TV destroyed by Wii remote...

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Postby Homer » Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:11 pm

Sonray wrote:Haha. Ive seen endless stories like this. Just goes to show this gimmick doesnt work, and is defective and false advertising on Nintendo's part as they say NOT to jump around like a loon when playing these games, yet EVERY commercial for the Wii has people in them doing exactly that.

What a load of junk...

Sonray wrote:And did you even read my post? I know fully well that the stupid games dont need all that force, but dumb people THINK thay have too thanks to Nintendos marketing strategy for the system.

The whole gimmick is sold around the idea that you can get out of your seat and jump around and have "fun". But as soon as you read the actual instructions that come with the system, you are told NOT to do that very same thing. So erm...yeah.

And no, i have purposefully avoided playing on the Wii as i do not wish to look like an idiot while playing a game, not that i could if i even wanted to anyway since no retail outlet in my area ever has a playable games setup.

I dont need to play on something to know i wont like it and think its crap. 5 years of the gamecube, stupid gimmicks and endless kids games can tell me that.

Sonray wrote:Heh, yeah a gimmick that works so well that you can play games where you have to pump up a balloon and then burst it. That sounds like GREAT Next-gen quality gaming right there!

A "BS" opinion for a BS system then. It all balances itself out ya see, especially when i consider your opinion in the same regard as you consider mine.

Oh and people DO hold onto their controllers tight, but hands get sweaty due to the workout that is playing one of these games, and then they loose grip and then the wrist strap breaks and tv's get broken. (If you did some research Nintendo even recalled and replaced many many broken wrist straps and even changed how their future wrist straps are made, i.e. not out of cat hair. So obviously this isnt just a case of "idiots at play", it was an actual design defect otherwise why would a company recall its product?)

But i guess those little facts dont matter, just as much as the fact that the wii is selling well (only due to its low price point and family friendly games which parents, a.k.a. non gamers love to buy for their spoiled kids. Granted true gamers have bought the system as well but once you hear of grandparents and parents seeing their kids play the system and THEN they want to buy one for themselves you know that a majority of those sales figures are thanks to non-gamers. Again, research has proved this) ) to me doesnt change a thing about the way i feel about this....abomination and an insult for a games console.

At the end of the day being drunk and smoking weed has nothing to do with it. The FACT is once arms start flying around someone, something, somewhere is gonna get hurt or broken, regardless of what you are doing.

Sonray wrote:Go ahed and take your leave, but i was never argueing. I stated my opinion, and got flamed for it. (which is always the case as soon as someone says something negative about the "god almight, can never do no wrong messiah that is Nintendo.)

Oh and i dont claim my opinions to be facts, if i did id be a cold hearted jack thompson retard of a man, and if i ever saw myself become someone like that, id kill myself right there and then.

However i do research and i back up my opinions WITH facts. Which is alot more than i can say for most people when these types of discussions break out, you excluded of course.

I didnt play through Doom 3, wtf is this tukey thing all about? A stupid little mini game here and there is ok, but when an entire game is based around such things like pumping up a balloon till it bursts, or flipping a frying pan or sawing down a tree (the motions of which all look rather perverted if you ask me) is just going too far. These are gimmicks, nothing more.

Nintendo doesnt think out of the box, that is why i hate them with so much passion. They stick to what they know is safe, they wait on the sidelines for the next big gimmick they can copy and then play the business safe with rehash after rehash of hardware and software. When they release a new system it is less like replacing their old system, but more like simply updating it.

And they dont take any chances with their games or hardware and NEVER push the envelope either. If only they would do that once in a while, id be happy and have a tad more respect for them. That and if they would make a non mario or zelda kids game once in a while too.

But of course they wont. They are too stuck in the past with the disaster that was the virtual boy to ever take a huge risk ever again.

Personally i want Sega back. If they was still in the console market today im sure they would be kicking Nintendo's ass all over the planet. Sega always had better games, better hardware, and they took risks. Unfortunateley they was too stupid and took too many risks which backfired into their faces and thus made them what they are today. :sad:

Sonray wrote:Ok, Just so you know, thats not a "FACT". Nintendo did NOT, i repeat, did NOT save the video game industry, there were many other companies about during that time who contributed just as much as Nintendo did to the cause (sega being one of them). So get that stupid idea out of your head as its a common misconception. Nintendo wasnt the only company around during that time and again, they DID NOT single handedly save the video game industry. Again some in-depth research would tell you this.

Incompetance killed Sega? Well at least you are right in that regard, but at least sega released hardware and games that was ahed of their time and took chances (unlike nintendo) if only Sega had marketed their products properly their innovative hardware wouldnt have bombed as much as it did.

Like i said, unlike Nintendo Sega was often the first company to release powerful and innovative hardware that took risks. They used to think outside of the box released stuff like the Game Gear, Mega Drive to challenge Nintendos game boy and NES. Personally i always saw the former systems as infinateley superior, but as you know thanks to Segas lack of common sense and crappy marketing their products bombed more than they were successful.

I mean Sega released the Dreamcast, the FIRST 128 bit online console. It was an amazing machine and ahed of its time, and if it wasnt for the advent of DVD and Sony adding a vad DVD player into its 128bit console, the Dreamcast wouldnt have died as quickly as it did IMO. It never fully realized its potential which is a big shame.

Sonray wrote:So basically you just cant win fang wolf. Nothing currently out is worthwhile to you it seems.

Im glad you can see the Wii for what it really is, but to say that high end gaming PC's and the 360 offer nothing but shiney is absoluteley insane!

Havnt you seen the unique gameplay of Gears Of War? The high speed thrills and spills of PGR3 or the super realistic simulation of Forza 2? What about Crysis and Halo? GRAW, Dead Rising, Lost PLanet or Crackdown? None of the latter are original in any way, but they are insane fun.

Sounds like you just dont like video games period anymore. I feel sorry for you as you are missing out on some amazing entertainment, and not just from an eye candy perspective.

Sonray wrote:So you are saying Gears of War, dead rising, PGR3, Forza 2, The Darkness, GRAW 2, and many others offer now wow factor at all, despite these games being widely accepted as some of the best games currently out with the best gameplay and graphics?

The 360 isnt innovative and i never claimed it was. But now that you mention it i guess those wireless controllers were innovative, its dashboard setup is quite clever and it was the first HD-ready system to be released. (that sounds like gushing, but im just stating the facts)Also it sure as hell has some power behind it and offers an amazing gaming experiance and a better online component then ANY other system, as well as having a very exciting future ahed of it with games like Halo 3 and GTA4 and Assassins Creed on the horizon.

Its not just about the graphics, the games the system has offers both great gameplay and fantastic visuals and sound, which all adds to the experiance.

Seems your just being biased for Nintendo now. What i suppose do YOU consider to have "WOW" to it then?

Sonray wrote:I will continue to deny it because its not the truth, so you can shove it up your ass. You dont know a thing about me, and just because i give my opinion on how i think one console is better than another based on facts and general knowledge and personal experiance, i am deemed a fanboy. Bullshit.

Oh and the PS3's online play is free too, but it sucks balls, just like Wii's. You get what you pay for.

Oh and the wireless thing, i was stating that the 360 was the FIRST console to add wireless controlelrs AS STANDARD, and not as an add on (provided you bought the premium pack of course).

Killer apps because of time? WTF are you talking about? The Wii has had plenty of time but no killer apps as of yet, same goes for the PS3.

Face it, the 360 is the most popular PROPER next gen/current gen system money can buy. You go to any website and ask any gamer and they will tell you it has the best games, most affordable hardware and the best online play.

Again if you like to take FACTS and then turn them into fanboyish ranting, then yes i will fully admit to being a fanboy with every fibre of my being.

Now shut up with this stupid argueing. I dont care what you have to say anymore as youve called me a fanboy one too many times and quite frankly i am sick of your ignorant accusations.

We all know the best system is the PS3 and the best game is its version of Sonic The Hedgehog, so jog off.

Fanboy...peh...look in the mirror why dontcha.


I hope the tv is ok.
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