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Postby 1984forever » Sat Apr 10, 2021 1:08 am

PART 116

Camshaft placed a translucent hand on Offroad’s head. The Stunticon imposter instinctively recoiled at his touch. A cold chill travelled from the base of his neck all the way down to the last rung on his spinal assembly.
“You’re taking too long to die!” laughed the evil apparition.
“Camshaft... you’re real...?”
“Of course I’m real! The portal to the Allspark is wide open, welcoming you... but you won’t cross over! So I figured hey, since the door’s cracked, why don’t I slide on through and pay my old pal Sunstreaker a visit? But first, “Offroad”, I want you to see what happened long ago.”


The convoy consisting of fifty Autobots came to a halt before a canyon of ruined structures rusting under blood red skies. Camshaft hovered out of the building farthest from them and flashed his headlights.
“All clear! No snipers,” he radioed. “The Decepti-creeps are waiting for us just outside the Hall of Judgement. As agreed upon, Onslaught and his goons have Magnificus in an Energon restraint, ready to hand him over.”
“Superb,” acknowledged Delta Magnus. “Autobots... roll forth!”
Road Rage accelerated to the front of the procession, matching Magnus’ speed as they rumbled past endless rows of crumbling constructs.
“I would strongly advise caution, Magnus. If ever there was a sector ripe for ambush, this is it.”
“I have complete confidence in our scout’s abilities,” Delta Magnus replied. “Nothing escapes his notice.”
Ahead of them, Four figures stand on the steps of the Hall of Judgement—Onslaught, Brawl, Blast Off, and Vortex. At the bottom of the stairs, Magnificus kneels before the oncoming Autobot convoy. At Delta Magnus’ command, fifty Autobots transform at once—but it was not the warden who approached the deposed Decepticon commander, it was a Cybertronian ambassador named Crosscut.
“Magnificus of Mebion,” he sniffed. “Undone by your own underlings, I see. Perhaps you should have stayed on your home planet instead of involving yourself in Cybertronian affairs.”
“I was built on Cybertron, you pitiful politician!” Magnificus spat defiantly. “And I will die for Cybertron if that is Primus’ will!”
“May Primus have mercy upon your Spark, but it shall be the will of the citizenry that will see you rendered into slag,” the ambassador decreed, before turning his gaze upwards toward Magnificus’ captors. “Greetings, Onslaught. Sentinel Prime dispatched me over the Space Bridge to negotiate a peace agreement between your forces and the staff of Trypticon penitentiary.”
“Salutations, ambassador Crosscut. In return for the cessation of all Decepticon military action on Chaar, I request only that we be allowed to leave this planet unscathed.”
“You have my word that no armament atop Trypticon will be used to fire upon your craft as you depart—if that is what you were alluding to. But tell me, Onslaught, how do you intend to get off-planet? Your starship has been destroyed.”
“Ambassador, surely you have been informed that my engineers have successfully reconfigured Beta Supreme back to base mode? We will return to Cybertron in the deceased Guardian’s rocket module.”
“What you propose is monstrous, Onslaught! The citizens of Cybertron will never stand for a fallen hero’s remains to be used as a means of—of escape by the very Decepticons responsible for his demise!”
“Then have Sentinel Prime send over materials for the construction of a new space cruiser!”
“I do not think he will agree to that.”
“Then tell me what he will agree to, ambassador! Sentinel Prime wants an end to this conflict, does he not?”


A few rows behind the representatives, a fog drifting drifting along the periphery of the troops draws Camshaft’s attention away from the negotiations. For a moment, the fog seems to solidify, taking the form of someone famous before drifting away again. The scout could hardly believe his optic sensors.
“Wheeljack... here?” he thought.
Wheeljack was widely known for inventing new weapons and gadgets. In fact, the inventor had recently engineered new alt-modes for Grimlock’s unit, which they in turn, used to decimate Megatron’s forces in Kalis—turning the tide of the war. If Wheeljack was setting up something to capture Onslaught’s crew, he didn’t want to spoil the surprise by alarming anyone. Still, he needed to investigate to ensure that what he saw wasn’t an enemy agent setting a trap.
He slipped away silently, stopping at the very spot where he saw the fog take form. The mystery mech had left an object there. It was small, green, disc-shaped... and extremely dangerous.
“Bomb!” yelled Camshaft. “Clear the area! It’s a Nucleon bomb!”
Camshaft transformed and sped towards the nearest structure. No one followed. Bodyguards threw themselves on top of Delta Magnus and Crosscut, hoping to shield them from damage. Several more ran over to the device, attempting to diffuse it while others around them argued that they should try disposing of it instead. The bomb exploded astro-seconds later, leaving only the flickering images of four Combaticons overlooking a field of dead Autobots.
“Holograms,” Camshaft whispered to himself, peeking through a crack in the steel wall of his shelter. “Onslaught and his cronies were never here... just Magnificus.”
Delta Magnus was dead. So was Crosscut. He saw Road Rage—burned black and naked as a protoform—struggle to stand up near their bodies. Then he saw her promptly put down by a beam that sizzled over his right shoulder. He whirled around and found himself staring down the barrel of the shooter’s smoking gun. The mercenary resembled Wheeljack. The two were similar in shape and color, only the mech pointing a pistol at him wore a visor instead of a mouthplate.
“You’re the mech I saw out there in the fog!” Camshaft exclaimed. “The one that planted the bomb!”
“Aye. That was me. But ya got one thing wrong... I am the fog! Name’s Exhaust. I got the power ta change me molecules inta livin’ smoke. But enough about me, lad. I need ta know what yer willin’ ta do ta keep yer brain module inside of it’s cranium casing.”
Camshaft bowed his head. “I’ll do whatever you want me to... anything you want.”
“Patsy,” the mercenary sneered, as he shoved a rectangular object into the scout’s hand. “Left the struts out on your model, did they? Here—take this and deliver it ta Cordon at the prison. And don’t think of tossin’ it away before ya get there. Ya won’t like what’ll happen to ya if ya do.”

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Sat May 01, 2021 9:07 am

PART 117

The item that Exhaust had given him was mostly dark blue with borders of light gray. There was also an unlit display screen in the middle of it where—strangely enough—the majority of it’s weight seemed to be centered.
Camshaft looked Exhaust straight in the visor and said, “I know who this is. I also know what you’re planning to do... and guess what? I don’t care. Not one bit.”
Exhaust drew back in mock shock, then he let out a chuckle. “Scared me there for an astro-second, lad. Thought ya might’a decided ta choose death over dishonor—which meant that I would’a had ta march back outside ta find another patsy to complete my mission. Hey, nothin’ wrong with lookin’ out for number one,” he shrugged. “It’s just that yer programmin’ seems a little more suited for the mechs I associate with rather than an Autobot.”
“I’ve got a special ability just like you,” Camshaft replied. “But the difference is I can’t control mine. Every so often I get shunted to this dimension that I call the “Shattered Glass Universe.” It’s a broken, twisted mirror image of this reality where the Autobots don’t have morals and the ‘Cons are the ones who are too hero-programmed to know when to quit.”
“Yeah?” smirked Exhaust. “And what d’ya tell your friends about your sudden disappearances?” he inquired. Disbelieving, but clearly enjoying the concept.
“No one notices. It all happens in a flash. If I spend a stellar-cycle here, I also spend a stellar-cycle there—and not a moment passes in either place from the moment I disappear to the time I return. So every one vorn for you is like two for me.”
“Blazes! Bet’cha learned a lot seein’ things from two different perspectives, though.”
“Yeah. I learned to make self-preservation my primary function. I don’t give a scrap about who wins this war. Every mech who’s decent in this dimension has a doppelgänger on the other side of the glass who’s a bully or a sadist—and vice versa. Heroic Autobot, evil Decepticon... it’s all subjective to me now.”
“Fact or fiction, that’s great stuff. You should record a data track on this little “Shattered Glass” getaway of yours after the war... if ya survive, that is. Now hover along, lad.” Exhaust said, slapping Camshaft on the shoulder. “My accounts don’t get filled if my contracts go unfulfilled.”


The twenty sentries stationed in front of Trypticon prison closed ranks as Camshaft approached. The smallest of them—Strongarm—motioned for the scout to stop.
“Halt,” she ordered. “Cordon would have words with you.”
Camshaft transformed, holding aloft the item that Exhaust had thrust upon him. “Yes! I need to see Cordon right away! I have something for him! And I have terrible news! The others... I mean it was horrible! They—“
The guards separated as the heavy doors of the prison parted and Cordon emerged from within. “Save your lies!” the accidental warden shouted. “The traveler foretold of your treachery!”
Camshaft was genuinely confused. “The traveler...? You mean one of the ‘Bots that arrived over the Bridge? How did—I mean... what? I have no idea what he’s talking about!”
“Enough! Seize him!” ordered Cordon. “I only wish that I had been able to hail Delta Magnus in order to alert him, but some sort of interference over the airwaves hampered my efforts.”
Camshaft dropped the object he had been holding as the guards approached. The faux display screen on it popped open as it struck the ground, releasing six discs in rapid succession. The discs enlarged as they transformed into Decepticons Frenzy, Enemy, Buzzsaw, Garboil, Ravage and Howlback.
Frenzy was the first to strike, incapacitating the sentries with a sonic attack. Next, Ravage and Howlback charged into the mob of malfunctioning mechanoids, dragging down two of their strongest and viciously rending them to pieces.
The avian Decepticons struck from above in deadly tandem. First, Buzzsaw disarmed and dismembered their targets using his beak, then Garboil finished them off with twin phonon maser bursts. Meanwhile, Enemy garbled the guard’s voices, making any attempt at an organized offense impossible.
The device that had concealed the six Decepticons prior to the attack changed form and waded through the carnage with his weapon primed for one individual in particular. Pinned under an offlined guard, Cordon’s optics flared as the assassin approached him.
“Target acquired,” droned Soundwave, as he squeezed the trigger. “And eliminated.”
Suddenly, an energy barrier appeared between the two Transformers, absorbing the blast.
“I’d forgotten that I possessed that ability.” Cordon said, finding the strength to free himself. “A result of a nagging glitch that causes deletion of data from my memory banks. An auspicious moment for me... one unbelievably unfortunate turn of events for you!”
Blue pebbles peppered Cordon’s side of the force field as he peeled off back into the prison in alt-form. The doors slammed shut behind him. His impromptu energy barrier dissipated. The last of his guards lay deactivated, with the silent promise of more lively ones to come upon his return.
Camshaft sidled up to Soundwave. “Um, you know he’s gonna come back with more ‘Bots and kill us, right?”
“Affirmative,” replied Soundwave. “Solution: proceed with mission objective. Access prison. Free inmates. Bolster forces.”
“Good plan,” nodded Camshaft. “Just one thing, pal... how are you gonna accomplish it? He locked us out!”
“He’s right, boss.” frowned Frenzy. “That door’s pretty thick. You think the new mech can bash through it?”
“Affirmative. Rumble eject. Operation: Demolition.”

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Fri May 28, 2021 7:32 am

PART 118

Rumble pounded on the doors of the prison until the magna-seal joining the two halves together separated. Then he rammed his pile drivers into the crumpled door on his right, causing it to collapse inward. The heavy steel slab landed with a resounding thud, and Rumble was greeted with an outpouring of energy discharges. The diminutive demolitions expert ran for his life with pile drivers swinging on both sides like pendulums.
“Abort mission!” he shouted. “There’s too many of ‘em, Soundwave! Cordon’s got every screw in da joint comin’ down on us!”
Soundwave crouched behind the remaining door. Errant energy pulses assaulted it from the other side as the sentries producing them drew near.
“Howlback, advance.” he ordered. “Operation: Detonation.”
Howlback streaked headlong into the prison’s fiery maw without hesitation. When the intense fusillade flowing from it failed to hurl any of her parts back out, Camshaft’s curiosity was piqued. He crept closer and peeked inside... and what he witnessed was so magnificent that it took a moment for his optic sensors to properly adjust. Howlback’s feedbacker shield was absorbing the sentries’ shots and storing them in a luminescent bubble around her. Soon, the bubble grew so big that the walls surrounding it began to buckle. Camshaft shrank away. He had an inkling of what was about to happen next, and decided to seek cover in case his assumption was correct. Howlback’s bubble burst as Camshaft turned to flee, releasing the energies held hostage within, and rocking the prison to it’s very foundation.
Soundwave stood up amidst the smoke billowing out of the entrance, a steady stream of text scrolling across his chest window.
“Communication shields offline,” he droned. “Accessing main computer. Opening containment cells. Disabling mode locks.”
Emergency beacons flashed on the fallen guard’s forearms. The reinforcements that came to avenge them arrived with shouts of pain and fear already pouring through their comms. Their comrades were under siege in every single cell block. They paused, unsure of the more urgent threat to respond to, and a moment later a swarm of angry inmates overtook them from the rear.
Convicts possessing of beast modes ripped into the jailers with jaws and claws. Those that didn’t, attacked with literally anything and everything that could be used as a weapon. Makeshift energo shivs penetrated hard armor plates to seek out soft circuits, and blunt objects were used to bash in cranial casings.The guards fought valiantly, but were quickly overwhelmed by the dregs of over a dozen colonies. Several of the sentries alt-formed and fled, only to be intercepted by Onslaught’s advancing forces a few kliks away. Those deserters were quickly destroyed—Cordon himself among them, apparently having forgotten all about his duty to defend the prison.
It was not long after Cordon’s destruction that Trypticon penitentiary finally fell to the Decepticons.


After the uprising, the inmates—rogue Autobots, Decepticons, and non-aligned alike—were all invited to join Onslaught’s cause. Those that declined were executed and used as parts to repair others who were damaged in battle. Amongst the condemned, Offroad stood the only outlier solely because his infamy preceded him. After a severe beating that left the serial killer covered in dents, he was hauled into Trypticon’s command center by two Combaticons and forced down to the floor plates.
“Onslaught this fool refuses to pledge fealty,” reported Brawl, in his fast talking southern Blaster City accent. “We found ‘im in the mess hall so over-energized on Engex that he was fightin’ his own fellow inmates!”
“Lemme take ‘im for a ride over the prison,” suggested Vortex. “I promise ta bring him back in more than one piece.”
Onslaught placed his rifle barrel under Offroad’s chin and raised the offender’s head.
“No, no, Vortex... we’ll have none of that,” he replied. “I recognize this one from the news feeds. You were right to bring him before me... he is the infamous Speedway Killer of Caminus.”
“Yeah that’s him,” replied Brawl. “His ugly mug’s been plastered over every monitor from here to Mebion. What d’ya want us to do with ‘im?”
“This diode damaged dimwit swears he’s an Autobot,” chuckled Vortex. “He says that he hates us.”
“Hmm,” Onslaught thought aloud, tapping the tip of his mouthplate. “This criminal may have been forced to switch factions whilst incarcerated. Decepticon convicts have their own twisted code of conduct, and do not look kindly upon the killers of fembots and protoforms. I suspect that he has pledged allegiance to one of the Autobot gangs as a matter of survival.”
“Negative on that,” Brawl replied. “Motormaster’s mechs have already switched sides.”
“Full-Tilt and Wipe-Out’s crew joined up too,” added Vortex. “This NUT’s not down with anyone. I checked.”
“Lock him up,” ordered Onslaught. “Let him sober up in a cell. We’ll ask him to join our cause again later... after he starts to runs dry.”
Offroad was hoisted to his feet by his Combaticon captors and marched out. Onslaught’s comm lit up a few astro-minutes after they departed.
“Attention Onslaught,” radioed Soundwave. “Incoming halo-transmission from Lord Megatron. Report to the communications tower at once.”
“Ah. I assume Megatron wishes to congratulate me on my victory?”
“... Affirmative.”

(to be continued)
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Postby 1984forever » Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:34 pm

PART 119

Onslaught caught a glimpse of something lurking in the space above the power conduits that spanned the ceiling. Soundwave seemed oblivious to the creature’s presence as he stood with his back turned, staring down at a communications console.
“Vermin in all probability,” deduced Onslaught. “If it is beneath a spymaster’s notice.”
Soundwave pushed a button on the console and Megatron’s holographic image sprung from a projector in the center of the room.
“Congratulations, Onslaught.” the Decepticon leader rasped, from a million light years away. “You have accomplished in a mere quartrex what Magnificus could not in an entire stellar cycle.”
“Thank you, Lord Megatron. Magnificus’ refusal to deal with third parties served only to delay our inevitable victory. The services provided by the mercenary, Exhaust, as well as the holo-matter projector I purchased from a munitions dealer were well worth the price. Now that Trypticon is mine, I intend to use the Constructicons formerly incarcerated here to transform this facility into a Titan. One so massive that Omega Supreme would appear as a defenseless Mini-bot before it’s might!”
The corners of Megatron’s mouth curved upward as he visualized the aftermath of such an event within his mind. He imagined himself sitting on a throne in the open air surrounded by his elite… the head of Omega Supreme functioning as his footrest while an entire city burned behind them.
Then… the future ruler of Cybertron’s cerebral circuits snapped back to cold reality.
“And how would you fuel such a beast, Onslaught?” he pressed. “Much less control it? Even the Guardians who serve Sentinel Prime only do so because of some ridiculous vow to obey whomever holds the Matrix. No… the risk of losing control of this proposed Titan is too great. I cannot give you permission to build it.”
“Begin sending my new recruits over the Space Bridge to Kaon in exactly eight thousand astro-seconds, then report to Shockwave for further instructions.”
Onslaught shook his head slowly. “You misunderstand, Megatron. It was I who liberated the inmates within this penitentiary. They in turn, have sworn fealty to me. They are my army. I am the sovereign ruler of Chaar, and I present myself to you as an ally, not as an underling.”
Megatron’s ruby red optics locked on to him like a laser. “An… ally?” he fumed. “You dare!? Trypticon is mine along with everything in it,” he railed. “Including you! Soundwave…! Deal with him!”
The communications officer whirled on Onslaught with his concussion blaster, but the upstart ruler’s reflexes were much faster. The sonic beam he fired from his rifle bore a sizable hole through Soundwave’s chest, shattering him instantly.
Onslaught would have been pleased with the outcome if he wasn’t so perplexed about how it came to be.
“The target has been completely obliterated! That’s… impossible!”
“Incorrect,” replied a rectangular device sitting atop a console on the far side of the room. “Pattern of holo-matter dispersal consistent with sonic impact.”
“Ah! There you are, Soundwave… the real you!” Onslaught exclaimed, putting the talkative piece of hardware in his sights. “I’m disappointed. Given your reputation, I considered you to be a master of alt-mode subterfuge, but it appears that your compulsion to display your intellect—or lack thereof—has overridden your self-preservation programming.”
Twin phonon masers flashed from above the conduits, flaying open the armor on Onslaught’s back. The strategist swung in a semicircle to face his unseen assailant and was struck with a cacophony that put him—for the first time in his function cycle—in a state of sheer panic.
Inexplicably, a flood of calls attempted to flow through his communicator at once—
“-the inmates are attacking!”
“-Blast-Off is down!”
“-we’re trapped! No way out!”
“-Commander, come in! What are your orders?”
Two oncoming multi-track missiles drowned out Onslaught’s comm, and then sent his parts flying from the flaming orange fireball that exploded out of their shells. A sitrep generated by his battle computer flashed onto his visor as he fell—
2 hostiles
2 attack angles
Identities unknown
Damage critical
Soundwave changed form and loomed over the heavily damaged Combaticon. Garboil swooped down from his sniper’s nest and landed on Soundwave’s shoulder. Howlback slinked in from the hall missing two rear-mounted missiles.
Hostiles identified—
Garboil, Howlback
<Sub-group: Cobalt Sentries. Function: Secret police>
Stasis lock imminent
“You… you used my own device against me!” glitched Onslaught.
Soundwave replied by replaying a spliced and edited comment Onslaught made earlier.
“-the holo-matter projector—skzzt—well worth the price.”
“Enough taunting! What fate awaits me and my followers?” Onslaught demanded.
“Spark removal,” Soundwave droned in his own voice. “Then storage.”


The prison had quieted somewhat since the final round of executions had been carried out. That is until moments ago, for reasons unbeknownst to Camshaft, the fighting had begun anew. This time it was Decepticon against Decepticon.
“These crazy ‘Cons are turning on each other like Turboworms in a grease pit,” he observed. “It’s high time I ended our little association and got off-planet. I need a ship.”

(to be continued)
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PART 120

A little more than a quarttrex ago, Beta Supreme was the only thing standing between Trypticon prison and the Decepticons laying siege to it. The mighty Guardian drove the invaders back. Then he lumbered steadily toward their spacecraft, intent on demolishing it, along with the rest of the soldiers seeking refuge within it’s confines. Fate would have other plans.
Beta Supreme fell mega-miles away from his target, first staggered, then hammered mercilessly to the ground by the ship’s long-range fusion cannons. The Decepticons’ victory however, was extremely short-lived. Their ship’s fusion reactor—pushed well beyond it’s limits—exploded shortly thereafter, forcing them to search for a new base of operations.
The displaced Decepticons ultimately found it in the body of Beta Supreme after another failed campaign to take the prison left the survivors scurrying, yet again, to find a defensive position to fend off their pursuers. Under Magnificus’ orders, and along with Soundwave’s technical expertise, a ambitious Constructicon named Scrapper managed to reconfigure the fallen Guardian back into a functional defense base.
Magnificus had already resigned himself to defeat—much to the chagrin of his subordinates—and planned to withdraw his troops from Chaar aboard the ghoulish construct’s rocket module. The disgraced commander was overthrown in the astro-minutes before lift off, and his forces moved past two devastating losses to finally achieve their objective under bold new leadership.
Now… with the penitentiary taken, and Trypticon’s twin Space Bridges providing instantaneous intergalactic transportation to Kaon, the Decepticons have abandoned their sparkless spacecraft to the scavengers lurking amidst the ruins…


Camshaft kept his neutron blaster at the ready as he searched every corpse-gray compartment in Beta Supreme’s rocket module. The silence, coupled with the stale air, made him feel as if he were creeping through a mausoleum—because in a sense, he was.
“No ‘Cons!” Camshaft crowed, as he reached the cockpit.
He holstered his blaster inside his right thigh and shined a fingertip flashlight over the controls, because everything—from the ship’s seats to the ceiling—was shrouded in smoke.
“Ssscrap,” he groaned.
A faceplate formed in the cloud.
“Not happy ta see me, I reckon?” smirked the merc.
“Hello, Exhaust.”
“Aye. You’re a slick one a’right. Lost track of ya during the battle. Figured you’d turn up here after the tale you told.”
“Oh yeah, the self-preservation thing… me and my big mouthplate!”
“I’m not here ta stop ya from headin’ home, lad. I’m here ta deliver a message. You’ve been conscripted. Soundwave’s your superior. Make sure you answer when he calls, or you’ll be seein’ my foggy face again. Don’t expect for your Spark chamber to hold much light after that.”


“Aaannd that’s the story of how I became Soundwave’s most successful spy.”
The interior of a dead Guardian morphs into Doctor Archeville’s lab as Camshaft’s words reverberate inside Offroad’s head. The Stunticon mole sat motionless in the spot where Motormaster impaled him—stinking of singed circuitry and evaporated Energon.
“Ya mean that’s the story of how you became that Decepti-creep’s biggest minion!” Offroad shot back. “Shame I was dragged outta stasis too late in the timeline ta warn Prime about your sorry tailpipe.”
“Good news,” the spirit whispered, swirling around him. “You’ll have another chance to fail soon.”
“What…? What are you talking about?”
“Optimus Prime is here. Along with a few of the mechs responsible for enabling Sunstreaker to be such a murdering piece of scrap for millennia. They just rolled in. Now let’s have some fun…”

(to be continued)
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PART 121

“Guh-Ghost!” stammered Sideswipe.
His servomechanisms seized as he beheld the terror in the tunnel bearing down on him. The torso of an angry apparition sat behind Offroad’s head like translucent alt-mode kibble, controlling his body with streams of supernatural energy attached to each limb. When Sideswipe finally lifted his gun and fired, the photon flare streaked down the length of a lonely corridor, illuminating each entranceway it passed.
The ghost was gone.
Prowl screeched into the tunnel behind Sideswipe, transformed, and spun into a shooting stance.
“All clear!” he shouted. “What happened?” he asked the visibly shaken Autobot warrior. “Who were you shooting at?”
“It was C-Camshaft! Riding on the back of a dead ‘Con!”
“Camshaft was terminated by your brother.”
“I know! Look around you,” Sideswipe said, pointing at the floor and wall plates. “This place was built using parts from the Omnibot’s ship! Camshaft basically died here! He probably came back from the Allspark to get revenge on Sunstreaker for killing him!”
Prowl shook his head. “Nonsense. Your logic center must be on the fritz.” he dismissed, flipping up the comm in his forearm. “Prime. Autobots. We’ve got one known hostile. Sideswipe says it’s Camshaft,” he sighed.
“We chasin’ ghosts now?” Blaster radioed, from another area of the massive laboratory. “I thought Camshaft’s body was in storage back at the Ark?”
“That’s affirmative,” answered Prowl.
“Still… be cautious, Autobots.” warned Optimus. “Something doesn’t feel right.”
“Copy,” Prowl replied reflexively. Like Sideswipe, his attention was on his immediate surroundings. There was something in the air that his sensors couldn’t analyze… something eerie.
“You feel that?”
“Yeah,” answered Sideswipe, looking around nervously. “The floors rumbling. I suggest we—“
“Move!” they shouted in unison.
The duo leaped in two different directions as Offroad burst between them in alt-mode. The force field that enabled the Stunticon to turn a steel wall into scrap metal shut down as he began to transform. The two Autobots regrouped swiftly to hamper their adversary’s conversion with a rapid-fire combination of acid slugs and photon flares. The glow of flames could be seen through perforated chest plates as the now fully-formed, possessed Cybertronian charged at them across the rubble strewn floor. Charred, oversized hands reached out for a pair of shiny throats, and once in their grasp, smashed the heads attached to them together repeatedly. Then the brute tossed the bodies of the sensor-scrambled Autobots aside as if they were constructed from the lightest of alloys.
“Now… which one to destroy first?” Offroad cackled in Camshaft’s voice. “The soldier who kept his vocoder silent about his brother’s war crimes? Or his superior who would’ve turned a blind optic to it all if he knew anyway?”

(to be continued)
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Posted: Friday, October 8th, 2021

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