Transformers Soul of Chogokin Macross

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Transformers Soul of Chogokin Macross

Postby southpawdragon » Wed May 23, 2012 10:41 pm


Instead of continuing from my previous thread which may get confusing on whats still available hot-toys-soul-of-chogokin-transformers-etc-t85298.php-

I decided to make a new one.

unfortunately im still unemployed
I've been unemployed since Jan 11. I need to get rid most of these urgently. If I dont get any takers May 29. If you cant pay until Jun 1st or second thats fine I can wait but most of these I have to relist again in ebay in may 30th.

All prices are in US dollars

Shipping is extra
Payment is in paypal. If you don't want to pay 3% on top of item and shipping Please send payment in paypal as in personal money owed.
my paypal id is

here is my ebay identity ... llFeedback

Everything with a box at most have been taken out only for display unless otherwise stated

Macross 7 VF-22s Max Jenius 1/60 Never taken out of plastic tray never transformered only inspected
$200 ... C03622.jpg ... C03623.jpg

Macross Plus YF-19 Prototype Unit 3 Bird of Prey 1/60 Never taken out of plastic tray never transformered only inspected $250 ... C03624.jpg ... C03626.jpg

Macross 1/60 Destrpod Tomahawk Olive Drab $70 ... C03618.jpg ... C03620.jpg

Macross VF-1J Maximillian Jenius 1/48 Never taken out of tray only opened to inspect $225 ... C03523.jpg ... C03524.jpg

MAcross VF-1S 1/60 with super & strike parts Do you remember love $157
Never taken out of tray only opened to inspect ... C03773.jpg ... C03771.jpg

Gunbuster Soul of Chogokin box has wear see pic only been transformed twice for display $400 ... C03504.jpg ... 035052.jpg ... C03506.jpg

Baikanfu GX-39 Soul of Chogokin only been transformed twice for display box has some wear see pic $240 ... C03756.jpg ... C03755.jpg ... 3758-1.jpg ... 3759-1.jpg

2 sets Godmars GX-40 Soul of Chogokin One set has been combined and decombined dont really know which one went on display and which never went on display $250 each ... C03502.jpg ... C03503.jpg

Daimos Soul of Chogokin GX-43 $200 ... C03500.jpg ... C03501.jpg

Gold Lightan Soul of Chogokin set of 6 in wooden box never displayed only transformed twice then put back $180 ... 3491-1.jpg ... 3492-1.jpg

Transformers THS-02 Hybrid Prime never displayed only transformed twice then put back $64 ... C03521.jpg ... C03522.jpg

Batman Dark Knight SIC Movie Realization Never displayed only opened for inspection $250 ... C03508.jpg ... C03509.jpg

Lensman Grappler box has wear joints are still good the previous owner before me didnt seem like he played with it either $100 ... C03526.jpg ... 035272.jpg

Neo Guy have some poseable toes, Fingers poseable stored only as a spare. since i have another one im keeping. $30 ... C03598.jpg ... C03597.jpg ... C03594.jpg

Busou Shinki Devil Strarf Angel Arnval only been displayed. both for $85 ... C03544.jpg ... C03539.jpg ... 035382.jpg ... 035422.jpg ... C03488.jpg

MG Gundam Blue Astray unassembled trays intact $50 ... 035462.jpg

MG Musha Gundam MK 2Blue unassembled trays intact $50 ... C03545.jpg

Voltron possibly Lionbot been transformed multiple times but mostly dispalyed $70 ... 035522.jpg ... C03322.jpg

Transformers Masterpiece Skywarp only been transformed twice for display $80 ... C03599.jpg

2 Sentinel Marvel Legends BAF Joints are still great combined then displayed mostly as far as the sentinel
one of them would be with Omega Red so you can use his wips with sentinel if you like
$65 each Sentinel ... 013312.jpg
and the other one would come with marvel universe 3'3'/4 scale Colossus ... C02659.jpg
matrix sentinel has been sold already not included. ... C02702.jpg

G1 Inferno Collection no 8 with classics inferno classics inferno forearm plate painted metallic $73 ... C03606.jpg ... C03610.jpg ... C03612.jpg

G1 Tru Perceptor $57 ... C03603.jpg ... C03615.jpg

G1 Perceptor collection no 19 $90 with Classics Perceptor ... C03604.jpg

G1 Insecticon Collection no 16 $72 ... C03608.jpg
G1 TRu insecticon $60 ... 3547-1.jpg

if you have any questions you can email me at incase i dont get to check the website as fast as I can


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