 sharp. I want to sell this as one big lot - no individual cherry picking please. Ideally I'd like to deal with a local but I may be willing to ship at actual cost to the buyer.

List of what I have:

Convoy (Black) MP01B
Ultramagnus MP02
Starscream (Takara camo colors) MP03
Starscream (Ghost) MP03G
Convoy with trailer MP04
Megatron MP05
Skywarp MP06
Thundercracker MP07
Grimlock MP08
Rodimus Prime with trailer MP09
Starscream (USA G1 colors) (Not In Picture.)
MP 1.jpg
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